EdwardWes and CharlotteBella 4EVER!

Posted: October 4, 2010 in A/N wank, Publishing wank, Pulling wank, Twanks
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This twank has had us laughing all night long. At least 5 Nonnies reported it, but by the time Twankharder2 *glares* got around to checking our email, the author had pulled the material in question. But we could kiss Nonnie #6, who so diligently took a screenshot for your entertainment.

Firstly, we’d like to congratulate Hannah81 (Twilighted validation beta, of course) on this:

ACO would be All Cried Out, a twilight fanfiction that she completed and later removed. She still has the outtakes on her fanfiction.net profile.

She’s obviously been terribly busy, editing the fanfiction into a marketable masterpiece (and only in one month!).

We all know how illegal immoral difficult it must be to transform a fanfiction into something resembling an original work. We imagine there must be an abundance of search and replace plot and character revisions. So much, that she’d basically have to rewrite the story.

Omnific was pleased with the revisions Hannah chose, and look how excited she is! She is going to be real life published by a real life publishing company! Break out the champagne! All that searching and replacing hard work paid off!

But first, Hannah must tell her readers! And how better to tell her readers than to offer them a oneshot with an A/N proclaiming she now has absolute ownership of All Cried Out, and Oh! She hopes you’ll buy the book! She realizes you already read the fanfiction, but this book is going to be so different. Practically not even the same thing.

But the chapter update doesn’t exist. This is the point where Twankhard taps a finger against our chins and hems and hahs.

Enter, Nonnie of the Week! She took a screenshot before Hannah81 removed the chapter, probably in a  fit of total embarrassment.

(Click to see fullsize)

Note that every recognizable Twilight character and location name now has a new one smooshed up beside it. EdwardWesley and CharlotteBella are just so glad Hannah81 took the time to properly edit her fanfiction into something original and publishable. It’d be awful to know she used search and replace, and awfuller to know she didn’t even do that correctly. Awfuller even to know she’d post it by accident without even reading it through.

Hannah81 is clearly publishing material.

(PatrickJasper/ChloeAlice OTP)


  1. spewin. says:


    Who are these tools?

    • BOO! says:

      LMGDFAO *chokes on coffee*
      I honestly … A part of me pities this girl for being so tragic.

      • BOO! says:

        PS … I flounced. Was I the only one?

        • Anonymous says:

          Hell no! I flounced too. Edward was the worst kind of cheater and Bella just took him back like it was no big deal.

          There is no pride for women in this fandom.

          Edward can fuck a harem in their bed with him locking eyes with Bella standing in the doorway and she will STILL take him back. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS.

          Fuck that!

    • Anonymous says:

      Noooooooooooo. Because this NEVER happens! Of course not. I’ve just been an idiot all this time! And the reactions are stellar. Publishing FFn is wrong in every way imaginable, but the BAWWWWWing and the authors’ minions are even worse.

      They all want to plug their ears and sing Mary Had a Little Lamb in high falsettos, and if they all close their eyes, they won’t see the “negativity” and the “haters” of THEIR right to flash dollar signs in their chocolatey orbits.

      This is priceless.

  2. Anon E Mouse says:

    So I guess Omnific really does troll for fics to publish. They’re the paper version of Twilighted and FFn. I won’t bash anyone wanting to start up a fledgling publishing house or fic authors who want to be published, but authors should try to get their original stories (ones that were never fics) published. I’m sure there are unknown authors out there with original stories that Omnific should take a chance on rather than old fics.

    • Tact Guy says:

      “I’m sure there are unknown authors out there with original stories that Omnific should take a chance on rather than old fics.”

      Oh god yes. This. This to the power of a million.

    • AnonymousHonesty says:

      Omnific is such a lie.
      A: No. We do not publish fanfiction. What you can do is take anything that is your original idea (plot, characterization, etc.) and develop it into a manuscript using original characters that are your own creation.


      Yes you do publish fanfiction. Exhibits The Redhead Revealed, Take the Cake, Trust in Advertising, Three Daves, Boycotts and Barflies, With Good Behavior, Passion Fish, Stitches and Scars and Life, Liberty and Pursuit.

      I have a whole slew of fics and a few that are on Omnific’s website and it’s amazing how the excerpts for some they have up are WORD FOR WORD from the fic with a new snazzy name.

      I thought it wasn’t a reworked fan fiction?

      All Cried Out was THE shittest cheating fic out there. Apparently it’s based off Hannah where she’s Bella. I’m not sure if I should feel bad for her or lol because BellaCharlotte is just that pathetic.

      • I'm not telling says:

        I’m not in the know today…can you tell me the fanfiction equivalent of the fics you listed above. A couple are obvious bc they kept their ff names but the others…?

      • Anonymous says:

        However, I Love LA wasn’t an twilight FF. I thought it was fashioned after Rob and some Red head chick she made up…..how is that the same? It isn’t is it?

    • Anonymous says:

      Seriously. They used to have original fiction contests on Twilighted, and I expected them to try and put those together after they came out with that valentine anthology. Didn’t one of their big name betas even win last time, or make it to finals? So…..why not have the finalists’ ofics published? Or ask them if maybe they’d like to expand it into a novel? Why does it ALWAYS have to be former fanfic?

      Oh right, no one gives a shit about Charlotte UNLESS she’s CharlotteBella.

  3. Tact Guy says:

    *snigger* I have no words. Just laughs. Pointing and laughing. Hard.

    • Anon says:

      And today is her 29th Birthday. I can’t believe she smooshed the names together and made no effort to make the corrections before posting. 29? One might think she was a preteen and/or an idiot. I question Omnifics choice of talent. What a joke.

  4. ooooemmmmgeeeee says:

    what in the eff?

    this is a perfect shining example of just how crooked the whole idea of Omnific is. I really really hope those ladies that run it have legal representation. What they’re doing is criminal. It’s only a matter of time. And of course, we’ll all pay the price.

  5. Anonymous says:

    How legit could a “publishing company” I use that term loosely, be when it was STARTED by an author in the fandom for the purpose of printing fanfic in paperback form?! Real publishing company my ass. The only fic that’s ever been published by a legitimate company with the use of copywrited material was breaking dawn and that was total shit.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Is it just me… or is Omnific just publishing Twilighted Staff betas?
    Is that why they exist? Is to just publish themselves?
    Look at the track record. Over half the authors on Omnific are Twilighted betas.

    • I'm not telling says:

      I think you answered your own question here…but i suspect we will all be called jealous “h00rs” bc we say it’s not valid.

      The fact that the originals jumped ship, to me anyway, is a total cop-out. I mean you started it…finish it. Just another example of the big headed attention seekers looking for the next big thing to garner attention to themselves.

