You haven’t been creeped out enough today. Look what Nonnie’s sent us!

What the hell is RobManiPorn?

Well, isn’t it obvious? It’s manipulated Robporn. His head, on hot bodies. Can it get any better?

CaroSlickLips finds the goods, and Lindz does the manip’in. It’s a match made in Robporn heaven.

So tune in for your daily dose of Robmaniporn. You will not leave disappointed….or with a dry pair of panties. ;o)

There’s this message on the bottom of the blog:

Like these manis? Want to use them for fanart or banners?

Simply ask and we will provide you with un-watermarked pictures. Just let us know the date and name of the mani you are interested in.

We do ask for a favor, though. Credit the blog, please. Wherever you do decide to post your banner or fanart, we’d appreciate a mention.

Also, we apologize, but we cannot provide unmarked pictures for personal purposes like wallpapers or avatars. Sorry.

Naturally, we wanted to get access to a few and make them into personal avatars and wallpapers (and distribute freely!), but then saw what happens when a robmaniporn flutters out into the interweb without permission. I wonder if they realize these can’t be copyrighted? We also wish Rob pursued more legal suits. *f*

Click READ MORE for some samples and prepare to vomit be dazzled.


Darn all those watermarks! Where are we going to get awkward and creepily sexual Rob manips to plaster our desktops with now?

  1. lol says:

    i like how they tweet like they ARE rob.

  2. STFU says:

    Uh. I’m freaked out by the size of Rob’s head in some of those. Proportion anyone?

    • I_Am_Hungry says:

      Half the time, it’s not even his head that’s big, it’s just a super-size face that takes up half the skull.

  3. WantToHumpTwankward says:

    Sorry….no words for this Twank..but ok, here’s a few!

    these are NOT the TwankWards I’m trying to find to hump…..I don’t like the muscles that are sticking out…….I need a bit of cushin for the pushin!!

  4. Twilight Slush says:

    SHUT THE FUCK UP. What is this?!?!

    And I love how Rob’s head is either Smurf size or a bobble-headish.

  5. Anonymous for now says:

    Ughh, that was creepy and Halloween appropriate.

  6. nonnie nonnie boo boo says:

    Manips like this are so creepy. *shudder* Most of them aren’t even very good. Huge body, tiny head or vice versa. Plus, just…..ew.

  7. cookiemonster says:

    Ick. I guess it could be worse: they could be RP + KS manips. Because that’s something the fandom really needs.

    • Anon E Mouse says:

      Amen. The Rob and Kristen manips are freaky. What also needs to be twanked are shippers. These people have forgotten that Rob and Kristen are not Edward and Bella.

      • oh jeebus says:

        Wait…what? What do you mean they’re not really Edward and Bella? Why are you crushing my delusions?? Why?!

        • Anon E Mouse says:

          You mean that they are only actors playing a role? You mean they are not dating in real life no matter how much the shippers wish it? Next you’ll tell me that Kate and Leo were not really dating when they made Titanic.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m so sick and tired of this. I could expect this from teens, something like: ‘what do you mean that Daniel R. isn’t dating Emma W??!?!’ but grown up women? Let those people live. They act for “us” and that’s it! If for an (unfortunate) twist of destiny they are together in real life whatefuckever for them but they will never be Edward and Bella.
        Is sad having to explain this to people older than 12. SAD.

      • Anonymous says:

        i think there are plenty of twanks to be made of shippers AND nonstens. anyone who cares that much has issues.

        • DyingOfLaughter says:

          yes yes! twank robstens AND nonstens. both are off their rockers! oh and it must be mentioned how they have ‘twitter wars’ with each other LOL.

  8. *singing the Doug themesong* says:

    OMG! You have no idea how long I’ve been wanting someone to call these people out (and not just RMP, but Lolypop and everyone else who does this shit)

    These manips FREAK ME THE FUCK OUT! FREAK OUT! I do not like them…I don’t want to see them plastered all over everything. I ignore them and hope that they will eventually go away, but they keep coming back!

