Olivia’s Srs Bsns mmmmmmk?

Posted: September 27, 2010 in Publishing wank, Pulling wank, Twanks
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Here at Twankhard, we love our nonnies. They always send us the very best self-entitlement.

…the author thinks it is reasonable to pull her stories because recently there was a torrent being passed around which made epub files available to the public. Some of the sites the torrent were hosted on were a little suspect I guess, but mostly, it was just a torrent. We pirate movies and music and programs. I can’t wait to see Rob throw his hands in the air and flounce acting because his movies are being illegally shared online. Screenshots attached. The Twitter is public (for now). Not sure about the Twilighted forum post. Up to you.

Yes, I think we saw this with Sebastian Robitard recently. Someone steals someone else’s work, so someone else comes up with the brilliant plan of pulling the entire story, so that no proof of “I published first, see?” can ever be found. C-L-E-V-E-R.

(We’re being sarcastic.)

Usually, all of us here at Twankhard would see this as a thinly veiled excuse to pull for publishing.

Enter, Oliviamk1218.

Her story is one of 153 included in the torrent. It doesn’t seem to matter that her penname is given credit in the file, or even that the creator probably shared the files out of love for the stories included, and no malice at all.

No, whoever this person is that put Olivia’s stories into that torrent has RUINED HER LIFE. Don’t believe us?

Regardless, we’re glad to see Olivia that didn’t completely overreact or anything. That would have been funny and ridiculous on so many levels.


We’re torn, TwiFandom. We want to point and laugh, and knock Olivia off her misguided pedestal, but we feel a little sorry for the girl. Her heart? Broken. Her trust? Betrayed. An abundance of her writerly pride? A Twilight Fanfiction. Yes, there is definite pity, but one of us was wondering…

Okay, but is this story… copyrighted… or is it like… “copyrighted“?

So… who wants to be the first clue Olivia into the workings of the publishing industry? Because we’re pretty sure no publisher (we mean real publishers) would touch a formerly posted Twilight Fanfiction with a 20 foot sparkling vampire dick, regardless of the copyright that was filed.

Okay, so wait. Has this copyright been… filed… or has it been like… “filed“?

We’ll never care know. What we do know is that Olivia is so very misinformed. And that makes us feel amused badly. Authors can’t post copyrighted material on Fanfiction.net, and they can’t copyright material that’s already been posted on fanfiction.net. Because it is FANFICTION.net. We mean… they “can”, but they… can’t.

It’s a good thing that Olivia is remaining loyal and respectful to her readers. Obviously she’s going to need their money support whenever her fanfiction becomes Cinderella’d into the world of real life literature. It’d be a little shitty to insert the stereotypical “You shouldn’t be passing around others’ free and publicly available story (unless it’s a link to the free and publicly available story)” tirade to people who just responded positively to her “test”.

And…. GO!

(ETA: The ad at the top of this screenshot. Just…. this ad. That’s all.)

We just feel bad for you, Olivia. You were right to pull your stories. You would be even more right to never again use someone else’s audience as guinea pigs for your own experiments and expect them to respect a dubious copyright. And this?:

…is maybe how you should be approaching fanfiction from now on. But I suppose all of us here at Twankhard just feel lucky Olivia didn’t kick it up a notch and start threatening fake legal action against her faithful guinea pigs readers.

Ouch. Aren’t you taking everything a little too seriously, Olivia? Stephenie Meyer lets you “test” the success/profitability of your own plots with the very characters she created, and even she’s not taking legal action (though she probably should). It’s almost like you can’t make it on your own based 100% off your own merit.

Hypocrisy tag! Score!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Ironically, this twank reminds me of a certain beloved author who stopped writing a story in mid-sentence because the initial rough draft was tragically leaked before she could edit, much less finish the breathlessly anticipated tome. Unless you’re withdrawing and withholding Midnight Sun, Olivia, who the hell cares what you flounce?

  2. Anonymous says:

    When will FF authors learn? Literary agents wouldn’t touch half this shit with a 10 foot pole, let alone publish it. Just because you have 1000 reviews doesn’t mean the rest of the world wants to read your bs. Get. The. Fuck. Over. Yourselves.

    • twankhard says:

      We’re particularly amused by this:

      “Anything written is copyrighted.”