      • Fandomitis says:

        Or they were fed the same bullshit and left when they figured it out

      • Anonymous says:

        Few people in the fandom finish what they start. It’s like a bunch of elementary school kids starting a new club every other day when something shiny catches their eye. “What’s in it for me?” is the motto around these parts.

    • Anonymous says:

      Have I told you lately how much I love your site? You really make my day.

  7. Anonymouse says:

    You know Omnific make their authors sign a non-disclosure agreement? This is NOT normal publishing practice people.

    I’ve had my suspicions for a while that when people pull fics for publication with Omnific, all they have to do is change the names and then they convert to PDF…and apparently we now have proof. There’s no rewriting of plotlines or polishing the story, just change the names and setting, check the manuscript for errors and stick it up for sale.

    If you want your original work publishing, steer clear of these cowboys. They will only damage your credibility as a writer in the long term, so no real publishing house will touch you with a bargepole.

    • Twilight Slush says:

      I also have it on good authority that in their contract, it says they own the rights to ALL your future books. Meaning if you want to publish a legit story at a legit publishing house under the same name, you just totally fucked yourself.

      There are no advances on their books. 50% profit. And already a great chunk of the founding staff has quit.

      • by the by says:

        O-0 WTF????? SHAMEFUL

      • Fandomitis says:

        This, I know to be true. A lot of the original staff has jumped ship for varying reasons.

        I also heard through the grapevine (one jilted former staff member) that Omnific was trying to keep it quiet that a certain person left because they felt it would be extremely damaging if it got out that she quit in the summer.

        Apparently she’s taken the high road and not announced it publicly and she’s keeping a low profile.

        I have my guesses as to who that person is.

        • Anon E Mouse says:

          Why would someone leaving be damaging? Businesses lose and gain staff all the time. Why have some of the originals left? I really don’t know much about Omnific. All I know is from what they have on their site.

          I do know of one fic author who is going to try to get published through a legit house.

        • Anonymous says:

          Ninapolitan perhaps?

          I would think after being involved with something legit and a good cause you would want to exile yourself from the crookedness.

          When Omnific first started they had a list of everyone involved and it was a handful of Twilighted Validation Betas and that Oz guy on the iFic staff.

          Shady Shady Shady.

          • Anonymous says:

            Ninapolitan was listed as an employee yesterday, but the website mysteriously changed by this morning. I just sent a screenshot of Ninapolitan’s listing on Omnific to Twankhard. They are probably shitting in their pants after reading this blog.

      • Anonymouse says:

        Okay, I’m going to make an assumption here based on the fact that we don’t have a copy of the Omnific contract and we can’t see the exact wording.

        Most publishing contracts for books will have something in there about the publisher getting first refusal on any future books. That doesn’t mean the publisher will publish it, or the author can’t take it elsewhere for a better off. This *might* be the clause that this is referring to, and it’s just been misinterpreted as meaning they have the rights to all future stories.

        Or they might just be that shady.

        However, even if someone agreed to this, I think Omnific would struggle to get the clause to hold weight in court because it would probably be seen as an unfair term and far outside the industry norm.

      • Anon E Mouse says:

        The twank should only be on Omnific and not Hannah. It is sounding like they screw their authors over. I could be totally wrong since I don’t know any of the authors or staff. So the authors don’t approach them? Wow.

      • AnonymousHonesty says:

        You LIE? They own everything you might publish in the future? Talk about fucking yourself over hard and swift.

        Why can’t these people go to real publishers. LauraCullen the one who wrote the list says she got a real contract from a The Wild Rose publishing or something like that. What about Harlequin publishing. According to one of her ANs a fanficion author got a deal with them and I’ve read her stuff and she’s not very good so if SHE can get a deal with someone as reputable as Harlequin I know these bitches can too

        • Anonnnie says:

          EXACTLY. There are plenty of reputable romance publishers out there that take unagented submissions, and based on the writing quality of some of the the stuff I’ve paid for, any of these chicks signing deals with Omnific could get a deal with them.

          So, instead of jumping at a contract with a shady press that’s going to tarnish your reputation in the industry, try places like Ellora’s Cave, Noble Publishing (this one offers advances), Sourcebooks, and Brava. Only, don’t bring them fan fiction with the names changed. Take that great, original idea, and leave Edward and Bella out of it.

        • WhoMe? says:

          I love Laura’s work, I’m not sure why you think she’s not very good.

          The whole Omnific thing is weird. I don’t imagine they’ll be a long-standing publishing house.

          That screenshot is hilarious and I can’t even get through it. I’ve got a copy of her fic here to read later, but from the sounds of the comments here, I might not bother!

          • AnonymousHonesty says:

            Whoops! Not LauraCullen. I said she got a deal with The Wild Rose press or something name like that. She says so in a thread on Twilighted that asks if people got a publishing deal. The one who said they got a call from Harlequin was the author who writes that awful Mafia story where Edward’s a club owner. She’s the one I said if SHE can get a deal with a publishing house as reputable as Harlequin then everyone can.

            • Anon E Mouse says:

              Does anyone know what the story is called? I don’t think I ever came across that fic. Is she reworking it or writing a truly original work? I hope Harlequin wouldn’t take a reworked fic.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is so true. OmniFic is no better than a vanity press. IT IS a vanity press. Vanity presses have no value in the publishing world and do a great deal of harm to writers who try to publish through legitimate channels later on. Do these ff authors not know this, or just not care?

  8. Twilight Slush says:

    And this is EXACTLY why people pass around pulled fics and why I am so fucking pissed that blog that had links to the pulled stories was taken down. Though rumor has it it’s going to come back somewhere else.

    I went to Omnific’s website. As far as I could see only 2 of their “books” offered were original fiction. The rest was a pulled FFn story and I have a copy of all of them.

    I also have a copy of the Omnific version of Boycotts and Barflies (no i didn’t pay for it)as well as the FFn version. And, um, they’re not that different. At all.

    • Anon E Mouse says:

      Which two are original stories?

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow, I’m glad I got my copies before the blog and list disappeared. I was able to get to the list right after it was posted, left it open on my computer while I ran an errand, came back and dowloaded about 80 of the 106 files there. They say timing is everything and yesterday my timing was great.

      As for books, I have the Omnific copy of Trust in Advertising, even though she changed the name from Bella there’s a part where Edward’s neice insists that “Lexie” is like Belle from Beauty and Beast. It just doesn’t make sense now. It would have been fairly simple to rewrite that portion yet they couldn’t be bothered.

      • WhoMe? says:

        I actually remember that scene in the fic version of Trust in Advertising. It came about because Alice & Jasper’s daughter was reading Beauty and the Beast and she asked Bella to dance. She (the little girl) said Bella was like Belle.

