I think SR pulled a major twank by pulling the fic down between the final chapter and the epi. SR did it with NO explanation or even acknowledgment on the ffn profile or epi a/n, an acknowledgment but no explanation given at all as to why it was pulled down (minus a reference to disappointment about the bit torrent the week before) in the twilighted thread

Well if we can twank Olivia for it, then why not our good man-pal SR? At least Olivia fessed up and aired out her publishing-fantasies. SR would rather beat around that particular bush (you’re about as transparent as saran wrap, man) with a quite convenient (alleged) plagiary tantrum.

His Fanfiction.net profile reads like your usual spiel of self-importance:

No translations of UOEM have been authorized. No downloading, copying, reposting or distribution of this story have been authorized, either, regardless of the source.

As do his Author Notes:

Disclaimer: The characters of Twilight are owned by Stephenie Meyer. The original content, ideas and intellectual property of this story are owned by Sebastien Robichaud and copyrighted, as of 2009. Plagiarism is theft and is treated as such in many different countries. Translations of UOEM have not been authorized, nor has any downloading, copying, reposting on other websites or distribution of this story, regardless of the source.

And it wouldn’t be complete without his very own domain name, http://www.sebastienrobichaud.com/, and blog to further reach his masses. All of this screams “E-G-O” to us, but does it really come as a big surprise? Especially with such recent forum comments as these:

Laughs…while I have heard from him with reviews and Pm’s the only post he responded to from me here was recently when I posted my Twilight band-aids so it wasn’t actually to me…oh he did wish me a happy birthday in an AN and called me a “cherished reader” which made me melt, and I like how he calls us “miss”, muses, ladies and today Lovelies!

And don’t forget (as if she’d let you) that he has the fandom’s first and only Big Named Reader (yes, BNR, it exists now) on his team. Of course, you haven’t made it big in this fandom until squalloogal mortifies you showers you with redundantly fannish and blind praise. Every big author needs a sycophant cheerleader to build them mega-FGB teams and turn something like a humble charity into a laughable competition of Twilight fanfiction author egos. She’s flounced deleted that Twitter, so while we can’t provide the hilarity of screenshots for that particular twank, we’ll just leave you with this: the weird emotional devastation she displayed when being cyber-bullied during FGB on that same twitter account earlier this year:

I use to be a tough girl who could handle anything. Really sassy and brassy. After I was attacked that girl died. I no longer have the coping mechanisms to deal with this constant assault. I am sorry.

For those who have judged me.

I forgave those that changed my life that night. I live with those scars physically and emotionally everyday but I wish them NO ill will. I forgave them.

For those doing what your doing. I forgive you too but I just can’t cope.

We love a good, dramatic overreaction. Nonnie from earlier today said it best:

We can follow that up with the dramatic entrances and exits from Twi-World. She’s had more comings and goings than Paris and Lindsay combined.
The drama of ‘blocking’ and ‘unblocking’ twitter users, the big epic posts on the UoEM/MoTU forum about why she is leaving, the big epic posts from her supporters about why this is a disaster, the supporting posts from the writers about how terrible it is to lose someone like Squally.
Squally leaving the fandom for a few weeks is guaranteed to result in a few hundred posts on a Twilighted forum. It’s all about the drama.

But… moving on…

So while there are emotionally-unstable-fangirls aplenty just waiting for the moment to strike their mighty insanity down upon any who would cause their beloved Edward SR harm, we had to wonder. Is this guy for real? Not in a does he really have bits dangling between his legs kind of way, because we could really care less what his gender is. But really. Is he for real?

Did he really pull UoEM because of this whole bit torrent fiasco? Or is he just jerking his faithful readers along until it’s announced that he wants their money support in an upcoming publishing endeavor?

Since this can neither be confirmed or denied, we figured we’d just wait it out until something juicy and incriminating came along.

Enter, Nonnie.

Why do we love Nonnies? Because they can singlehandedly sift through the shit heap known as The University of Edward Masen by SebastienRobichaud’s Twilighted thread and come out with the best quotes. We’d do it ourselves, but we’re just too fond of our brain cells and individualism to plunder through 5,038 pages of blind admiration and borderline disturbing flirtation.

