Long ago, in a land far, far away, there existed an artist. Not the kind who makes something based off someone elses work and calls it a literary masterpiece. One who actually made his living off of the work he produced. He went to school for it, studied hard, and probably went through all the rigmarole any professional artist must face. His product bought his food and clothed him, paid his mortgage, and for all we know, fed his puppies (good god, think of the puppies!).

In this same, odd land known as Real Life, there also exists evil hackers who will stop at nothing to invade this photographer’s privacy and gain access to his highly coveted masterpieces, sell them to the highest bidder, and essentially rob (we heart puns) him of whatever monetary gain he could have made off the photos.

In this case, said photographer Stuart Shining is (supposedly) a bad ass muthafucka who will C&D your ass so fast, you won’t even get a chance to fap to Rob’s bouffant your head will spin. In fact, he apparently did so earlier last year when some of these popular photos were leaked.

Fast forward a bit, and it’s revealed that PattinsonLife/RPL has possession of, and has posted those pictures illegally onto their site(s). Someone speaks up, cue C&D, LiveJournal steps in and takes action, RPL owner/administrator Mandy/Brandnewluv‘s account gets suspended, and the photos get removed.

You’d probably think, “Oh well, yeah, that sucks. Who gives a crap?”

Wait for it….

One could argue that it wasn’t well-known to RPL that C&D letters had been sent already around to other sites possessing the same photos. One could argue that, even though it is well known in the fandom that Delaney84 is already in a legal case with Summit for posting photos from the Eclipse film without permission, and that even though RPL had already dodged the massive bullet that was being included in the same suit, that sometimes, ignorance/accidents/mistakes/drunkeness just happens.

They didn’t know!





Oooookay, they did suspect something, else this totally random tweet would have never made it onto the web-o-sphere. But it’s not like they all freaked out and irrationally incited a mob against the Meanie McMeanpants who brought the stolen pictures to the higher powers’ attention instead of just owning up to making a dumb mistake or anything. Right?


We can’t disagree with you there.

But this is just jittzpattzing who we’d love to insult but her emotional instability and disturbingly effective stalking abilities frighten us greatly. It’s not like the admins of RPL would make entire blog posts playing the victim when, in fact, they knew all along their actions were likely shady and not entirely legal, and there is clear proof to that fact. Right?


That livejournal account was deleted because someone reported a few pictures (I don’t know which pictures, since everything was deleted) and I really can’t understand why. I’m sure everyone enjoyed them when they were posted, but the hate around here made a person, that probably saved the photo, file a complaint. When something that it was supposed to be fun starts being the reason I’m stressing all the time, I guess it’s time to stop;

Give us something to work with here! Okay. Okay. The people responsible aren’t taking responsibility. You’re entitled, we get it. We’ve seen that a lot. Whatever. But it’s not like anyone actually bought into this crap. Not when there’s PROOF existing, so readily available (it took me two minutes to search this crap out, really) that RPL knew what they were doing and we’re only sorry they got tattled on. It just wouldn’t go down like that, right?


dorym said…That mean spirited person is asking for trouble from the universe for putting out such a negative and dishonorable energy which has caused unhappiness for so many fans.

maria2386 said…I miss the old days and agree totally – the bitchiness and nastiness that is apparent in this fandom is absolutely ridiculous. It’s SHOULD be all about sharing and celebrating Rob’s brilliance

*takes memo we never got*

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said…I don’t understand how this could happen, or what lead to it… It’s disgusting, and frankly scary as shit that haters have this much power…

itsyblue said…I am sure Rob would be very disappointed, this is exactly what he meant when he said “little nerds that hide behind their blogs”

*more memos*

papagáj said…What happened is the highest form of human depravity and rudeness. I loathe them. They are not worthy to call them human beings. This is what feeds them is our grief and anger, and note that even they do not deserve, so we must remain strong, maybe in another community.

CullenGal09 said…The fact that such hatred and petty nonsense has caused you to resort to this upsets me greatly, but I also understand totally.

Aeren said…I.m Cryinng Now, I.m a mother a wife, A Rob Fan and I cant understand all this madness.. Think about your followers, affiliates, I Love you…ah Bad day

Engen said…This is so sad! 😦 I really enjoyed reading this blog. So now I’m so angry at the people who reported it!!!

amfipolos said…I guess people with absolutely no lives but with extensive hate over anyone who’s happy, creative and devoted have won once again… I agree with you, you have to do what you have to do when you feel you don’t want to put up with the shit anymore.