        So even THAT hasn’t changed.

  9. by the by says:

    I feel really badly for this girl. She probably has no idea how illegal what’s she’s doing is and I think it’s shameful that Omnific is taking advantage of her. This is really some crap.

  10. Anonymous says:

    ChloeAlice is still a better name than Renesmee.

    • Garth says:


      If this topic weren’t so distasteful I’d be making more jokes. But, it’s like not even funny anymore. Just sad.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have a question. Does she (or some of these authors) think they are REAL authors now? I mean, I write fanfiction but I’m not an ‘author’ in the real sense. So just by having someone publish your fanfiction doesn’t mean you’re a REAL author…like, do you tell people that?? I thought I heard Feathersmmm had a ‘book release party’ and I just wonder if she tells people, “This was an RPF about Robert Pattinson written for Twilight fanfiction, but I changed the names.”

      • Anonymous says:

        From what I have seen, most of them do think they have been given some sort of legitimacy by being published by Omnific. I wish I could explain to each and every one of them how this just isn’t true.

      • BippityBoppityBitch says:

        I know a girl who writes fanfic for another fandom and decided that she really did have a knack for writing. She wrote an ORIGINAL story and went to a REAL publishing house and got published.

        She still writes fanfic under another name but she said that she never, ever, mentioned the fact that she wrote fanfic to her publisher. She continued by saying that if she had, the publisher would have laughed in her face.

        Fanfic, while entertaining, is a joke in the literary world. I do not think any legitimate publishing house would take you seriously if you told them “well this story started out as a fanfiction for Twilight but I changed all the names and locations so it is totally legit!”

    • I'm not telling says:

      Best and most relevant comment so far!

    • WhoMe? says:

      I don’t think it’s possible to find a worse name than Renesmee. God awful name that one!

  11. whistleblower says:

    Twankhards: I’d LOVE to get a copy of Omnific’s contract up on here. It’s quite possibly the biggest twank of all. If anyone reading this has a copy, do it, blow that whistle. What f-cking frauds.

  12. Anonymous says:

    This is even more shady than I originally thought. They now own every future book you will ever publish? Non-disclosure agreement?

    We were talking about this in the sloretini comment section, Nina Politani’s profile is now gone from the website. It was definitely there yesterday. Did she quit? This comment section is a wealth of information!

    Also, I have seen it posted elsewhere that they approach authors for fics. Jandco mentions it in this thread. Omnific are the ones approaching ff authors.


    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks for linking that thread. I think everyone who supports Omnific should read that, read it again, and think twice about what they’re doing.

    • Anonymous says:

      BWAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH! Oh my, when that Hannah chick realizes there is proof of that…. oh I am almost embarrassed for her.


      So being a beta for fanfiction now makes someone a “certified editor”? Hmmm, I flushed my toilet this morning, POOF, I am a certified plumber!

  13. behindthecurtain says:

    just a question: who are Omnific? And why would anyone contract with a company that isn’t completely transparent about who they are and what they do? alarm bells anyone? Snake oil salesmen, for sure.

    • Anonymouse says:

      To be fair to them (and I can’t believe I am being), there is a list on the website of everyone involved in the company.

      • behindthecurtain says:

        by there real names? or their fandom names?

        • behindthecurtain says:

          ugh typo, “their”. I’m asking because the website is blocked at work and I can’t see it.

          • Anonymouse says:

            Yeah, so if I’d read the rest of that I’d realise the link doesn’t work for you. However, the list is of their real names.

          • twankhard says:

            Wait. The owner of omnific is Elizabeth Harper? Like HarperCullen? Like Hannah gave them all psymom’s last name?

            I can’t.

            • AnonymousHonesty says:

              Oh God! I can’t even…..

              I’m still giggling over “CharlotteBella!” PatrickJasper yelled.

              • AnonymousHonesty says:

                No, better yet: “CharlotteBella, this is Jessica ElizabethPenelope CullenStanton. Jessie, this is your Aunt CharlotteBella”

                That’s a shit load of luz fuckery right there.

          • Anonymous says:

            So apparently if you went to college you’re a publisher by default! Zomg I could be getting rich off of others right now!
            When will people stop using their education as justification for everything they do? Guess what? If you’ve got the money anyone can buy a degree. Look at half of young Hollywood. You really think they earned spots at the ivy league schools? It all comes down to what you do with your education, not IF you have it <___<

          • behindthecurtain says:

            at least there’s that. they’ll be easy to track down when SM’s lawyers want to serve process. omg.

            *shakes head*

            • I'm not telling says:

              I have to say, while this is one of the funniest fucking mistakes that’s come across the desk so far…This is another example of ff fail. last time I updated a reader contacted me and said…”hey- did you know that there is some non-sense in your chapter…”

              Yeah- somehow the changed in word were uploaded to ff. Now- I totally laughed at myself and the reader helped me find all the mistakes and change them. My bad for not reading the chapter in edit mode, but I totally fucking laughed at myself.

              Hopefully Hannah can do the same- bc if she’s not, she’s crying in a dark corner somewhere…poor Hannah 😥

              • AnonymousHonesty says:

                Poor Hannah? People this 29 year old woman knew what she was doing. She’s a Validation Beta. It’s been in the works since Omnific started.

                Let’s get real here. Poor US when Stephanie Meyers sends in the troops and shuts down Twilight fanfiction.

  14. Imma Nonnie Toooo says:

    I don’t even want to twank this poor girl. I feel badly for the author who’s been suckered in by OmniFic. They are vile. When SM’s people get wind of this, I have GOT to think that they are going to shut this shit down. Maybe they know, and maybe they have bigger fish to fry, IDK.

    I found Psymom’s Twilighted through a link on SM’s website originally. Way to bite the hand that feeds you. I’m no lawyer, but I am a reasonably intelligent professional businesswoman, and this at the very least seems unethical. It reeks.

    I’m disgusted with the whole lot of them. Thieving opportunists.

    • AnonymousHonesty says:

      People STOP feeling bad for Hannah.

      She’s a Twilighted Validation Beta. She KNEW what she was getting into. She KNOWS what she’s doing. The whole operation is run by Twilighted staff so most of the VBs around there must know what’s up and the smart and decent ones just choose not to rip Stephanie Meyers off.

      Case point: Hopeful Wager, a former VB. She has a original fic slated for release in December and she’s still trying to work out the kinks in Twice as Long as Yesterday (i.e. finding all the Isa’s and Edward’s and changing them to Maeve and Grayson).

      Quick! Someone contact a VB at Twilighted you trust who hasn’t stooped this low and get the scoop.

      • Anonymous says:

        Twice as Long as Yesterday is getting published??? WTF!!! Which version? LOL!