Posted by SebastienRobichaud on Mon Nov 16, 2009 7:03 pm

I’m afriad it’s inevitable. There’s almost no way to control who uploads the story and disseminates it, not to mention who translates it.
The only way to truly address the issue is to sue the bastards who steal the work.

Unfortunately, it’s the best and most popular stories that are stolen.
But no, I’m not about to pull the story. I know this is not a novel that could be published in its own right anyway; it’s given me the confidence to think I could write a novel and send it to a literary agent. So for me, plagiarized or not, it’s already served its purpose.
But that’s too bad about the stories that were pulled already.


Posted by SebastienRobichaud on Sat Nov 07, 2009 12:06 am

…there will be no LOMAH.
Barring an unforeseen disaster or (God forbid) my untimely demise, I will finish the story and post it. Period.
Plagiarism won’t scare me off; I have friends who are Sicilian.

Posted by SebastienRobichaud on Wed Oct 28, 2009 8:09 pm

Hello Stephk,
You’re welcome.
Once I started the story, there was no way I was going to pull it.
I think that would be unethical.

Posted by SebastienRobichaud on Mon Oct 26, 2009 4:40 pm

Yes, I promise all of the answers will be answered.
Even if I need an epilogue and an appendix numerically listed in order to do so.
And as I said earlier to someone, I’m not pulling the story.
I knew when I began it that in so doing I was obligated 1) to finish it in a timely manner and 2) never to pull it even if it is stolen/plagiarized
no ITLOMAH for me or my readers.

Hypocrisy tag says: “Too easy.”

So now we get SR’s game. It’s all very obvious to us. It’s unethical and wrong to pull a story for something as silly as plagiarism, unless it gets really illogically popular (and some crooked archive offers to give you money for the rights to the PDF).

Quick! How many languages can we say “sell out” in?

I also wonder if this snippet from his profile will grace the jacket PDF notes:

Throughout the course of the story classical literature, music and art from Western culture will be referenced. No prior knowledge of any of these elements is required. But if one desires to travel more deeply into the heart of the labyrinth, these sources will provide clues to the successive mysteries contained in the story.

We hate to spoil it for you, but…


Just saying.

ETA: Some lulzy review twank

From FanFiction.net reviewer dottiez123
2010-07-19 on chapter 40 of The University of Edward Masen

I love being the basis for a character (“Amanda L’Union”).

But you do have a few inconsistencies with the characterization:

1) I’m a literature professor at a major US university;

2) many of your readers attend (or have attended) community colleges, so it’s rather impressive that you’re INSULTING YOUR READERS BY INSINUATING THEIR EDUCATIONAL ROUTES ARE SOMEHOW SUBSTANDARD TO YOUR OWN;

3) if you had any knowledge of community colleges, you would know that they’re often alternatives for high-achieving students who don’t have adequate funds to attend a college or university;

4) most community colleges are staffed solely by PhDs (something you lack); and

5) most community colleges pay better than many private colleges and universities (I know this as the daughter of a retired community college professor).

It’s clear that I intimidate you tremendously, as evidenced by basing a character off of me and using the EXACT words I used in an earlier review, just to cite two examples.

Your story is utter nonsense, and your writing is stilted indulgent. And shame on you for blocking reviews from my original account. It’s clear you cannot take criticism. DO YOU BLOCK ALL REVIEWERS WHO SAY SOMETHING NOT TO YOUR LIKING? Tsk, tsk.’

From Twilighted forum post:

Re: The University of Edward Masen by SebastienRobichaud
by Sebastien Robichaud on Sun Jul 11, 2010 10:41 pm
Forum: Alternate Universe – Human
Topic: The University of Edward Masen by SebastienRobichaud Replies: 50399 Views: 475933

Dear Everyone,

Thanks for reading and posting your theories. I’m going to try to post a teaser early Tuesday …

Those of you who were in on the whole beret episode will be surprised to learn that the reader who trashed my beret as effete pretension is still reading UOEM …. 5 chapters later.

In fact, in reviewing this chapter, she huffed that I should at least ask her permission before quoting one of her reviews.

Sorry if this seems small of me, but her review (and the fact that after pronouncing UOEM as rubbish she is STILL reading it) made me laugh.

So of course, I had to share the humour with you all. And post a few smileys … :lol: :geek:

We’re glad to see SR has such an amazing sense of humor, because creating villains as a form of fan-fic revenge against reviewers is pretty high up there in OMG WTF GET OVER YOURSELF.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Squally flounced? When did that happen? What happened ‘that night’? How was she so mortally injured? Who physically injured her? Seriously, I have no idea.