Nicole said…The same thing that is happening to you is happening in the fanfiction writing community where UoEM and some other stories were taken down. There is just so much hate and grown women acting like complete idiots. I’m sure you did nothing wrong.

Oh, Nicole. Read above. And then below.

♪♫ Yaelfica ♪♫ said…MANDY i don’t fully understand what happened

Psssst. That’s because she didn’t fully tell you what happened.

skorobeu said…OMG!!!NOOOO!!!I am so sad.its disgasting!!!



We’re hoping that Livejournal will listen and reinstate her account. But this post is mainly to support her and PL. All of us ToR girls love you guys and are behind you 100%. We just wanted to let you guys know that. Don’t give up, we’re right behind you.

ETA: And to all of you haters, you don’t know how much work goes into these sites. Stop your pathetic moaning, bitching & ranting. If you’re not happy then go somewhere else. You don’t have to spew your hate all over the place or better yet why don’t you get a life or create your own freaking site and see how much time and energy it takes you and then maybe you can come back to whine. This fandom went from being a fun place to be to trying to blog in hell. Keep it up and you’ll be losing all the major sources.

No love,




Mandy permalink I have no words. I could barely read all comments because my tears are blinding me…. But I know that in the end you still will be there, even if I’m not RPLife anymore, just Mandy. That’s what I’m trying to be now, just Mandy.


Mandy made some new LJ accounts, because when the admins tell her “We’re just not that into you” she hears “Blah blah blah.”

Mandy’s locked Twitter; a creative reenactment:

My new LJ is justgoogle.


LJ replied and said they wouldn’t unsuspend my accounts


This is why I’m quitting fandom. I’m so disgasted!!! disgusted.

This is all because of THEM.

Oh Mandy. *Resist the Manilow. RESIST IT!* We’re not out to get you. We don’t even really know you, and you fap to Rob, so you’re naturally off our radar. But wow. A lot of other people?

15 twank submissions in one day don’t lie.


Yeah, we have no idea. It’s not like she made a post saying it was or anything.

ETA4: “With each good soul, each blog removed due to the actions of such spawns of satan is a win for evil.


Hi guys,

ToR is tak­ing a short break. We’ve seen so much hate over the past few days that we need to step back.

We’ll see you soon.

Lots of love,



They flounced the flounce. (Link to ToR post above is gone. We cry)


They flounced flouncing the flounce. Or one of them did, idek, but the quote below is pretty lulzy.

Robert is our tree, he grounds us, and we branch out from him in a way that we feel is respect­ful to him.

And all the manip artists smiled. (Then emailed them to us.)

Many efforts have been made to show human­ity and kind­ness on his behalf because we have seen the com­pas­sion in his soul and want to spread the same like­ness. We aspire to keep things uncom­pli­cated because we under­stand that Rob is a sim­ple man. Antag­o­nism and regres­sion is a way of life, unfortunately, but defeat is nonex­is­tent in our minds. Never Think.

You do that so well.



A beloved site, RPLife, was taken down in our fandom yesterday, and someone is to blame. Some little plotting group of wanna-be bullies. I wish I could say that this is all these bitches are, but they are in fact Internet Terrorists. Quietly plotting, gathering info, seeing where they can throw some ammo and hope they find a weak spot so the blast will leave a hole. You know what I want to refer to with my descriptions. You know where I’m going with this when I call them Internet Terrorists. And all of this was done in the name of what? Responsible journalism? Protecting private property? Puhleeze!



  1. Anonymous says:

    i actually thinks this kind of sucks. it’s like the smut thing. we all know that it’s against the TOS, but it only gets taken down when it’s reported. reporting it is kind of douchey.

    • twankhard says:

      Yeah, if the author then blamed a rival author for reporting it and used her mass of readers as a tool to attack them instead of just saying, “I broke the rules and got caught. Darn.”

    • Anonymous says:

      what about when the ‘reporter’ might be the owner? Ever think of that? These people are out for blood on someone who might not even have anything to do with this, simply because they intensely dislike her. They blame everything on this girl, from what I see, but in this circumstance, it’s the involved people’s own fault. They posted copyrighted material, that was not paid for, and violated terms of LJ. What is there not to get?