        • AnonymousHonesty says:

          She said she working on it on her website. IDK. Her original novel on Cleopatra actually sounds like something I would read but I just can’t buy anything associated with Omnific even truly original novels. I’d rather buy off Lulu.com

        • Anonymous says:

          Version? Was there more than one?

      • ugh says:

        I’m a Twilighted VB. I have no clue about the inner workings of Omnific, and I couldn’t care less. I think it’s a farce. I’m just there to validate stories I think are worth reading.

  15. She who cannot even says:

    The whole Omnific issue use to be funny now it’s just ridiculous and sad and ugh… Everybody behind this needs to open their eyes and realize how completely fucked up the entire thing. Especially those who have blindly bought into it and spent money on SHIT THEY’VE ALREADY READ.
    How hard is it to understand that fanfic =/= original fiction despite what an A/N says?!
    BRB, learning how to find and replace. It’ll make me ~publishable.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I would suggest a fanfic ring of all the pulled material given that unless MEYER says otherwise these authors have no claim to these fic as copywrited material, but to be perfectly honest I haven’t been upset yet by anything that’s been pulled. I know they’re all popular but I don’t read/haven’t liked anything these people are toting as their claims to fame :/

    I’ve tried a few and flounced every time. I don’t know who’s telling a lot of these people that they’re fantastic writers but on average that’s not the case. Certainly not from my experience. They just get popular if they’re full of sex or some behavior that’s considered deviant (even when the author doesn’t know anything about said behavior irl)

    Some of this stuff would definitely piss off people who actually do have these fetishes. There ARE people who like bondage but don’t beat the living hell

    • anonymous says:

      The only reason that stories become big is because of the smut.
      End. Of. Discussion.
      Take the smut out and nothing is left. At. All.

      • WTFchuck? says:

        The smut theory is so true! I know of a fic that is an intricate story, well written ( I didn’t write it obviously because i’m not that good) and has heart and soul, yet nowhere near as many reviews as it deserves. (i’m sure there’s heaps out there like this)

        I wrote a one shot with a small bit of lemonade and got over 100 reviews in just over 48 hours begging for lemons!! Like WTF?! They weren’t happy when they got to the end and there was no real lemon. I posted it to see if I could prove the theory that smut sells.

        I’m trying to continue the story. It’s got lemons but I’m doing my very best to make it more than that, I only hope it’s working. I might go take out my lemons and see what i’ve got …

        hmmmm it would totally ruin a couple of chapters but there’s a lot of sexual tension, does that count?

        Can I just ask … what do people see in Edward flogging Bella? Dragging her around on a collar, disciplining her etc. I read a couple of chapters of MotU and UoEM and a few others … I just can’t get into it. Those that enjoyed it, was BDSM something you were interested in before you read these fics? <<<slightly off topic but I've always wanted to know…

        • Incog Nito says:

          Lemons should ENHANCE the story, not BE the story.

          If there is no character development or progression of the plot, they serve no real purpose.

          Think of – I dunno – maybe ‘Atonement’. The sex scene between Cecilia and Robbie is pivotal to the story in terms of moving it forward. Before the sex scene is summer, innocence, fun. After the sex scene is mostly winter, war, pain. The sex scene is hot diggity, but it isn’t the whole story. It actually plays a role.

        • Anon E Mouse says:

          Can you rec the story you mentioned in the first paragraph? Since you didn’t write it, is it kosher with the head Twanks to link it?

          • WTFchuck? says:


            It’s a high school story, which is hard to come by these days I’m finding as well. It’s very dramatic but I love the writer. (I may be a bit biased as she’s a friend, but I have read a LOT of stories and I keep coming back to this and just feeling awed.)

            Another great story I love is The Blessing Ring by Quantum Fizzx.

            I’ve seen both of these fics get a bit of a beating in their reviews for not having lemons already. Though TBR is nearing a close and she wrote a lemon but got barely any response!!! I just don’t get some people.

            By rec’ing these, ppl might work out who i am (i review both) but i couldn’t care less. I’m in it for the fun of it. FF is NOT my life.

      • Anon E Mouse says:

        A to the men. A lot of the stories are sex scene after sex scene with no plot or character development.

        • Anonymous says:

          BLESS YOU for saying that. Good stories with good character development and plot are ignored in this fandom, now. Take away the lemons and there’s no real story.

    • Anon E Mouse says:

      I also can’t wait to see if Meyer comments on this issue. I know she’s fic-friendly and doesn’t mind people making fics w/her characters, but it’s a whole other thing when getting them published and making $$ off it.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Out of each other. Damn phone. Sorry about that!

  18. Anonymous says:

    I too feel bad for Hannah81. Omnific seems to be preying on this author’s and quite frankly think it’s tearing our fanfiction community apart.

  19. WTFchuck? says:

    I think i know this chick? I asked her a few questions a while back via FB or Twitter i can’t really remember. I can’t even remember what it was about, possibly comic con or something. She snubbed me! First, she was extremely rude in her replies and then was all ‘oh i’m very busy, not sure i have the time to talk to little fic people such as yourself’.

    So I hope you don’t think me nasty when i say, karma is a bitch and this girl (she may be 29 but she certainly ain’t grown) deserves everything she gets. That includes a bunch of nay sayers pointing and laughing at her utter ridiculousness.

    I agree with all above statements that Omnific stinks of dishonesty. Karma is coming for them too I’m sure.

    • BOO! says:

      Yep, I’ve been slighted by a “BNA”. Pffft whatever, sweetheart. I might talk to you when you get out of therapy for acute insecurity. Joker! I tend to ignore them anyway. The day I kiss the ass of one of these hyenas is the day I put a bullet in my brain!

  20. cookiemonster says:

    I’m pretty sure Nina left Omnific a while ago. I think that venture will sink of its own accord, like a rotting ship. Psymom and friends don’t give a crap about helping writers, it’s all about the money.

    Still, I’m not sure whether to feel pity or scorn for ff writers who get sucked into that enterprise.

    • Anonymous says:

      eh. I’m choosing pity because our egos get the best of us sometimes. Scorn is reserved for the greedy assholes taking advantage of that fact.

    • Fandomitis says:

      Yes, she is who the ‘scorned thanks to Omnific person’ mentioned leaving but why? Has she said at all? I’m curious.

    • I'm not telling says:

      I actually don’t even think PSYmom is on staff at Twi anymore. She’s “retired” to devout her time to “assists students in learning the craft of writing” and “helping creative writers develop their craft”

      yes validating my story on twi accomplished both those things for me…Well done

  21. Who Me? says:

    Loved this post.