      Anything. Anything ever written. All words. Once they’re written, you own the copyright. It’s that simple. Of course.

  3. Hifuckinlarious says:

    Gold, just gold.

    Making fun of the author’s and their ridiculous behaviors… it’s about time someone took this approach. I wouldn’t be on board if Twank was being malicious about stories in general, because I imagine it is hard work to write them. But the over-the-top drama these author’s bring on to themselves??? FAIR GAME BABY!
    “Sit there and look pretty.” Or in other words… Just shut yer mouth & write yer goddamn story.

    Question Oliviamk1218…
    Have you ever downloaded a song? Or copied a CD from a friend onto your iPod?
    “Imagine spending all that time in a recording studio only to have it ripped off!”

  4. OMK says:

    No, I haven’t downloaded of copied anything that i didn’t pay for, because I have integrity. You people don’t have a clue of what you speak about…Talk about egos and hipocrits. Good thing this site has like twelve followers. LMFAO!! If you have no life and nothing that you can accomplish on your own, create a site to bash others who have and do. Classic.

    • twankhard says:

      BAWWWWWWWWWWW! No one cares, Princess. Take your ego back to your little wank cave. You can use your fingertips to scrawl the word “hypocrites” all over the walls. But. You know. Maybe spelled right this time. Or are you just copyrighting your own version?


      • twicrazreader says:

        OK why all the bashing of ff authors. All the authors write because they love the written word. You compare their work to downloading movies, music etc. You know even if movies or music is ripped off…they still make money and actors get paid. FF authors don’t get paid at all. I love reading all their work but if someone gonna take hours of writings and try and make money off of it then that is wrong especially when they make nothing.
        So I really think you need to stop all the bashing……..its pointless and if you don’t like them don’t read the stories but for the rest of us who do….I’ll just say thanks to all the authors who give us these special words.

        • Anonymous says:

          they’re not bashing the writing or the author’s work. the point is all the crybaby nonsense. pulling your work just because you got your feelings hurt? do you people understand how many times your feelings will be hurt when you try to publish original fiction? GET USED TO IT.

        • Anonymous says:

          Actually twicrazedreader, musicians DON’T get paid if people don’t buy their album. If they are lucky enough to have a record deal, the label advances pays for recording an album. If the album does not sell, the artist owes the balance of the advance back to the label. Ask any musician who has toured 300 days in the last year living on a per diem of $10 a day just to earn enough money to pay back their advance because a bunch of cheap douches illegally downloaded their music, and they’ll tell you the same.

      • Anonymous says:

        +1 for the WIN. (I just copyrighted the capitalized version of this word. i’ll sure if you use it.)

        this is hilarious. i wish more people would say what everyone else is thinking.

        I also love how these “authors” make it seem SO easy to publish. They think: I just write 30 chapters of shit, get 5000 “you’re my hero” reviews, snap their fingers, and POOF! BOOK DEAL. Newsflash: it’s fucking hard to get published.

        There is a different between getting published (legit publisher) versus being printed (omnific, etc).

    • Anonymous says:

      So, are you saying that you have never even copied a picture from the internet and say, used it as an avatar, for example? Integrity, my ass.

      And i don’t care if my grammar and spelling sucks. Critique at your leisure.


  5. Anonymous says:

    I think this gif is appropriate

  6. OMK says:

    HHAHA! You’re so funny! Like I said, 12 followers. Waves!!!

    Oh, and princess…isn’t a pronoun in this case and in general you shouldn’t begin a sentence with a conjuction. If you don’t know what that is, you can look it up.

    But, hey, I’m not judging you. We all make errors. It’s called being human.

    I won’t answer again, so congratulations, you get the last word.

    • Anonymous says:

      “But, hey, I’m not judging you. We all make errors. It’s called being human.”

      I’m going to get so much glee out of pointing out that the word “but” is a conjunction. You’ve made my day.

      Good job, Grammar Queen.

  7. Hifuckinlarious says:

    OMK… I don’t “follow” this site, I am not one of the 12… yet I am still reading and commenting.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Using your FF readers as “guinea pigs” is just stupid. If you aren’t confident enough in your own work, then a publisher probably won’t be either. When you’re selling *anything*, you’ve got to believe in your product. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: copywriting fanfic is one of the stupidest things going on in this fandom. You can’t copywrite something that you’ve already stolen. I don’t care if you’re just using the names and characterizations. It’s just dumb. You can’t seriously thing that you can put something out there that readers can access for free, are able to copy/paste/download, and expect them to comply with your “please don’t copy or distribute my work.” The truth is that most people don’t care. A lot of people are just dishonest, especially when it comes to something they think will make them “famous” or make them money.