  2. Hifuckinlarious says:

    Squally who? Seriously… if you’re going to leave the fandom…. just leave. Why the dramatics? A bid for more attention? Probably ‘Oh woe is me… nobody loves me… so I’ll beg for people to say they love me.’

    Same goes with pulling fics. There is no probs whatsoever with authors pulling their fics. It’s theirs, they can do what they want with it. So, authors, if you are going to pull your fic, pull it. But pull it with some dignity.

    Do not go Dylan Thomas on us… sometimes ‘raging against the dying light’ isn’t always the best option. Please do us all the favor and ‘go gentle into that good night.’

  3. Anonymous says:

    If you can’t keep promises in the virtual ‘Fandom World’, how do you expect people to trust you in RL?

    How many times did SR say on the forum that (he/she- I have no clue what gender SR is, could never figure it out and I don’t very much care to know now) that UoEM would NOT be pulled?
    “Oh, I won’t be another LOMAH” BS.


    I’m all for authors who desire to pull their fics – it’s their choice, but don’t be so freaking dramatic about it.
    And in order to ‘copyright’ anything, one needs to OFFICIALLY file it.
    Not copyright it in his/her head.
    Copyright talk is a RL word. Don’t throw around FF unless you got it backed up, kwim?

  4. lulzrus says:

    That story is the biggest steaming pile of crap I’ve ever read. The whole thing reads like a very elaborate joke, including the inevitable pull and flounce. What an ass. Sad thing is the loyal readers never seemed to get that the joke was on them.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is my opinion that the whole story and pull-out WAS an elaborate joke. And look how may people fell for it. At the very least – if you think that writer is a man, you have not met many men.

      All of this is said with the disclosure that I read a mere two chapters of the story. Because I didn’t fall for it. Well that and I just didn’t care for it…

  5. Anonymous says:

    What toss.

    I was still trying to decide if I liked it or not. Now I’ll never know. It’s popularity told me I should (I’m easy like that) but still, reading it was … hard. And I hadn’t read the updates or epis so maybe there is my answer.

    I FUCKING LOVE your site. I’m not in this ‘fandom’ to know everything that is going on, but I’ve seen a few things on twitter that made me go WAH? But didn’t know if I was just being a cynical old tart again.

  6. Anonymous says:

    So what fics have you written lately, Twankhard mods? Can you come out of lurker mode long enough to tell us? I’d really like to read them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why does Twank need to have written a story?
      The mods aren’t talking about how these craptastic stories are written and the styles and ridiculous plot lines. They are calling out the nature of the authors.

      It’s a different kettle of fish than the other sites that attack the writing. That’s not what this is about.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why would Twank reveal itself? So that the lynch mob can be formed and the truth be “silenced” Fuck no! We have enough of big brother in RL silencing the truth…fuck it in fanfiction too!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I love this site. Y’all are absolutely hilarious. I think that a lot of authors have gotten a little too big for their britches, and y’all aren’t saying anything that a lot of other people are already thinking.

    My favorite part of SR pulling his story is that he left two chapters up so the 20k + reviews remain. If you’re going to pull it, you should pull it ALL. good riddance.

  8. Twific writer says:

    “Unfortunately, it’s the best and most popular stories that are stolen.”

    Umm, are we sure that those two adjectives (“best” and “most popular”) go together??

    • twankhard says:

      I’m sure he’d be willing to mansplain this to you.

    • annon chignon says:

      Popular is rarely best. This was best illustrated for me when Olive Garden was voted “Best Italian Food” in the city where I live. Even my nine year old has better taste than that. They won’t set foot in that crappy restaurant.

  9. Anonymous says:

    It’s obvious that you don’t actually care about the nature of authors. Like or not, the majority of those that are published are an unusual bunch. A little eccentric you could say. Now, anyone can write fanfic and publish it simply due to the nature of the genre.

    I haven’t published anything, but I have a creative presence online. Would I be upset if someone came after me like this? Yup. Would I consider pulling my site down if this happened to me? Yup. Human beings generally don’t like to shit upon. It’s that whole self esteem thing.