    • ohreally says:

      nah. this is different. because the smut authors that got narc’d on didn’t bitch and moan and whine about getting caught. this is double wank: the person who reported it and the whiners who can’t stand that the rules apply to them too. I’m all for breaking the rules, and I don’t narc on people, but I don’t cry when I get caught.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sooo…if I’m understanding this correctly, these people are mad because someone reported RPL for posting pics illegally? COPYRIGHTED pictures? As in pictures that belong to the people who took them? Hypocrisy reigns! These are the same people that get their panties in a twist when someone “plagiarizes” their fanfiction. But when a beloved website actually breaks copyrights by posting pictures they aren’t supposed to post (and apparently not crediting the artist), it’s all a different ballgame, isn’t it?

    • oh jeebus says:

      It is a bit mindboggling to think of when you put it like that. Jeez, the bs in this fandom…

    • Anonymouse says:

      I was just about to come and say the same thing –

      So, we support the ‘dubious’ copyright on fanfiction but not the actual copyright that someone makes a living from? Oh fandom.

      And this girl didn’t have to pull the entire blog because of this incident. She should be thanking her lucky stars she isn’t get sued, gloss over the incident and move on.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Uh…and I think you got way too much time on your hands for actually making an entry like this.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ya know what, give these girls a break how about that? Most are young,Most are just Rob fans. wanting to enjoy looking at the pretty, there NOT making money off these pics, if anything the person who took them (if tagged) is getting there name out there.

    Robs fan base to VERY big, his fans are the last ones you want against you. Stop being freakn petty, I am sure Rob appreciates these fan sites and there support of his career. People are such leeches.

    • twankhard says:

      Ya know what, give these girls a break how about that?

      How about…. no.

    • ohpls says:

      Rubbish. Most are not young. In fact, the worst ones I’ve come across are my mothers age (which is to say old enough to have four children, a mortage and 2 grandchildren) in short old enough to know better.

    • Anonymous says:

      In fact, Rob doesn’t like these fan sites.

      And he doesn’t like when people mix up “there” and “they’re.”

      He told me so just last night…

      …in my dreams, because I don’t actually know him.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Reporting things is like being a RAT in the Twi fan base.. we all know who the rats are dont we? Or the MAIN Rat and her rat friends.

    • Anonymous says:

      what about when someone reports to you (or your friends) that their fanfic has been plagiarized? how is this different? they’ve actually posted copyrighted pics on their website, which is actually illegal. while plagiarism of fanfic is not ethical because you’re copying someone else’s work, posting other artists’ LEGALLY copyrighted work is illegal when you do not give them credit or if it’s specifically expressed that the pictures should not be released.

      • Not quite true… Contrary to popular (fandom) belief, just crediting someone as the copyright holder isn’t enough. They have to give their permission. Mr. Shining clearly has not. Thus the “don’t mention his name on your site” tweets above…

    • ohreally says:

      lol. okay. no one likes a narc, but this isn’t the mafia…..or is it? I can’t tell what with all of the MOB mentality around these parts. Who the fuck cares if someone got ratted out? Sucks to get caught.

    • Me says:

      Like you, for example. You’re a rat. Twitter is full of rats like you.

  6. Anonymous says:

    can we please have a gif with various K-stew flipping us/you/them off? That would echo my sentiments perfectly I think

  7. The hilarious thing is… these people want to be whipped up into a frenzy. I actually responded to Fakerparis1’s (non-Thinking of Rob) post earlier, pointing out that these were copyrighted pics and Stuart Shining has been most assertive about protecting his copyright in the past… sadly, FP didn’t want to hear it. So she just deleted all of my comments.

    Personally, I think he was behind the report. When I used to work at the above-mentioned site (ToR), we got a nasty email from his counsel telling us to take it down. But hey, why be reasonable, logical or rational when we can be BAT SHIT CRAZY?!

  8. sock says:

    “what happened is the highest form of human depravity and rudeness. I loathe them. They are not worthy to call them human beings.”

    I mean, forget genocides occurring across the globe, WE KNOW THE REAL ENEMY! PEOPLE TRYING TO DENY US THE BEAUTY OF ROB.

    • twankhard says:

      We are so oppressed.