    I continue to support fanfiction as a great form of practice for writing, but I hate it when people pull their crap to be “published.” And it is SO self-important for someone to pull all their stories just because they got their feelings hurt. Boo fucking hoo.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Seriously? You must be kidding right? There is no way someone is taking their fanfiction this seriously. I know the rare author has had their stuff published, but all of those were works that basically used the Twilight characters in name only. The characterizations and plots were very original. And even then, no one was breaking any kind of copyright when they copied or distributed their work before it was published.

    That being said, if someone were to copy my work or distribute it via torrent, I would be flattered. I’m not making any money doing this. No one is claiming my work as their own. In fact, I believe all the authors whose work was included in the torrent were given full credit for the work.

    Now, the only way you have a case here is if someone stopped you from making a profit from your work by distributing it illegally. Well, the last time I checked it was illegal to make a profit off of fanfiction anyway, so there’s no way that anyone can be depriving you of your legitimate earnings by distributing it in this way.

    So please, get your head out of your ass. There’s no way you can be so self-important as to think that this is the end of the damn universe, and you sound like a 12 year old when you retort that this blog doesn’t matter because it only has 12 followers. I’m not a follower and yet I found and commented to this post. Ahh, the magic of Google, our global knowledge repository.

    PS If anyone wants to distribute my stuff in a torrent let me know and I’ll pimp the hell out of it. Plus if you’d like to plagarize me, send me a link and I’ll leave you some reviews and link you on Twitter 😉

  10. Anonymous says:

    I’m not a “follower” either, but this stuff is just gold. I’m sure this site is getting at least 100 hits a day if not more. Like I said earlier, get over yourself.

  11. lulzfactory says:

    oh this is just sad. internet=public domain. put that in your wank pipe and smoke it honey. you want to sell your fiction? don’t give it away for free first. simple really. you only want certain people to read your stories? don’t put it on a public site. You want to copyright something? Write something ORIGINAL, not FANFICTION. When will they ever learn?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Gotta agree with the blog essay. I don’t understand OMK’s comment trying to critique Twankhard’s witty & informal writing style.

    I really can’t fathom asking readers not to print or save a document that you are posting to the world wide web. The point is for people to access your words. I feel fully entitled to print and save anything I come across, from New York Times articles to fan fiction oneshots. That’s not theft or betrayal. It’s reading!

    What’s next? Will authors state at the top of every chapter that they don’t want readers to consume alcohol while they read the story because that would conflict with the authors’ beliefs? You just can’t control people regarding things that they have every right to do, and you look foolish when you try.

  13. Anonymous says:

    this blog is wrong on all kinds of levels!

  14. Anonymous says:

    you know, i understand the point of this blog and i couldn’t agree more that the twilight fanfiction fandom has gotten absurd lately. but to create a blog based on exploiting most of these people’s ridiculousness is nothing short of ridiculous itself. in order to fix these problems within the fandom and make it fun again, you need to encourage positivity and not more pessimism. negativity only begets more negativity. imagine if we took all this energy everyone invests into this fandom and turned it around to more productive uses. i guarantee we would already have a cure for breast cancer, a possible solution to third world hunger and poverty and even closer to an answer to the global warming problem. these are the kinds of things that we should have our focus on, not whether an author of an obscure of a fanfiction thinks they are holier than thou or not. I would hope that you three would agree and would understand the point I’m trying to make, as well as your readers.

    • twankhard says:

      We have big plans of curing cancer next week. This week, we’re just being assholes for our amusement.

      • Anonymous says:

        I think this blog is exactly what this fandom needs. It’s not ripping the stories someone has created, unlike another more popular ‘exclusive’ LJ site or another Twi site that tears apart the hard work someone has spent a lot of time and effort creating. It’s not doing that… it’s calling people out on their ‘abnormal’ behaviour.

        We are NOT curing cancer (unless you are lolashoes, tby789 & Ninapolitan who are doing a damn amazing job of trying to do so) nor are we writing the goddamn next Pulitzer. It’s FF, it’s supposed to be fun, let’s all take a step back and laugh at how serious this has become.