    I’ll bet if we probed into who is going after the authors, we’d find that you wouldn’t be all that happy if someone slagged you personally either.

    Am I writing this simply because I may like the story in question? Nope. I’m writing this on behalf of everyone who puts themselves out there in a creative way. And doesn’t want to feel beaten up along the way.

    Watch. Someone is now going to come after me simply because I’m too nice. Trust me, I’m not.

    • anonymous says:

      I see your point. But you’re also seem to have a bit of a problem with understanding the nature of a fandom. Readers don’t like to get shat upon either. And that’s what writers like SR and others mentioned on this site do with their wank. Reality check: the fact that people feel the need to call these authors out anonomously speaks volumes for just how intimidating and ruthless authors (and their defenders) can be when they feel threatened. Enough already. Who cares if it stops these jerks from continuing with their “creative process” if that creative process includes being an asshole of the highest order?

      • Anonymous says:

        I maintain my anonymity simply because as stated above, I have my own online presence, and I don’t want my own personal life shattered simply because someone doesn’t like what I’ve said. If I didn’t have an online business, I likely wouldn’t have an issue with posting my name.

        This is the problem with the internet. It gives people the freedom to do this – pull stories, badmouth others, and generally be nasty. It’s not like the story was pulled before it was finished… it was completed, and many people had the opportunity to read it. Would we be having this discussion if it was a printed work of literature? Certainly not to the same degree.

        What bothers me in the above post is that no one has actually said a word about the theft of intellectual property. While no one has come right out and said that’s what caused the removal of the story, one can surmise that’s probably what did it. That’s the person that should be chased down and challenged.

        • twankhard says:

          Would we be having this discussion if it was a printed work of literature? Certainly not to the same degree.

          Oh cool. So all that flaming controversy over Midnight Sun was just a dream. Thank goodness.

          • Anonymous says:

            You missed the part where she said the story was completed –

            SM hadn’t finished MS…I won’t even go into what I think about all that…another rant for another twank…. but I completely get what she’s saying up there.

            • twankhard says:

              Good point. I think we missed how it’d be possible for an author of a real work of literature to come into our homes, take back their books (and to be fair as possible, reimburse us), wag a finger in our faces and say “No book for you!” without a “discussion to this degree going down.”

        • anonymous says:

          What intellectual property? What theft? It’s effing fanfiction for eff’s sake. I just don’t get it, never will. And, honestly, I think the author pulled it as one final FU to the fandom he or she villified throughout the whole piece. The whole story was wank, IMO.

        • oh jeebus says:

          First, it wasn’t finished before it was pulled – there are still the epis and outtakes to go.

          Second, the theft aspect was addressed on this site yesterday, albeit that post was centered around a different author. Still, what was said there applies to other authors as well.

          I liked UoEM, and I don’t contest an author’s right to pull their stories, but what bugs me is that he gave no reason for it, he didn’t even address it on Twilighted, his site, in the most recent update, etc.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, I can see this point, but for example, what did 107 ever do to her readers?

        Nothing. She just called someone out (drunkenly – and admittedly) and then apologized for it.

        And can I just point out that the anonymous people on this site also flame all of us other anonymous people for making our points….for the same reason you’re saying they stay anonymous….

        It’s a vicious cycle.

    • Anonymous says:

      Very well said and without calling people cunts or haggs or hOOrs, either.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am a fanfic author…but I am not prone to diva fits. I was an art major in college. After my first “show” someone told me I sucked. I thought, “fuck you” then changed majors bc I didn’t want to open myself up like that at 20.
      As a full fledged adult, I now understand that when you put yourself out there- you are doing with all the effects that come with it.

      Negative crit, possible plagiarism, drama of 15k women…and a few men…

      I actually don’t think SR pulled his shit- I think it GOT pulled…

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t believe the story got pulled. The writer PULLED the story. UoEM was also posted on Twilighted.net and they let anything post there.

        No he totally fucked his readers over.

  10. Anonymous says:


    I’m sad I never read this one. I feel like I missed out on a real gem! Did anyone save a copy they could send me before it was pulled?

    • Incog Nito says:

      Freely distributing the written COPYRIGHTED words of fan-fiction writers without their express written permission?

      Forwarding their stories via email without asking first?

      That would be WRONG. ‘Nobody’ ever does that!