    • Anonymous says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth and threw it in a comment. *high five*

      This fandom is all sorts of bizarre…but I can’t stop being a part of it. It’s like a bad traffic accident. I.Can’t.Stop.Staring. The entertainment is unending…and it’s FREE!

      FREE!!!!!!!!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! *spins like a lunatic*

  9. Anonymous says:

    You guys have got to knock it off with the brilliance over here. I don’t even have time to recover between cerebral orgasms. *satisfied sigh*

  10. Anonymous says:

    It also isn’t *exactly* like violating the TOS because photographers make a LIVING doing their job and when copyrighted pictures that belong to them get leaked and posted EVERY-FUCKING-WHERE they have less chances of selling those pictures for other uses beside the original shoot. It can also jeopardize their professional integrity with clients who might suspect they aren’t handling their material confidentially enough. While fanfic and the fandom at large is fun, this is someone’s JOB and property (actual, not fanfic copyrighted, all rights reserved universe-wide) being fucked with. Soooo… what was that about karma?

  11. FandomIsCrazy says:

    I was totally lost this morning reading about the lastest Twilight fandom drama. Thank you Twankhard for this EPIC post!! now i understand whats going on.

    This is all pretty hilarious and pathetic at the same time. Hasent anybody learned from whats happening to Heather(delaneyg84)? She getting her assed sued by Summit for copyright infringment, of course she’s been treating it like its a major joke, but its not!! You dont screw around with copyrighted material.

    And now everybody is blaming and threatening this certain person for getting the LJ shut down, even though they have no proof, instead of maybe using their brains and thinking………. Gee, could it be the photographer that got the LJ shut down? DUH!!!

    and Jittzpattzing, is one of the craziest and one of the most obsessed Robsten shippers around. I expect that kind of crazy rant from a kid, not a 30 something year old.

    again, Twankhard, love this post

  12. I'm a photographer and this girl is a thief says:

    Okay…look… I am a photographer. I make my living by taking pictures of people or things then selling them either to the person that is in the photos, or to a company that places them on greeting cards or in ads. I literally spend hours upon hours on my computer every other day perfecting and making my photos something that I am insanely proud of.

    She got caught hacking photos then posting them. Not only did she not have permission, but she also removed the names of the person that took them in the first place. Do you know how upset the photographer probably is/was? I’m sure he was pissed. And the fact that there are people defending a blatant thief? My mind is over boggled by this.

    I’m glad that she got caught. Before you all start getting all upset with me, I didn’t report her…I’d say it loud and proud if I had. Had these been my photos, I would have sent more than a C&D.

    • sock says:

      What do you mean hacking? like she legit hacked into his computer and stole them?

      • Anonnnnnnnie says:

        hacking as in illegally getting into the photog’s database and obtaining the pictures. There are many, many people that do this, many ways. Perhaps ‘Mandy’ wasn’t the one that did the hacking, but she is the one that accepted the pictures and posted them, with tags.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Speaking of stealing pictures….

    Can I suggest a TWANK for the MANIPULATORS out there who like to put Rob’s head on “SEXAY” bodies and then proceed to tag them with their tramp stamps about ten times and threaten to get really mad if some one DARES to use those pictures they stole and not give the MANIPULATORS creds for it? Maybe use them in a banner? Or *gasp* as their….AVITARS? Can ya, huh? Can ya please?

    • holy shit says:

      That’s a smashing idea. I second that!

    • Some Random Person says:

      This is my second day reading this blog (and I can’t get enough! You’ve said everything I’ve been thinking, but have been too chicken-shit to say aloud), and I second this about manips. That will be freaking hilarious.

  14. devilmademedoit says:

    I think you make an excellent point here clarifying between fanfic authors and people who sell their (art) work for a living.

    I write fanfic and at no time do i really feel like this work is my own. I take an idea based off of Smeyer’s work and then reformulate it in my own way. THEN i put it out to the interwebs for people to read. For free. at that point its mine but….i’ve given it away.

    I am also a visual artist. I have had other artists steal my designs and resell. it sucks because they are taking your creativity and original idea and making money off of it.

    See in fanfic we take an idea and rework it and give it away for free. We do not profit. If we tried to then Smeyer, and Little Brown would sue our asses.

    this guy, took his photos that he was paid to shoot and then can resell them under the conditions of his contract. by stealing these his actual work, PAID FOR WORK, is gone.

    there seems to be some confusion about Fanfic authors being “real authors” and artists and what is owned and what isnt.