        You want to act like a child and rant and stomp your feet and curse at this fandom that’s made your head so big… then we have a right to rant and stomp our feet right back at you.

      • Anonymous says:

        Please, don’t make comments like that again, I support your blog, it’s nice to see people actually tackling this issue, but DO NOT make fun of a VERY serious issue like that again. I lost both sets of parents because of cancer. Thank you.

    • sock says:

      If authors would stop acting absurd, the fandom would be a better place. They aren’t criticizing the writing, just the insanity of the people who are writing it. I think calling out butthurtness is a positive, community service. Maybe it will inspire authors to not write ridiculously passive aggressive tweets, or ludicrous AN, or for the love of God STOP TRYING TO “COPYRIGHT” AND “PUBLISH” TWILIGHT FANFICTION.

      I’m guessing if the best researchers and doctors can’t cure cancer, it isn’t from lack of trying or b/c they are so busy with their twank blogs.

  15. devil says:

    i was worried for a minute my fic was not in the torrent.

    thank goodness it was.

    i was getting ready to get all jealous. I mean, I wonder if this chick would be mad if she found out her fic hadn’t been included?

    because if it hadn’t then maybe she should IMMEDIATELY reconsider this publishing idea.

  16. Anonymous says:

    um, i have to say that i’d also be kind of flattered if someone plagiarized my work. i’d tell everyone about it! hahahaha

  17. oh jeebus says:

    Really? I mean, I’d be annoyed and upset if someone were selling my stories or claiming them as their own, but copying it or sending it to a friend or having it included in that torrent wouldn’t bug me because it would only be spreading the word on it. Seriously, I don’t get some of these authors.

    When I hear that a fic is gonna be pulled, for whatever reason, I save it so I can read it later or again (I’m kinda annoyed that I don’t have UoEM in full cuz it got pulled so quickly). I’ve saved many a story on my laptop for later perusal or just for easier reading access. One of my fave authors pulled all her fics a few months ago, but she gave her readers plenty of notice and even sent around download links for anyone who wanted them.

    I’m not sure what to think about publishing reworked fics, but I do think that many of these authors should remember that it’s fanfiction and should settle down a little.

  18. Anonymous says:

    You know- I started in this fandom to escape real life- basically bc most people in the world are ridiculous…but now- I see those people have escaped into my twi world. Oh- where can I go to escape you Ridiculousness!

    I have to laugh every time someone gets in a snit about being plagiarized…being flamed…someone pulling their work. Look peeps- the moment you choose to publish under fanfiction- it aint yours! You wanna test your shit- send it to an agent!

    What has happened to our sanity!

    I’m personally offended bc I haven’t been plagiarized yet! I check the web every fucking day- but nobody is copying my shit! I must not be important yet…

    Love this site. All I have to say is: It’s about time!

    • AnonymousHonesty says:


      All this publishing shit and egos has ruined the fandom. We did some good thing. The Fandom Gives Back was one. But somewhere along the way bruised egos and being too hot to trot has turned us into some snobby bitches. Can’t we all just get along and be friends? Can’t people just be normal and have no huge egos over something so miscellaneous?

      What HAS happened to our SANITY?

  19. The real question is says:

    Who the fuck is Olivia, and what the fuck did she write? Does anyone know? Are any of her 12 readers present that could inform me why I should care that, uh, DTM…whatever was pulled?

    • twankhard says:

      There’s a reason we didn’t link a complete .doc file to everything she’s ever written. Really? We’d never be able to resist. But no one, with the exception of TorrentSatan, has cared enough to save them.

      • The real question is says:

        Her ego is sparkling so bright, I need a pair of Raybans that Rob… I mean, Edward… wears in every fic. Maybe a hot pocket, too.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Whoa…what is the matter with you people..this blog is malicious. The author has every reason to pull whatever/whenever they want to. Ego??? FanFic or not, the author pours their time/talent into writing for the fans. Hypocrisy?? You are full of your own shit to spend the time to criticise her action to pull HER OWN WORK. Stephanie Meyers did NOT write DFTRM..Olivia did. It’s up to the author to decide. Publishing. Wait and see. Your fake pietism smacks of sanctimonial mockery..if you are going to take the time to blog about a very talented devoted author, why don’t we start a blog about YOU..or would that fucked up poll find you covered in vampire semen.

