Our very first twank is…

Well, ourselves, of course.

Three fandom lurkers watching from the sidelines and lulzing about how serious Twilight fandom has taken themselves making a blog to further perpetuate the theory that members of the Twilight community desperately need lives… is the epitome of wank.

Yes, we are twanking. No, we have no lives. Yes, egos amuse us. No, we don’t care.

Bring Us Twanks!

  1. holy shit says:

    Just a question; are you guys totally adverse to twifics? Have you read any that you enjoy? Or are you cynical of the whole fandom?
    I enjoy quite a few, admittedly they are smaller known fics. It also helps that the authors are very down to earth.
    Great blog btw. As a reader I have received a few abusive review replies over some critical reviews I’ve left. I always try and be tactful and never straight out nasty. There are way too many authors who are writing under a self important shroud.

  2. Anonymous says:

    brilliant. this is simply LOLz amazing. As an avid reader of Fan fiction, I try to ignore the drama that surrounds it, if I like a story I read it, if not I don’t. I don’t trash anyone, and give praise where I feel its needed. But don’t think I don’t like to poke fun at some things, to my friends, not on a social network. Well ok I go off on twitter sometimes, but its not that nasty….
    Dear Fanfic writers, Write your story, let me read it, if I love it I will download it in to a word doc, and STFU. Fan Fiction is free, I am currently poor so I cannot run to Borders every two weeks like I use to. Its easier to read my blackberry at work then a book, ill save the books for home readings. You are putting your story on the web, anyone “worldwide” can read this. You may own the story line but that’s it, if your writing is so near and dear to your heart, if its an “art” then write the story line with out the characters being Edward & Bella, oh that’s right you will get MOAR readers if its on fanfiction.net, you sneaky silly person you, I see what you are doing *wink*. Twilight, Fan fiction, etc.. are to be fun, so you crazy bittys get your panties out of the bunch that its twisted in and just write. STFU and write. So in conclusion; keep your A/N to a minimum please, after 2 sentences im don’t reading them. I will read and review if I feel like it, I will pimp your story out if I like it, I will make fun of stories, even if I like them or not, I will C&P, DL, and sometimes print your stories out on paper to read on the airplane. Oh and you sneaky little authors that think you can “lock” your stories on a Google doc….yeah I’m on to you, I have them saved to. They are save for later reading, or sharing with friends…I am not going to publish anything, copying other’s work is for pussies. Loves ya! I think that is all…..I didn’t mean for this to be a book, I often get wordy, especially when I am board….LOL
    ps I love fanfiction, its my soap operas, my 90210, my gossip girl since i dont watch TV….. love this blog…..

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