    PS I hope Rob sees them and ORDERS a C&D! ORDERS IT! I would if I could…*shudders*

  9. Anonymous says:

    i just threw up a little in my mouth. what.the.fuck.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I love Rob but I wish his body looked more like most manips. Just sayin’

  11. I'm not telling says:

    *shakes head…again* Let’s face it, most of these aren’t that good, or that hot.

    As for the one that they say is stolen…WTF? They look nothing alike and…I just don’t have anything to say here…it’s just so SADDDDDD!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Robsession at it’s worst. This is the creepy stuff that probably keeps him up at night thinking some 45 year old chick is going to go postal and kill him one day. This is why he has a bodygaurd.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Poor Robert if he ever comes across these things. They’ll make him feel bad about not having a sixpack 😉
    More reasons to hide from the fans! Thank you ‘Robmanyporn’

  14. oh jeebus says:

    My eyes, why would you do that to my poor eyes? Seriously, these are just creepy. And actually, what creeps me out more is that someone spent time and effort on them. Ugh.

  15. Anonymous says:

    It’s mine. I said “copyright.” I don’t understand why I have to fight for what’s mine. All I had to do to copyright it was SAY it was copyrighted, and I SAID COPYRIGHT! It’s mine; can’t you understand that? NOW GIVE MY DAUGHTER THE SHOT!

  16. praisebbjesus says:

    this is what fat girls do in between third and fourth meal. 😉

  17. Hifuckinlarious says:

    I could have done the standard WTF, but this deserves the full can o’ beans.

    Nasty… erm… yes. Those pics are nasty and disturbing. ::shudders::
    That first pic in the thread????????????? EEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW! I couldn’t look any further.

  18. Anonymous says:

    And let’s not overlook the fact that they are telling people to ask permission to use these….did they ask Robert for his permission to do this?

  19. FandomIsCrazy says:

    Sweet mother of God!! I think I’ve been traumatized.

    oh Rob, you have the freakiest fans. I’ve also seen some really REALLY scary, shipper made, manips of Rob and Kristen, like badly made pornographic stuff that will make your eyes bleed.

    • DyingOfLaughter says:

      some manips are just plain old WRONG. the shippers make them for their ‘edward and bella’ fantasy. 95% of the manips are just wrong wrong wrong on so many levels and used for self-enjoyment whether it be to get off on the pictures and bring the fantasy alive, or they think they ARE kristen and pretend that it is them in the manip with rob.

      smdh. can you imagine the backlash rob and kristen will face if they ever break up? i would seriously fear for their safety from the shippers.

  20. ROFL says:

    okay, the manips are amusing if not a little disturbing. the twank over them, however, is the lamest shit ever.

    You are going to whine about someone misappropriating your manip when you’ve taken someone else’s image (probably from an unlicensed photo) and used it to make porn?

    lololololololol. oh twankhards. i love you.

  21. Anonymous says:

    The people who make these and fap over them NEED HELP! Like, seriously.

  22. Monkey Bum says:

    The necks are just weird. Like someone has a Modigliani fetish.

    Or maybe they just want to get buggered by a giraffe.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for bringing up the manip shit but holy FUCK my eyes! I don’t want a man like that and its disgusting that they do this to him. These “fans” are falling all over themselves going on about how much they “love” rob and yet they can’t accept him for the way he is naturally? I’m seriously doubting they’re prizes themselves.

    It’s just gross. I hate ALL of it. Good or not. Nasty ass shit.

    Doesn’t that twiwhatever blog have a link to another blog all about petty junk like this. Meat locker? very classy. No thanks. When did it become a term of endearment to be a “h00r” and repeat lines you heard on criminal minds to your fandom wives regarding rob (and other men). It’s sick!

    • Tact Guy says:

      I’m a what now?