    I may have harsh feelings toward said Twilighted Staff beta’s/VALIDATORS/Godesses, whatever they prefer to be called.

    (yes, they may have rejected me once or twice)

    • Anonymouse says:

      The Twilighted validation process is full of hypocrisy and…well, bollocks.

      I know someone who is a professional editor and her story got rejected from T’d because of so called errors. And yet, when you look at the site, there are stories that are riddled with problems.

      Someone else got rejected because her story got rejected because it ‘wasn’t original enough’. Apparently they failed to spot the irony since they are a site that publishes fanfiction…

      • Anon E Mouse says:

        Some of Omnific’s books are riddled with punctuation errors. lol

      • Anonymous says:

        To be fair, if some are too lazy or stupid to see errors, but others are more particular, it just depends n who looks at your story. The good ones shouldn’t play dumb just to fit in. As a member of Project Team Beta, we get some ghastly shit that’s been rejected from Twilighted for good reasons, so it’s good that they have a validation process or it would be just like ffnet.

      • I'm not telling says:

        first time i submitted to Twi, I got rejected bc I don’t use enough contractions. I couldn’t make this shit up…

      • ugh says:

        Please don’t make generalizations about all Twi’d VBs. We aren’t all part of the group who think they’re the “cool kids,” and we don’t all worship Omnific or the BNAs. Trust me when I say the process is neither hypocritical nor is it a popularity contest. Things get validated when they get to the top of the queue. I take on any story that I think is quality writing or has an interesting plot and doesn’t have too many mistakes, and I most certainly don’t play favorites. Your friend who is a professional editor may have been denied for a number of reasons. Also, whoever said the thing about being rejected for not having enough contractions, it’s a valid grammatical reason. Do you really go around saying, “I am not going home for the holidays, because I cannot afford it. I do not have the money, so I will not go.”

        • Anonymouse says:

          I didn’t say anything about cool kids or popularity, just hypocrisy. Because it is hypocritical to reject stories for ‘grammatical errors’ when a) there are other stories on the site that are riddled with them and b) parts of the site itself have errors.

          My friend was told it was specifically because of errors she had supposedly made. I don’t think she was told what they were, though and if I remember rightly I think she even went back to ask what they were.

          I think most VBs try to uphold the rules of the site fairly, but some go overboard (one error? reject!) and some seem to let anything go through. There’s a complete lack of consistency in the process which is a shame, because it would be one less thing for people to avoid Twilighted for. And there are authors who avoid posting on T’d for these sorts of things. I gave a few examples but these are not the only instances of people being rejected from Twilighted for reasons which are contradicted by the stories being accepted.

          • amaaaazed says:

            ::STANDING OVATION::

            THANK YOU! Seriously, thank you for speaking the truth about Twilighted’s overall inconsistent and hypocritical validation process. Although I have never experienced it because I don’t post fic on that site, I have many friends whose stories have been stalled in the queue for months on end while certain BNA favorites have updates that get pushed through multiple times a week. How is that possible if all of the VB were to simply beta the next story in the stack? I have read updates riddled with errors that should’ve been fixed at first read-through while other people have stories COMPLETELY rejected for nit-picky issues. They can’t claim to publish only the best and the most original story ideas because I’ve seen some absolutely unoriginal rubbish on Twilighted. I get what that VB who posted here was saying, but the observational history many people in this fandom have witnessed and experienced through that site doesn’t lie. What good are a few good apples in a tree full of rotten ones?

            • BOO! says:

              I got rejected once for spelling. I do not write anything without spell and grammar check, so I knew it was BS. But I checked it through again – nup no spelling errors. It was only when I switched language that a whole heap of wiggly red lines popped up.
              Erm … I guess to some American’s, UK spelling is considered incorrect. *sigh*

              • amaaaazed says:

                See… and if the person that rejected you for spelling “errors” asked The Wizard for some brains, she would’ve recognized the spelling for all words ever to be written are not internationally standardized and that sometimes those wiggly lines are not all-knowing.

            • Anonymouser says:

              Don’t confuse validating chapters with validating a new story.

              Chapters are handled by individual betas once the story is assigned; from there, it’s a matter of whether your beta is actually doing her fucking job and checking the damn queue. Some betas play favourites; I’ve seen one beta approve stories she likes within two days and she would take 3 weeks per chapter with another. It was pathetic.

              New stories are taken from the top. The queue is huge.

              Also: authors have the ability to request a beta for future stories. This means if you get a GOOD beta for a story, you can ask that he/she grabs your newest story, to continue to enjoy the speed/good relations. BNA usually have a preferred beta. That gets them through faster because someone speedy is looking out for their stories. This process is mentioned in the submission guidelines, FYI. I recc to authors I know that they use it if they’ve found someone at Twilighted they like.

          • Anonymouser says:

            I agree; I’ve seen errors that supposed VBs have allowed through that make me cry and cling to my copy of Eats, Shoots and Leaves in horror over the atrocities against the English language.

            I know enough Twilighted staff to know some are very fair, will work with writers who have great ideas and make a few small errors to improve their skills, and accept quality stories. I think it’s a matter now of too many cooks in the kitchen. The number of staff who used to choose the stories was much smaller, meaning consistency, for better or worse. Now… it’s a madhouse. And the selection of VBs has become too lenient. Some of these people wouldn’t know a comma splice if it slashed their throat and sang Singing’ In The Rain a la Clockwork Orange.

  22. ohreallyfool says:

    *shakes head* *snortlaff* ACO is a Mary-Sue steamer. And Omnific… *slaps hands over mouth*

  23. BippityBoppityBitch says:

    Either I don’t read enough fic or I just don’t read shit that Omnific or The Writer’s Coffee Shop “publishes” because I’ve never heard of half these stories. If I iwanted a paper version of a fic I could just print out the pages and shove them in a three ring binder. Fuck paying however much these people are charging.

    This is a huge joke and if you are an author that is dumb enough to believe that this is actually considered being “published” then you need to remove your head from your own ass and deal with the fact that you are delusional.

  24. garth says:

    you’re right. i must have taken I nice pill this morning or something because I still feel really bad for these people. but you’re so right.

    • BippityBoppityBitch says:

      How do you not look at this and say “hmm, maybe I should have someone look at this before I just sign it?” My father is an attorney and I can promise you that he would take one look at that “contract” and laugh at me for being a dumbass.

      • garth says:

        I’m a lawyer. Maybe that’s why this is just so sad to me. People getting taken advantage of by a-holes that should know/be better, etc. I see this crap day in day out.

  25. Anonymous says:

    People call these posts and the comments ‘bullying’, but what they haven´t thought about is that this is doing them a favor. We are warning you how the real world works, and if you don’t want to listen, you think this is envy or anything, go to a fucking lawyer and ask them.