      And that is why I have copies of many fan fiction out-takes from the auctions while only paying for… none.

  11. WantToHumpTwankward says:

    I want to hump ze butts of ze Twankwards…..

    You are only putting out there, publicly, what many people actually discuss via chat, Twitter & DMs.

    Am so over the egos of people and the formation of a ‘heirachy’ in the fandom. Yes, some people are better with their words than others, but how many stories and authors go under the radar because of the egotastical authors that have a ‘following’. Seriously, the ones that have people who ‘worship them’ as an author make me gag into my Cheerios.

    It’s FANFICTION….therefore you did NOT come up with the characters yourself, you’re playing with someone elses and adding your own spin.

    I love Fan Fiction and am so glad to see this site up and running.

    On the SR note…I stopped reading UoEM when I felt the author was being a twat and felt like he was talking down to his readers. He made it all intellectual like and then felt the need to ‘explain’ everything to his readers. Duuuuude…I’m reading a story for fun, not to feel stoopid. Oh and the fact that to “get” the story you HAVE to be on the forums…yeh, you can go take that up the ass..I have better things to do than flitter around on forums all day.

    I think I’ve said enough!

    Hoorah….. Sparkly Dildos to the Twanhards that came up with the site and decided to go live!!

    • Incog Nito says:

      Actually, have you seen the crap that passes for ‘discussion’ on the UoEM forums?
      It’s hardly ‘intellectual’… in fact it would probably kill off your brain cells rather than help you understand the story. You’d have better luck with Wikipedia. Ouch. Oh my.

      And for the person who thinks that SR conveniently left two chapters as a nice gesture for the Twilighted Thread UoEM read through of those two chapters… ummm. You don’t think that hanging on to those 20,000+ aren’t you lovely, wonderful, the bestest writer that ever lived reviews might have had more to do with it? Oh cynical me.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Just a quick glance at this blog reveals that it’s creators don’t even like Twilight. The fandom, in any of its forms, should be fun and entertaining, not negative and cruel – no matter how big the author egos roll sometimes – and they do – it doesn’t justify this over the top cruelty just for cruelty’s sake.

    Some things you may want to consider:

    1) Trolling the Twitter and fic site threads for comments and then re-posting them doesn’t make you clever, it makes you small. And sad.

    2) If you feel that SR seemed like she was talking down to you, it may be because she was. And with good reason.

    3) If you don’t like the Twilight characters, don’t read the books. Or the fic. Nobody gives a fuck if you think Edward Cullen is a misogynist. Shave your legs, get a job, and move out of your parents’ basement.

    You might be wondering why I took the time to post this, and I’m asking myself the same thing. In a week, my friends and I will likely forget all about having come across this, and simply continue enjoy good fic and the fandom. I’m guessing you’ll still be blogging.

  13. TeamYourMom says:

    I am in the habit of putting my affiliations out there before I present, so:
    I read UoEM and I have posted on that forum. I write a little-known story and a giant chunk of my readership are, I’m sure, SR’s hand-me-downs.

    SR pulled UoEM less than a week ago. This isn’t a paying gig. None of us have publicists and teams of people advising us on how to handle things like being cyber-trashed or having your story re-posted without permission or finding out that a source of RL inspiration is critically ill or any of the other things fic authors deal with routinely.

    Hell, I just wish someone would maybe rein in some of my vino-soaked thread posts occasionally. But it ain’t gonna happen. A little time to handle a situation isn’t too much to require.

    I am not a fan of ugliness and I think your motive here is to propagate unkindness. I’m sure that will sound very Pollyanna of me. Given the alternative – sounding like a cynic with an overdeveloped sense of entitlement – I’m okay with that.

    • twankhard says:

      When it comes out that SR definitely isn’t publishing, we will eat our crow with some lightly salted BAWWWW french fries.

      (But that isn’t going to happen)

      • Anonymous says:

        If he pulled UofEM to publish, then why is he continuing to write epilogues? He posted one on FF after pulling the main story; he’s posted teasers for the others. That wouldn’t make much sense, would it?

        • Anonymous says:

          It does make sense if he were to take the main body of that story and rework it. There are authors who have pulled to publish and have still written epi’s for their fans. Black and White is one of those stories, written by Vixen1836. If the Epi’s were never intended to make it into the final published piece the author can easily post just the epi’s and I believe that the fans appreciate that gesture. I did. But it’s been done a few times, pulling the main story but posting epi’s/out-takes for the fandom.