      Never been to the Meat Locker (looked, it doesn’t even exist now) but can only assume it held manips? Or just hot-guy-porn? I dunno. Also not affiliated with the ‘twiwhatever’ blog (though I know some of the girls well, and they are lovely. Not BNA lovely, just lovely). Nor do I even know what you’re talking about with the Criminal Minds comment. But, I’m a slash reader/writer, and have, from time to time referred to myself as a ‘h00r’. Is that what you’re referring to with the ‘that’s sick’ comment?

      How did we get there from claiming copyright on shit that someone’s nicked in the first place?

      Yes, well, they’re a bunch of dickheads, trying to do that. I wiki’d that shit (as you do):

  24. Anonymous says:

    interesting since you know these are the same women shouting from the rooftops that they should be accepted for who they are naturally and claiming that’s why they love the B+E relationship in the books. But Rob can’t be normal, nooooo he can’t.


  25. Anonymous says:

    What the motherfuck is this bullcrapery?
    That’s just…gah!


  26. WHOA says:

    I have to admit, that one at the top was done well.

  27. MY EYES, MY EYES says:

    I’d laugh but the disembodied heads floating into porn flicks are freaking me out.

  28. Some Random Person says:

    The one with the ass gripping and the lip biting…I actually inhaled soda up my nose from laughing at that. Holy fuck. I can’t even. Manips have always been creepy/funny to me, and I can’t believe anyone actually takes them seriously. That is sad and scary all wrapped into one. I actually cackled (pretty evilly, I must say) out loud when I saw manips had been twanked. Thanks for calling out the craziness, once again!

  29. twankingandIshouldn'tbe says:

    OMG the ones where his head is too big for his body are like bobble heads.

  30. Imma Nonnie Toooo says:

    *shudder*. Poor, poor Pattz. This is disturbing.

  31. Oh for fuck's sake says:

    Christ on a cracker. You just scared to shit outta me. I’m so the opposite of turned on right now.

    And as a graphic artist, I am horribly insulted by the quality of work up there. If you’re going to be creepy cyber stalkers and use Rob’s image for your own deluded fantasies, at least try to a decent job with your photoshop skills.

  32. anonny nonny says:

    I won’t sleep tonight. that shit is scary.

    I swear, coming to this website is forcing myself to watch the Saw movies. Horrifying, but I’m unable to look away.

  33. Anonnnie says:

    His head is either really tiny or really big. There’s no in between and it’s freaking me the fuck out.

    • ROFL says:

      the only one with realistic proportions is the one with the leash.

      • Anonymous says:

        No the first one is the best one. The guy’s body in the leash one looks emaciated. That and the cigarette one with a close up on his hands.

        The worst on is the one with his hands in his pocket and the boxer briefs showing out the top of the jeans. That guy’s body is so out of proportion. Roids do a body wrong.

  34. BippityBoppityBitch says:

    The one where he is staring at the girl’s ass made me laugh so hard I am pretty sure my spleen ruptured.

  35. ohmyeyes!!! says:

    all the explanation resides right here:

  36. ohmyeyes!!! says:

    ohh…and here… because pictures of rob wasnt enough. Torture his poor doll too.

  37. Twilight Slush says:

    Did y’all see the Twilight Fic List blog that housed a list of pulled and completed fics that already got shut down because a bunch of twankers went after the person who started the blog and threatened legal action?

    Thank god I downloaded all the fics while they were available. I blame the slores.

  38. devilmademedoit says:

    please never do this to me again.

  39. twankhardfan numberone says:

    woops I misunderstood you ! You mean the site held the actual FF stories and I meant just a list of what happened to them !

  40. ANONALWAYS says:

    OMG seriously? How old are these people? And demanding permission to be requested before using them? Who’s using them? Just, OMG.

  41. BOO! says:

    Erm … those pics weren’t creepy, AT ALL!

  42. ohreallyfool says:

    Why would anyone click on the links for this crap? The few I saw a while back were enough for me. There are a lot of sad, strange people invested in Twigarbage.