    • twankhard says:

      “Your fake pietism smacks of sanctimonial mockery”

      Fuck us running, we would love to use this as our new tagline, but we’re just so very scared you’ve copyrighted it already, given the example that’s been set for you.

      Shame. It was so badly worded clever.

      • Twific writer says:

        Totally LOL’d at “Your fake pietism smacks of sanctimonial mockery.” Please keep smacking us with sanctimonial mockery! Your fake pietism is better than most people’s real pietism, for sure!

  21. AnyonymouslyLOL'ing says:

    If you post it on a public forum you run the risk of it being downloaded and saved. It’s really not something you can stop people from doing. To get upset about it is pretty much the stupidest thing ever. My story was also included in that torrent… do I care? Nope. It is not that serious.

  22. Nonnie Mouse says:

    Just wanted to say, one of my stories was on that Torrent list and I didn’t care at all. My name is attached and if somebody wants to make it easy for downloading, thank you. Saves me from having to try to set something up down the line!

  23. Anonymous says:

    You guys are LU, right? It’s cool, I’ve never laughed so much i my life. Yep, there’s a lot of pretentious, living-it-up in-the-fandom-hierarchy authors out there, we all enjoy our private eye roll and snicker. I am but a lowly minion of twidom myself, but maybe I’ll be a wanker to get some publicity. Gotta get that traffic flowing, baby, then I’ll be *gasps* famous!!!! 😉

  24. Anonymous says:

    Well, if it ain’t the Mean Girls! The Gaz, ADF, and now Twankhard. Nice to know there’s no shortage of venues for bashing Twific authors…

    Now, I’m not saying some of it isn’t well-deserved. Believe me, I want to bitchslap authors regularly for taking themselves too seriously, whining about mean reviews, mouthing off on public forums about this, that or the next thing, blah blah blah. So yes, a lot of them are mock-worthy, I’ll grant you that.

    But I still don’t get the big deal behind authors pulling stories, which seems to be one of the on-going bitch-rants, here and everywhere else.

    For one, I highly doubt most authors start writing a story with the intent of using fic readers as guinea pigs.

    Really? Really?? When I first heard that argument, I laughed so fucking hard. You have the nerve to mock the authors’ egos, but what about the readers’ egos? Because yes, it’s ALL ABOUT YOU. The author is going out of her way to piss YOU off. She targeted YOU, personally, with her fic so she could find out of if it were any good.

    Um, no.

    Quite the contrary, in fact. I suspect most authors start writing because – shocking! – something about a fandom appeals to them, and they want to have some fun. So they write. And they post. And then suddenly… *gasp* It turns out people actually LIKE it. Reviews are rolling/trickling in, and it turns out that the story is actually good (or just somehow got a ticket on the Popularity Train, for reasons unknown). Then someone approaches them about the possibility of revising it for publication, and BAM! Shitstorm of the Century starts because readers feel OWED or ENTITLED to the story.

    Yeah, that’s another no.

    Sorry, but authors really owe readers nothing, just as readers really owe authors nothing. They’re choosing to write, you’re choosing to read. It’s all for fun, folks, and all for the love of the fandom (in theory). If an author never finishes a story? You don’t have the right to get pissed off and flame them. They write in their own spare time, for no money – it was for kicks. If they don’t finish it, so what? I’ve got a crapload of fics on my Update Notifications list that I’m sure will never be completed. Annoying? Yes. Am I ready to go after those authors with pitchforks and torches? No. I can’t even consider it wasted time, because I was enjoying the stories until they were dropped.