          Here is a question: If SR left the first 2 chapters up for the thread reread, will he put back up 3 and 4 and so on as they progress through the reread? If he does, I may believe that his intentions were in keeping with his wanting to consider his “muses” plans for a reread. I doubt those chapters will repost. They say he left the chapters up for the reread, but he’s really only saving the reviews. I believe that many over there will be very disappointed. I actually feel bad for many of the regulars on Twilighted. I’m not being condescending or sarcastic when I say that. I really do feel bad for many of the regulars on that thread because many of them are very friendly and welcoming and while that thread is often creepy and fangirls kissing the asses of other fangirls, I’ve lurked long enough to know that they all believe that SR is a swell guy and they all seem to really have some friendships going over there. Shit, a few of the posters over there even wrote Oneshots to dedicate to SR and the other thread participants (I’ve read 2 so far, but there may be more. I liked the “Corset” one a lot and I wasn’t expecting to). Some posters spent hours making personalized graduation banners and diplomas after the last chapter was posted and I saw a few mention that there is some kind of large project regarding the story that some are still working on. My point is that the thread people who were so dedicated to SR may be about to get a rude awakening when they discover things about their favorite author and motivations.

          That is why I feel bad for the SR/UOEM fans. The disappointment will be painful.

          But what was his real reason? If his true identity was revealed, the account would have been closed down to protect future discovery or drama. A new handle may have been assumed if he wanted to keep writing online. If the story was pulled off by ff.net it would not be gone from both sites and the two chapters conveniently left up on both. None of it makes any sense. But what does make sense is publishing, pulling the body of the story and leaving up Epi’s for the fans and keeping something up on the account to preserve the reviews. I think this blog has it right. The SR fans have been wanked. He could have given a simple comment explaining a reason especially for his people on that thread, who many seem to be dedicated to being on there daily. Does that mean nothing to him? That was the first place I went to to find out what was happening, but I saw the Beta’s harsh post, so any useful news or discussion was stopped. Now he says nothing other than pimping a future fic and epi mentions and they all walk around on eggshells and make small talk to keep from upsetting poor SR and his Beta, who will bitchslap anyone trying to discuss what is on all our minds. SR sits back and says nothing. Swell guy. Real swell. It’s wank all around. Wait until everyone over there discovers it. It won’t be the end of the world but it will still be upsetting to them and I do feel sorry for them when that happens.

          • oh jeebus says:

            This was very well-said and pretty much what I was thinking. What really bugged me most about the whole thing was that he gave no explanation at all, and everyone’s too afraid of Squally and Jennde (his beta) to push it. I also went straight to Twilighted to see what was going on, but he’s barely said anything on there about it all.

            It’s too bad, because I liked the story and thought he was ok for an ff author, and then this happened. Oh well.

            Oh and I’m not crying too much cuz I’ve got almost all of it saved on my computer, but don’t tell anyone 😉

  14. Anonymous says:

    I’d pay some FBG type of money to find out who the twankhard peoples are and hug y’all because I’ve been saying this shit for months now. Talking to myself because it’s not PQ to tell the truth and bring people down a peg or two. It’s “mean” no it’s fan fiction. This is recreational. All this ego tripping is a mess and I’m glad SOMEONE got up one day and felt the need to call people out.

    If I had a guess, I’d say the twankhards are the Twigasm podcast peps. They’ve been MIA forever publishing and helping Omnific along. I’m sure The Office is coming to Amazon soon. Good thing I have an original copy that’s MINE.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know SR, or read his story but….just wondering here…aren’t you violating your own “rules” when you post screen shots of his Twilighted Thread? That’s a private site right? And isn’t just a “one click” entry.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I never got past chapter 14 on this story. It was just dragging too much. I was planning to read the rest of it – some time in the future – but never got around to even make a firm statement to myself that I was going to read it before it got pulled.

    Oh, and SR? So not a man. That screams woman – or girl if you want – all the way. I have a feeling it’s written by a “big name author” who wanted to try something else anon, and get the “validation” that they are “good”.

    So no, never read the whole thing. It was a crap story. And it’s written by a woman/girl. Pissed me off with how it was pulled, but – it’s their loss. Not mine.

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