    1. You always need to consult 1st with a lawyer before signing a contract.
    2. How much do you know this people to know they are not trying to trick you?
    3. For ‘Omnific’, I really hope you people have lawyers because if this get’s to S.Meyer things will get ugly.
    4. Still some people don’t understand the concept that this doesn’t belong to you! It’s a completely different story? Maybe, but you had the Twilight characters to inspire you and if you change their names it’s still the SAME…. take a guess on how most lawsuits began? Read a big about it…
    5. If ‘Omnific’ were a serious business they would contact fanfiction writers and ask them for COMPLETELY ORIGINAL STORIES. Doing that everything would be fine you see. Wouldn’t be logic that if they are such an amazing writers they could write more than fanfiction? Think about it.

    Be careful people.

  26. BippityBoppityBitch says:

    And I would like to apologize for any and all errors in my post because my phone is a piece of shit. Thank you and good day,.

  27. Fandomitis says:

    TWCS is far worse than anything OmniFic does. I’m not defending OmniFic but JFC, even they wouldn’t touch shit like the Perfect Wife or Just Wait.

    • BippityBoppityBitch says:

      I am still pissed about Just Wait. I just waited for a piece of shit ending.

      • garth says:

        LOL. ROFL. I love you ❤

      • AnonymousHonesty says:

        BBB you weren’t the bitch that *bullied* and should be *ashamed* of yourself for *making* her give us an epilogue were you?

        • BippityBoppityBitch says:

          I wish I could take credit for that. She had every bad thing imaginable happen to those characters. I was literally waiting for one of them to be abducted by aliens and be anal probed. Then she ends it with that piece of crap chapter? AND THEN posts an “epi” under an entirely different story title? Fucking lame.

      • I'm not telling says:

        Re: BippityBoppityBitch says:
        I am still pissed about Just Wait. I just waited for a piece of shit ending.

        Jokes on you huh! It was all in the title…”Just wait…till I screw you with a shitty ending”


        • AnonymousHonesty says:

          That title had me saying huh for the longest time. Just Wait for what. It was the never ending story because it just keep going and going.

          I was * just waiting* for the damn thing to end.

      • Anonymouser says:

        Just Wait had such potential… and then it turned into 5000000387637843 chapters of Stutterward stuttering the same crap while Slutella went off and took more drugs to ease the pain of how ridiculous and insane Edward’s past got. Because what happened to Drugella? It happens a lot, sadly. But Stutter-stutter-losttesticles-bonedbrother-heroinjunkiereligiousmom? Wow. Just… wow. Trying too hard, much?

    • Anon E Mouse says:

      TWCS is just an online tool to self publish, isn’t it? I thought TWCS was akin to FFn or Twilighted and not for publishing original stuff. I feel so clueless about all this stuff. I originally came to this site to twank on egos, but I learn so much more. lol

      • oh jeebus says:

        I know, I originally came to this site for the twank and all the lulz opportunities, but I’m learning a lot more.

        • anonymous says:

          Hmm. I’ve been shocked by the UoEM and Squally hate here.
          There is just so much of it.
          Toes have been trod and shoulders rubbed the wrong way and it’s kinda interesting to see that unravel here where people can do it without fear of reprisal.

          • oh jeebus says:

            It’s not that we all hate Squally here, it’s just that we think that she’s a little, well…I’m trying to think of a nice way to say ‘batshit crazy’ but I can’t seem to come up with anything. Oh well.

          • twankhardfan numberone says:

            Wait… I thought we covered the Squally stuff in other posts? But hey thanks for reminding us to bring it up again in this post !Good times !When all else fails we can always come back to the Squally hate!

            • anonymous says:

              Actually, ah-hem, I REALLY REALLY don’t like her.
              The poems. Do. My. Head. In.
              The completely OVER THE TOP love for the authors (nothing like a bit of ego massaging).
              Every single tweet – ‘I just tweeted, to say, I love you, and I mean it from the bottom of my heart’.
              I can’t stand the drama queen antics and just the unnecessary ridiculousness.
              The need to be the centre of attention on every forum that she visits.
              LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME.
              Fuck me. It’s exhausting just reading it.

              • twankhardfan numberone says:

                Oh LOL! I know that you don’t like her, you’d have to be a loon like her to like her – I was just shit stirring, you know..trying to be a smart ass cause you know there’ll always be stuff to twank that loon with.
                IKR? I tried to read her shit ages ago and wanted to poke my eyes out after the attempt. I avoid anything she writes like the plague. Run….run from her and save your sanity!

    • Anon E Mouse says:

      Who is publishing Just Wait?

  28. Oh for fuck's sake says:

    Just looked at my list of the pulled fics that I recently downloaded and ACO is in it. Awesome. Now I don’t have to worry about paying money for the Omnific version.

    Oh wait. I wasn’t gonna spend money on it anyway.

  29. Anonymous says:

    That site makes me want to vomit. I looked once when they announced they’re publishing shit.

    I heard that Icy leaked at CC that she’s pubbing MotU with them.

  30. BippityBoppityBitch says:

    Another question. Why has no one written a fic that makes fun of this fandom? Makes fun of this entire thing? We should get someone on that ASAP. Although, they would probably be hunted down and murdered in their sleep for having the balls to make fun of Twilight fanfic and fans.

  31. Anon E Mouse says:

    Does anyone know if Omnific actually makes a profit. Are people who never read fic buying it? Is it just the fic niche buying books?

    • anonnie says who? says:

      it’s one big circle jerk of people buying their BFF’s ‘transformative works’. i doubt very many copies are sold, and even less to people outside of the fandom.

    • Anonymous says:

      I want to know this too. On amazon they rank the ebooks and The Redhead ones are in like 12,000 place whatever that means. So it’s selling good? Anyone have acutal numbers on how many copies they sell.

  32. anonnie says who? says:

    I would love to know which omnific staff left… no really. someone needs to fill me in!

    the whole idea of that “publishing house” existing makes me rage for people everywhere. It would be nice if they were to recognize authors they thought stood out in twilight land and asked them if they’d be interested in writing a whole new story. not this bullshit.

    i feel bad for this hannah81 – for many reasons. for buying into what omnific is selling, and for making such a boneheaded mistake. i don’t know her, and don’t think i’ve read anything she’s written (I don’t do cheating fics) but she must be horribly embarrassed this morning. i’ve never heard of her before, which hopefully means she’s not a douche.

    i’ll be really pissed when Smeyer has enough of this shite and decides to pull the plug on our fun for good.

    • anonnie says who? says:

      LULZ, I do know her. I read a story where Bella was an austrailian and Edward was an American celebrity. LOVE ensued, over the phone.