    As for pulling specifically for publication… I’d argue that the Twifandom is a little different than a lot of the others out there I’ve dabbled in, in that there’s a huge segment of stories where the very essence of what makes Twilight Twilight – the vampire/werewolves/supernatural aspect – has been removed, making it fanfiction only by the loosest definition. (I’ve never seen, for example, a mutation-less X-men fic, Harry Potter without the magic… well, they could very well, exist, though, I’ve just never heard of any.) If one of those All Human fics was handed to you in novel format with the names and locations changed, there’s not a chance in hell you’d go, “OMFG, this is Twilight!” (I’m pretty sure even Stephenie Meyer wouldn’t make the connection 99.9% of the time, but that could just be the fact that I think she’s a goob, and would probably be envious of the talent a lot of Twific authors possess.) You might go, “This is absolute crap!” and toss it aside if it’s not your cup of tea, but you’d never make the connection to the original source of inspiration. Because it’s only the superficial that made it fanfiction in the first place – names, general appearances, and (sometimes, not always) location. That’s it. So yes, while the fics were inspired by Twilight, they’re not the Twilight characters or universe. That’s why I don’t see the big deal in the All Human stuff being modified and published, if the author can find someone willing to do so. The plot, the characterizations, all that stuff really is, essentially, original. So where’s the harm, besides fic readers getting bent out of shape because they can’t find this fic or another on-line anymore? I don’t see any, honestly.

    (Now, if a story’s pulled because of a pissing match or hurt feelings or shit like that, that’s a different issue. Grow the fuck up, put on your big girl panties, and deal with the fact that some people might not like you or your story. It’s not the end of the world.)

    • anonymous says:


      Actually, hold up: publishing (fanfiction or otherwise) actually is all about the readers. If you as an author don’t want people to read and react to what you write……don’t put it out there. Simple as that. If you’re writing just to write, why are you sharing it in the first place?

      Come the fuck on. Readers actually have every RIGHT to get pissed when they feel they’ve been exploited, demeaned, or shut down for having honest opinions. Who are you to say they don’t, really?

      As an author, I get to write a story, publish it, get all kinds of gratification from it, and, in return, readers get off on whatever it is my story inspires…revulsion, love, pity, anger, whatever. A mature author understands that a work speaks for itself. No wank necessary.

      Actions speak for themselves too. Pulling a story and then getting pissed that people are still….gasp….reading it? Transparent as hell.

      ffs, pulling a fanfiction to publish and make money off of it is not only wanky, but stupid as well. And you know that’s what happened here, or else why would she be so upset that people were reading the story she put out for people to….read. How could dear little Olivia make any money off of her fans if they could continue to get her work for free? BULLSHIT.

  25. Seriously? says:

    Wow, just wow. Got to say I’m pretty thrilled with this website. Thank you for actually cutting the bullshit and saying what most of us are thinking.

    Olivia get over yourself. To me its comical that you’re even pitching a fit. This was the perfect opportunity for you to pull “your stories” (and i use that term loosely) considering not one of them has been original. They have all been plagiarized versions of other authors stories. So you should have taken that opportunity and bowed out with grace rather than playing the poor me pity card.

    You obviously don’t have a clue of what your doing and have been seriously misinformed. And to think you have the gal to tell me what do do? Um if I save something that I want that is up to me. You have no right to tell me what to do. Someone else said this already but once you post it on the web it is out of your control. Its called right click-save or PRINT! Unless your awesome and have it protected like some sites where that option is disabled your just shit out of luck honey. If you really didn’t want people to talk, read and share your stuff then you shouldn’t have posted it. END OF STORY

  26. Anonymous says:

    I am a fanfiction writer. I *know* that I am playing with SM’s characters. I liked them so much, I wanted more adventures with them. That’s all.

    I wouldn’t dream of behaving the way this chick has. It’s embarrassing, and gives the reasoning, logical, rational fans a bad name.

    There are an awful lot of bullshit egos being thrown around this fandom.

    Thank you for calling people on it. If someone doesn’t, then the fandom cannot come to its senses and go back to being fans instead of divas.

  27. Nonny Booboo says:

    Really, OMK? Your life is over? You’re heartbroken? This is the end? You have never, nor WILL you ever, experience a tragedy quite as devastating as having your fic included as 1 of 153 in a torrent where you receive full credit?

    Bless your little heart.

  28. WantToHumpTwankward says:

    Does anyone have a copy of The Office? I missed grabbing it before it was pulled..


    Welcome to world of e-readers….I love that you can go to a site and download a fic to your e-reader and get on with it. I think that the authors have their feelings hurt because they aren’t getting the reviews (aka ~ Ego Boosters!)

    If you’re on a site and it’s actually got your name credited to it then what’s the problem? Oh right, no reviews..I forgot for a moment!

    Having someone upload as their own without your name is a low act, but dealing with the person who has done it on a personal and private level, you’ll usually find it’s a 12 year old girl who didn’t know what else to do.