    • annony says:

      You’ve given me back hope that *some* fanfiction writers are still sane when these days it seems like every one of them is ready to pull, publish and declare a story completely their own creation. Thank you!

      The hypocrisy in this fandom is astounding. It’s ok for fans to cheat photographers of their income and rip off Smeyer’s work to get published ($$$). They have all the rights in the world but when someone else actually claims some it’s suddenly unfair, unreasonable, and inspired by “hate”. Ever heard of double standards?

  15. I'm a photographer and this girl is a thief says:

    Regardless if she was the one that went in and took it or not, she still right clicked the saved the photo and removed the copyright. Stealing is stealing. I should have said stole rather than hacked.

  16. Anonymous says:

    i have to return to this comment:

    “the highest form of human depravity and rudeness”

    i just hate when people say stupid shit like this. it makes me wonder how anything gets done properly in a world where a dumbass like this one exists.

    for my part, i have to say that there certainly are much LOWER forms of human depravity and i think it goes without saying that they are rude.

  17. Hey Nonnie Nonnie says:

    You are the MST3K of fanfic and I love you.

  18. Anonymous says:

    This fanfom sucks! People are so stupid! Photographers like Stewart Shinning, James White, Don Flood,…. all have LJ accounts!

  19. Anonymous says:

    A little birdie told me that
    jittzpatsing or whatever her name is, is “unfollowing” anyone who follows the twankhard Twitter. She’s “researching” all of her followers to make sure that she isn’t entertaining “heartless” people. Grow the fuck up, fandom.

    • twankhard says:

      Yes! Once they all unfollow us, they will never visit this blog again! What a fantastic and not at all ineffective solution!

      • Anonymous says:

        Makes sense, right? The problem (one of many) with this fandom is too many people just go with the popular opinion. God forbid one of us have an original opinion or not like the same thing everyone else likes. That just makes you “heartless”. Also, am I correct in saying that on jittz’s Twitter, she says the reason why someone reported the LJ site was to try and break up Rob and Kristen? I mean, really? Are we really so dilusional that we believe that Rob and Kristen care about the inner-workings of a Twilight fansite? Or that they would let the drama within it break them up? Come on now people.

  20. FandomIsCrazy says:

    jittzpattzing is still ‘cleaning house’ from twitter…

    ” pattinspired: What’s goin on around here? Is @jittzpattzing still “expunging” all the haters who follow(ed) her? *her new fave word!* ”
    about 1 hour ago via web

    jittzpattzing is in her 30’s. Somebody already commented about this but I’ve noticed that the really extra nasty, really hardcore shippers are the one’s that are over 30, married with kids. They’re the one’s that are the most passionate, and get the most defensive about Rob and Kristens relationship.

    I cant believe I just discovered this site. Speaking of over 30 shippers, has Delaney been twanked? I mean, she’s basically the ring leader, the queen of all shippers.

  21. Marie's Evil Twin's Evil Twin Who Makes Sense says:

    This blog is all kinds of brilliant! *bows down*

    Sooo Marie is taking ANOTHER break? Let’s start taking bets. I say she’ll be back in…3 days. I may be a little off since 3 days is a LONG time in crazy land 🙂

    The “Robert is our tree” thing… 🙂 They make it so easy on you with brilliant words like that. I mean they obviously know Rob so well. They know he is a simple man. I wonder what Rob thinks about being called a simple man.

    Oh and this is all because of a Nonsten/Robsten war? Nope, it’s Stewart (not Stuart :)) Shining exercising his right. Though if it was Shining should the stje or whatever her nick’s acct be suspended? Wasn’t she the one that hacked the pictures?

    Anyways, thanks for the brilliance…

  22. LS says:

    Just wanted to say that this:

    ‘Robert is our tree, he grounds us, and we branch out from him in a way that we feel is respect­ful to him.’

    Really made me giggle.