  43. Anonymous says:

    I feel so horrible for Robert right now. It’s a little disturbing to say the least.

  44. Anonymous says:

    I love the tweets. OMG. Priceless, thank you for showing us the idiocy of people, once again.

  45. Anonymous says:

    right then. im confused. nay, perplexed.

    please, someone. anyone of you lovely, oh so charming ladies. uh, twankhards is it? take a moment and explain this to me…

    i SEE you say, “Naturally, we wanted to get access to a few and make them into personal avatars and wallpapers (and distribute freely!), but then saw what happens when a robmaniporn flutters out into the interweb without permission. I wonder if they realize these can’t be copyrighted? We also wish Rob pursued more legal suits. *f*

    Click READ MORE for some samples and prepare to vomit be dazzled.”

    so i wanna know, who the fuck twanks the twankhards?

    umm, isnt this a violation of your very own “how to avoid being twanked” —


    like only just NOW you don’t like RMP manips? wot because they want their work credited? or because someone at RMP called someone out for blatantly altering/removing a tagline?

    so. n a t u r a l l y i now need some clarification, please and thank you.

    oh oh! in the meantime, while we wait, let ME be clear.

    1. dont get me wrong. manips are either your cuppa tea or not. its not about whether or not you like them. i would have thought that as a self possessed adult you just would uh, not fucking look at it? but then to go on and on about it? hmmmm…

    2. i find it fascinating how a certain segment of society – especially w/in social media – gravitate to sites similar to ones such as this to engage in the group think commonality of negativity and bashing of their perceived uncool kid of the day. fucking sucks to be mike newton yeah?

    3. oh and btw. yes. it IS all copy right infringement. fanfic, manipulations, etc. and by your posting all those manis on this site, you just violated federal laws as well.

    if they ever DO get going, the RPattz legal team wont just be going after the creators of offending images, but the purveyors as well. js. 😉

    “The doctrine of contributory infringement might apply more strongly here because you’ve now set up an automatic mechanism to cause users to copy the picture in a way not approved by the copyright holder. You don’t make any copies yourself, but it certainly seems to be even worse, from the copyright holder’s viewpoint, than if you had done so.”


    derry 🙂

    • twankhard says:

      1. We made the blog post to point and laugh, as is our right, and if this bothers you, then as you say, “i would have thought that as a self possessed adult you just would uh, not fucking look at it
      3. Nice try, sweetie, but as you can see, we’re not hosting those images. They are pointed to the RMP Blogspot domain.

      • Anonymous says:

        right. so thats your response then? *snicker*

        you glossed right over it. how very lauren of you, not going to address being called a hypocrite? i mean, it was YOUR #14…


        “made the blog to post and point” *snotsnort*

        sure, sure. what eva. pssst ‘eres a clue. *whispers* everybody else knows you made the blog as an excuse to be a big ass cunt when eva you feel like it. aaaand yes. you’ll say whateva you like. about whom evah you like. *eye rollz* yawn*

        and it doest matter that the images are on the RMP blog – twankass linked it – youre still culpable. got legal? yeah, thaz what i thought.

        “what about sites w/links? How can they be guilty of anything? They just tell people where stuff is…”

        ” I see a concern…The doctrine of “contributory copyright infringement.” “If you make something whose sole purpose is to facilitate others in violating a copyright, and/or you encourage people to do it, and you know you are doing this, you can be liable for contributory infringement even though you didn’t do the copying yourself”


        aaaaand im NOT complaining about LOOKING at this site. nor the hateful shitty cuntie bitchiness. hey, if thats your thing… but, sweetie dahling…

        I LIKE TO NOTE IT.

        alas, you’ve been weighed.
        and measured.
        and found wanting.
        you don’t even fucking rise to a good argument. 😦

        yew stoopid fookin twat.

        but hey, on the brite side, i wont be back.

        you’re not even…original or witty in your cuntiness. js.

        all i know is, karma’s a muthafucka honey. and yahweh sorts the rest. 😉

        cheers and good luck with all that shit!