    Like I said…The Office? Anyone? I need a good windowfuck…..

    • Anonymous says:

      I actually have a copy of The Office. The whole shebang, even the outtakes. But I’m a little scared with the threats of legal action and all. Wouldn’t want to get in trouble so stealing and passing it around.

  29. Anonymouser says:

    You know, the general nature of this blog is pure assholery, but this particular author angers me, because she blatantly rippled off the entire plot of one of her better known fics – which won awards – from another author. Like, point for point rip-off, only her version was weakly written. For her to cry wolf over stolen property is rich.

    • Anonymous says:

      Which author did she rip the plot off from?

      • Seriously? says:

        She ripped of Behind The Reel by jakeward. True fax read them both and you will be shocked. Doubt me? Look at the original publish date of Behind the Reel – Dec 2008! Olivia didn’t post her rip-off until Sep 2009. You will see how “original” her RPF claims to be. Here she is spouting off about don’t copy, she owns it, and what she is claiming is 100% hers is in fact her plagiarizing another author. Oh but wait, that’s right, her story is now pulled so you can’t…but I’m sure you can find it posted somewhere ( or some random fandom tweep might have saved to their hard drive). No doubts Olivia will post it on her own just for the attention under a different penname when she realizes no one gives a care that she left the fandom Good Riddens!

        Sorry to leave such a nasty reply but seriously plagiarism in this fandom just disgusts me.

  30. anon says:

    I feel like you guys are just being negative to fanfiction in general. You are putting down authors and stories, insinuating that they are all crap. So tell me, what stories do you like, because it seems like you hate them all. And if you do think they are all shit, why do you even bother?

  31. Anonymous says:

    I love how people are saying how this site is against fanfiction and how they’re so negative towards it….. HELLO! Read the fucking blog people! It’s not about being against fanfiction, it’s about mocking the authors who act as though they’ve made this world a better place by taking copyrighted characters (along with their traits I might add. side note to the poster who said if we picked up one of these not knowing it was originally fanfiction that we’d never know it WAS fanfiction: ahhh, BULLSHIT, show me ONE fanfiction that didn’t describe Edward’s bronze, messy hair or Bella’s chocolate brown eyes) making them have lots and lots of sex, and writing mediocre stories about them. Plus the authors who pull stories to have them published, because they were flamed, or, OMG SAY IT AIN’T SO, someone put it in a torrent without their permission!!

    I am so glad someone has finally gone public with how ludicrous this has all become. Twankhard, you are witty, fun, and best of all, you have a sense of humor!

  32. Anon says:

    I just want to know where I can download the torrent from, lol…anyone?

    And sorry but honesty in the past few months I too have found the pretentious behavior of some authors absolutely hilarious!!

    Its fanfic, its supposed to be entertainment and to be honest 90% of it is utter crap anyway, poorly written stories with terrible story lines authored by wanna be 14 yr old Bella’s instead of doing their homework.

    Of the 10% of stories worth anyones time, the amount of authors who actually pull this drama queen crap have let a rather sour taste in the mouth of anyone who once found the fandom somewhere fun and light hearted.

    Its rather amusing to see some realize that not everyone agrees with your stand and lots of us, I mean HEAPS of us, find this crap childish! Do you want to get to the point that fanfic authors only write for other fanfic authors, or is a genuine case of not respecting the audience for which you are meant to cater?

  33. Anonymous says:

    I really have never understood people who freak when people copy their fics from a totally public, free site. It’s not like they were making any money off the damn things.

    SM should take a hint from Anne Rice. The attitudes of these authors is starting to get to the point where if she doesn’t exercise her copyright, things are going to get muddy.

  34. Anonymous says:

    I write fanfiction for fun hoping to improve my writing skills. I spend many hours developing, editing, etc. I found another story that was so similar to mine…stole my plot. I sent a private note blasting the writer, but I obviously did not threaten action or pull my story. I was po’d because she stole my idea. It’s the idea that I worked hard on a plot and someone else copied it. It’s tacky and lazy. Get your own damned ideas, But I’m not thinking my stuff would ever see the eyes of a publisher. When and if that happens, it willl be my own original work. Now if you publish your own original work online, it is copyrighted even without filing and I know that because I copyrighted some of my own work through a copyright attorney.

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