      • Chocolate Anony Mousse says:

        I remember that story! It was actually good until she took 8 months to write the last few chapters. It had potential, but she ended up phoning the rest of the story in.

        ACO isn’t that good, I stopped reading it before it was completed.

    • WTFchuck? says:

      Why feel bad for her? She’s 29! I think that if she’s not smart enough at that age to smell the fish in the Omnishark contract, then she just has to learn the hard way.

      • anonnie says who? says:

        this is true. i know, i more feel bad that she got caught being a complete nimrod with the find/replace button. i guess it does serve her right for trying to transform FF into original fic.

        A lesson to anyone considering re-working their stories:


      • BOO! says:

        But… but… but… SHE’S SO GOING TO GET PUBLISHED!!!!

    • DyingOfLaughter says:

      i really don’t get this ‘publishing’ thing with FF. changing the names of characters and location away from SM’s Twilight doesn’t mean it is original. it’s still a knock off. why can’t ppl come up with their own ORIGINAL stories? these stories they are having published are not original in any way whatsoever; i don’t get why they think they are original.

      i remember when i still read FF (i stopped reading months ago so some of these authors/stories i never heard of) when someone had their story ‘published’, there was a link given to the amazon.com page for it and in the comments section someone stated ‘i feel like i am reading bad twilight fanfiction’. i remember hysterically laughing because that is EXACTLY what it was originally!!

  33. Anonymous says:

    I fucking love this site…it’s most fun I’ve had in the fandom in months…

    I am abso-fucking-luetly FLOORED that Omnific is owned by the Twilighted people! I am totally shocked at how crooked and just ethically wrong that is on so many levels. They obvious know this too, because they’re not even using their real names on the omnific site right??

    Psymom needs to get her head checked…

    • Anonymous says:

      Psymom needs to get her head checked…

      She’s a psychologist so I’m concerned about her. Guess you have to pay off that graduate degree somehow so why not start up a “publishing” company.

      • Anon E Mouse says:

        It didn’t bother me that the Twilighted people started their own pub. comp., but rather disturbed that the former fics on there are basically the original fic w/just name changes and a few changes of physical description. I don’t have that much of an issue with it if in its original form, it was Twilight fic in name only. However, some of the personality traits of Bella bleeds over into their books, but that can be subjective and hard to prove. Just because your heroine is a bookworm, it would be hard to prove that it is that way because of SM’s Bella.

        • Anonymous says:

          Look at how they market their books? The use trailers on YouTube that no one watches. Okay, I lie I did watch a few just to get some laughs in. With Good Behavior has the best trailer.

          But look at Twilighted. The banner ad for Three Daves has been up FOREVER while they’ve had all these new *books* come out. They don’t know what the fuck their doing.

          • Tact Guy says:

            Goddamn, I HATE that banner. It’s a good enough reason (if I even needed one) not to go there anymore.

            • Anonymous says:

              EXACTLY! How are they even marketing/suckering people into buying this shit when they don’t have banners for everyone? I’m so tired of seeing those 3 pairs of shoes it’s not even funny.

      • Anonymous says:

        The ethical problem I have with this is not that she owns a publishing company, but that she owns a publishing company that specifically caters and publishes/prints for profit Twi fan fiction from Twi fan fic site she also runs/owns.

        It’s a total conflict of interest!

        It is not ethical to own a site that supplies Fan Fiction and then go out and recruit mediocre writers from that site that declare every single chapter that there is no profit being made on this writing, and then do a quicky Find and Replace on the names and places FOR MONEY!!!

        It’s just wrong on so many levels for her to own/run both sites… such a HUGE conflict of interest. I’m really surprised that she has been allowed to do this for so long.

        Are those their real names on the Omnific site or more “pen names”… who are the other people on that site (their Twi names)

  34. ohreallyfool says:

    To be fair (look who’s taken her nice pills now), without seeing an actual Omnific contract, no one really knows what’s in there. We’re working off a vague, “I heard from a friend who heard from a friend…” Major wankage potential right there. Just saying.

    • garth says:

      based on what we DO know, Omnific is total wank.

      selling reworked fanfiction for profit? illegal and wanky.

      I’d like to see them go down in flames, if it weren’t for the potential backlash for the rest of the fandom.

  35. What Goes Around says:

    You know, I refuse to get worked up about Omnific. In the long run, it has no future.

    Scenario 1: It makes no money. People realize they’re flogging dead horses and move on to their next adventure and the site folds.

    Scenario 2: They make money. In which case, SM’s lawyers come a-knocking. You know, that’s the only reason SM’s publishing house hasn’t taken action before this. Why sue unless there’a chance of monetary gain? So if Omnific does indeed make money, enough to make it worth the legal costs, they won’t be holding onto that cash. If I was one of their staff, I’d make sure my personal assets were protected 6 ways from Sunday.

    • Anonymous says:

      But they don’t wanna be *vain* and self-publish so the go through a vanity publishing house so it’s not technically them being vain but Omnific.

      There’s an author, Devalynn something who wrote The Billionaire Bum and she left up the fanfiction and she self-published with Amazon just because she said she wanted a hard copy of her book for HERSELF. You go girl! Nobody’s paying $9.99 for what you left on Fanfiction which was nice of her.

      She just wanted the book for her but she even said it wouldn’t be right to pull the fanfiction and if people WANT to buy it to read the few differences they can but she’s not pimping herself out for people to do it. Nice lady. Classy.

      But….then I hear she’s a part of TWCS so I don’t know anymore. But at least when it comes to her own story she stayed classy.


      • Anonymous says:

        Oh, good God.

        In her About the Author, it says she likes “Stephanie” Meyer.

        But not enough to spell her name right. And CERTAINLY not enough to write a fanfic based on her world, then make a book out of it!

  36. Anonymous says:

    This just…this…

    “I’m good, how are you? How’s ChicagoSeattle?” I asked.

    “CjicagoSeattle is good, it’s windyrainy,” he said with a smile.

    Notice the Seattle coffee cliche is left in by accident right after.

    (This excerpt has been quoted without permission of the copyright holder, whomever she is. But guess what? FAIR USE FTW!)

  37. nonnie nonnie boo boo says:

    Here’s the thing: It really is an ingenious idea to “publish” work that already has a built-in fan base, but I don’t agree with it. Whatsoever. Once those fans have read the book, who else is going to read it? Most fanfic is mediocre at best, & most of the stories I’ve seen published by Omnific are “re-worked” fics that I never read because they didn’t even sound remotely interesting. And OH MY GOD, the grammar, spelling, punctuation mistakes…
    If they really want to help fic writers get published, Omnific should be seeking out the ones who can actually write a beautiful story with amazing characterizations (not copycat ones!) and unique description and plot. THEN they should ask them if they’d be interested in writing something *completely new* (gasp! what?) to be published. They’d still have this built-in fan base, because readers will want to read new stuff from their fave authors. Not just because it was a shaky plot with characters based off of someone else’s, but because their writing is actually pretty amazing.
    THEN maybe I’d actually have some respect for them.