        ~ derry 🙂

        • twankhard says:

          We’re too fond of our brain cells to sift through through your self-important, albeit grammatically disgasting!!!, idiocy. But you can find everything we are by visiting our first twank and taking a look at our tags. We are hypocrites. And please. Don’t forget the kicking of puppies.

          • Anonymous says:

            my apologies! i thought this WAS the site for self important idiocy.

            umm, yew gots brein cellz? shaddup.

            no srsly.

            shut the fuck uhp.

    • dumbass says:

      You can’t claim copyrights on someone ELSE’S image/likeliness that does not belong to you: either by owning it yourself (IE> it’s fucking YOU) or by being a company that owns the rights to distribute in a legally binding contract, Darling, giving you permission by THAT PERSON (IE> fucking Robert Pattinson), in which, you generally PAY to use such such images/likeliness, etc.

      As far as we can see, Robert has not appointed RMP as his exclusive “manip” team. Nor, is he receiving any funds from them, as he should, as these manips contribute to the traffic and promotion of not only this RMP blog, but also FFFW, owned by “Slick.”

      On a personal note, I am pretty sure he/Robert (as would his mommy) be pissed if he saw pictures of himself portrayed with a 12 inch cock or fucking random ladies in the backdoor.

      Not to mention, that cowboy hat and hammock.

      By the way, nice choice on those music videos you picked out. lmaoXfuckingforever

    • Anonymous says:

      “3. oh and btw. yes. it IS all copy right infringement. fanfic, manipulations, etc. and by your posting all those manis on this site, you just violated federal laws as well. ”

      Fanfic cannot be copyrighted. There is a reason why has a rule in which you/author must comply by offering a disclaimer on your fics, stating that you are using the characters/etc and crediting SM.

      The truth is, if SM wanted to be a dick, she could request that does not allow ANYONE to post fic in relation to Twilight and her work. As other authors, such as Anne Rice have done.

      It belongs to HER. Fin.

  46. Anonymous says:

    2. i find it fascinating how a certain segment of society – especially w/in social media – gravitate to sites similar to ones such as this to engage in the group think commonality of negativity and bashing of their perceived uncool kid of the day. fucking sucks to be mike newton yeah?

    This was brilliant. JSYK

  47. Anonymous says:

    oh dear. the hypocrisy of the hypocrites who call others hypocrites on this site is absolutely endearing. it really is. the funny thing is, you were probably on another thread making fun of someone else in here somewhere but I suppose it’s not so funny when it’s your associates that on the chopping block. now that’s karma.

    • Anonymous says:

      nah – and you dont know me to be saying i was anywhere else being a hypocrite.

      i’ve got golden fucking street cred honey.

      im ************* over on fuckbook.

      and i NEVER make fun of any one.

      nor do i kick puppies. nor do i cast dispersions. or dismiss a comment by evoking the “you so self important” card, or you cant spell or any such crap. i at least, finish what i start. amateur.

      doing your homework then? see im an associate @ rmp? i would comment on shit like this for anyone. and i regularly do. i dont need to know them.

      i actually got several emails re. this post. RMP has many followers who do love the work. so i thought id take a look. and the simple fact that you liked the shit until you didnt get your way, then got nasty and hateful, well that was sorta compelling? so i thought i’d comment.

      so yeah. please dont be making suppositions about me – you dont know me. never will.


  48. ILoveRobsBush says:

    LOL omg, gross! Why does the face color not match the body color?

  49. Anonymous says:


    I dunno wither to be freaked out or laugh uncontrollably.

  50. Anonymous says:

    I wish I knew how to post this picture for you.

  51. Anonymous says:

    I think manips are creepy and just wrong.. why imagine that he looks like that? I’d rather look at the real him or not at all..

  52. BigTool4U says:

    if you think this is creepy and wrong… you should see their FB feed …

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