  23. Go Grab A Life says:

    Seriously, you are just as bad as the people you are bashing. You bitch about their egos but it seems as if your’s can not get any bigger. How do you have this much time to waste or stupid shit like this. I don’t get it. You people are all so immature. Did you not get enough of this in school or wait you must have been the ones being made fun of so your fat ugly ass sits behind a computer that makes you feel important and helps you get your feel of being the bitch for once. Seems pretty transparent to me. I get it but you could have picked something better than Twilight. Grow up and grab a life. Go outside of your computer and do something productive instead of sitting at your computer eating donuts and masturbating to the ego boosting comments and the fan fiction you bitch about. Seriously…. Grow the fuck up!

  24. Ms.anon says:

    The girls twitter account is locked, always has been but its made clear you’ve seen/were sent her tweets?
    Whoever sent those tweets in is an assclown & proves grudge-wankery never strays far from the twifuckdom.
    Like the person or not, if it starts out locked and inaccessible and stays locked, it’s not fair game.

    • twankhard says:

      We have screenshots, but we couldn’t post them because, as you pointed out, it was always a private account. Creative reenactments of the screenshots are fair game.

      • Marie's Evil Twin's Evil Twin That Makes Sense says:

        Locked account or not when you post it on the internet you should know it’s out there and someone can grab it anytime…

        But I’m glad you only post the reenactment ’cause they are funnier than the real thing 🙂

        Rob is my tree… I just can’t get over it.

  25. Fred says:

    What the hell? I’m too old for this. Vote for me for governor!

  26. ~~~ says:

    You are fucking retarded. Have a nice life… oh wait no, you obviously don’t have a life at all whatsoever since all you do is spend your time and energy online, stalking and hating. Keep stalking, Rob is still never gonna fuck you ever in a million years. He’s fucking Kristen. 😉 It’s batshit crazy delusional ~fans like you that make people facepalm at this fandom aside from the Twimoms. Have a nice ~life in your parents’ garage never seeing the light of day. Low life.

    • Anonymouse says:


    • Anonymous says:

      ^^^^^^^^^^^^Obsessed shipper alert !!!^^^^^^^^^

      • Anon E Mouse says:

        Ditto. Psycho shipper alert. Kristen is into girls anyway. It’s funny that people think they are dating just because they play a couple in the movies.

        • ~~~ says:

          Oh, how delusional you all are. What’s next? She slipped on his dick? and lol a lesbian? Yeah, I wish. I’m more into Kristen than Rob tbqh. Just can just keep lying to yourself there. But they are dating.

          I can see you all locked up in mental institutions in the future. Obsessively into a celebrity and delusional virgins and all. Go fap to flatface some more.

  27. Bekah says:

    I think I’m in love. No
    I know I am

  28. ANON says:

    Dear OP: You basically represent what I hate the most about this fandom.

  29. Anonymous says:

    omg finding this blog just turned my friday into a funday!

  30. Marie's Evil Twin's Evil Twin Who Makes Sense says:

    Okay who was keeping count ’cause she is BACK! 🙂 http://twitter.com/FPOnTheDL

    Bless her crazy soul 🙂

  31. Anonymous says:

    And yet today PattinsonLife put out another round of outtakes.

    They don’t learn any lessons do they?

    And psssssttt…PattinsonLife. Lean in and learn something…

    …something important.

    When you TAG your pictures with your COMMUNITY NAME and the outtakes get put out all over the internet, someone doesn’t need to “report you” in order for the photographer to figure out who hacked and stole them.

    Simple, isn’t it?

    • Marie's Evil Twin's Evil Twin That Makes Sense says:

      Dear Anonymous,

      You are making sense…stop it, it’s totally disgasting! 🙂

      I gotta admit I like the pictures they post. Most of the outtakes never see daylight…

  32. Anonymous says:

    you indeed have the expertise in this field. I salute you,

    • Anonymous says:

      “Ya know what, give these girls a break how about that? Most are young,Most are just Rob fans. wanting to enjoy looking at the pretty, there NOT making money off these pics, if anything the person who took them (if tagged) is getting there name out there.”

      I just couldn’t resist…their, they’re, and there. Didn’t you learn the difference of these words in third grade? Why is it the wackiest people can’t spell worth a ****. You all do us a favor when you pull your poorly written fics.

      And duh…if you steal a picture, you get busted. It reminds me of when my cop husband would tell me stories of criminals he caught in the act of committing a crime. Many had the audacity to deny wrongdoing even when caught on tape. RP Life, if you don’t get it, maybe you’re just stupid. You certainly can’t spell.

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