    • Anon E Mouse says:

      They only publish stories by the ‘cool kids’ and friends. 😉 Who cares if a little known author is actually a better writer. lol

      • Anonymouse says:

        You say this like it’s a bad thing. The cool kids and friends can keep shooting themselves in the foot, and the writers with talent will hopefully write that original story and submit it somewhere that will do it justice.

      • nonnie nonnie boo boo says:

        exactly. and that’s why they won’t last. if they keep publishing this crap, they’ll fold fairly quickly.

        • anonymous says:

          You know you all are totally saving your pennies for the UoEM Omnific book.

          • oh jeebus says:

            Don’t have to – already have it saved on my laptop. But don’t tell anyone, I don’t want the slores coming after me.

            • anonymous says:

              But you want it in a proper book format, don’t you, it being an original piece of literature and all?

              • oh jeebus says:

                Lol, I have no snarky comeback, I’m too busy laughing at all of this.

                • anonymous says:

                  Squally will even sign it for you.

                  I mean, what is the point of being a BNR if you can’t massage your own ego by creating online fame off of someone else’s success?

                  • twankhardfan numberone says:

                    Squally will even sign it for you.

                    Please for the love of God don’t even go there……..can you imagine what a dedication written by her would read like with her fabulous spelling skills and all……..*shudders*

            • I'm not telling says:

              oh jeebus says:
              Don’t have to – already have it saved on my laptop. But don’t tell anyone, I don’t want the slores coming after me.

              Yes- but is it complete? With the peter epilogue and everything? *rolls eyes at peter epi*

          • AnonymousHonesty says:

            That’s a lot of $4.99. UoEM is long as fuck so it too will be in a series of books like Just Wait. IDK. I gots bills and a mortgage. The $4.99 from those is going to add up after a while. I don’t wanna be headed to divorce court because I gave our money to Omnific! Then I won’t be able to afford it!

          • twankhardfan numberone says:

            I don’t know about you but I’d rather save my dollar bills to wipe my ass with than spend $$ on any re-worked FF

  38. Lulzy McGee says:

    I don’t get that relevance at all. I’m sure someone from OmniFic is watching and shit when they realized ninapolitan was still listed.

    Maybe they pulled it down because she really is SR

    • I'm not telling says:

      She is not SR! The writing speaks for itself…and hers is crap

      • Lulzy McGee says:

        So you’re saying SR’s writing ISN’T crap? I’ve seen a lot of people come to the conclusion that they’re in fact the same person. That’s the only reason I suggested it.

        • AnonymousHonesty says:

          Wait the same conclusion that Ninapolitan is SR? Now that’s some fuckery I haven’t heard yet.

          Do tell where this idea came from because it’s about as far fetched as they come.

          • Fandomitis says:

            ADF had a huge post about it thinking they ‘figured out the great SR mystery.’

            It wasn’t just there though, I know I’ve seen a few other people reference it. Again, I’ve never seen anyone actually ask her or her confirm/deny it.

            • Anonymous says:

              What campfire on ADF was this because I need and want to read that?

              How the hell do you get your name bold? I want to be cool like that!

              • Fandomitis says:

                No idea why my name is bold, lol.

                That post is crazy old and it was basically nonsense b/c a few people chimed in citing how their reasons were bullshit.

                It stemmed from her email being linked to the site. To my knowledge she didn’t respond on ADF.

  39. BippityBoppityBitch says:

    I’m going to secretly write a so-so fic and become bffs witht he Omnific people so I can get a copy of the contract and post it on this site. Inflitrate from the inside. I smell success.

  40. Anon says:

    Sent an email to the webmaster of Stephenie’s website (her brother) reporting Omnific for copyright infringement. Enough fuckery!

    • Anonymous says:

      Dude I was thinking of doing the same thing.

    • Nonnie Mouse says:

      Wouldn’t you think something like this would make her decide to not let people write fanfic with her characters anymore?

      • Fandomitis says:

        Good Luck but I’ll tell you that I know of nearly 30 people that have reported Omnific and they don’t care. They hit, SM, her attorney/agent/publisher etc. That was back in January/Feb when they first started this crap. You’re not doing anything that hasn’t been done extensively.

        • Anonymous says:

          The fuck you say? Are you kidding me? That’s fucked up. Stephanie is a profit h00r herself so I can’t believe she’s not trying to make money off HER works. These bitches ARE piggybacking off her anyway.

          • Anonymous says:

            think about it – would you rather go after a 2 pump chump who generates no revenue or a hack ‘unofficial twi guide’ that is picked up by B&N or Borders?

            that’s an easy answer

    • LikeImTelling says:

      I think it’s a great idea to send a list of fics that omnific is publishing that are former fan fics to Meyer’s webmaster, that way she can sue their asses and maybe get a C&D order on that site.
      Really they are giving fan fiction writers an even worse reputation.

      *sorry no one beta’s my post so they are all crap*

      • SoDon'tCare says:

        Listen, in the absence of SM giving a shit about who uses her characters, (and since she’s been open to fanfic and has been caught doing it herself, ain’t likely) the only people the lawyers are going to go after are those where the payoff is worth their while.

        So thats why I can’t get workled up about Omnific. They can operate under the radar forever, but watch, if they ever turn a real profit, that’s when you’ll see them being dragged into court.

  41. ohreallyfool says:

    So here’s my question: If all these fics are crap (and believe me, I think most of them are), why READ them, let alone SAVE them? Seriously, can’t you tell within a couple of chapters that they’re utter shite? So why keep reading? Keep in mind, I’m not saying all derivative fic is bad (there are some decent ones out there)…but most of it is. Forget buying the crap, the twank is on all the people who keep filling their minds with “popular” pus.

    • Anon E Mouse says:

      Re: ‘why read them’: Some fics start off with promise, but then die out in being interesting. Some get sucky towards the ending so you might as well just keep reading since you’ve read so much of the story anyway.

      • anonymous says:

        There ARE some quality fics out there.

        But it’s not like you read the fics thinking that it is a work of freaking art that should be published. Well, maybe there are a few, but it is rare.

        And once you start it is very hard to flounce on a fic. You kind wanna know how the characters end up. Like watching a really dumb movie, like, I dunno, ‘New Moon’ until the end. You get caught up in the manufactured drama and can’t look away.

        Sometimes you hope that it’ll get better. And then it doesn’t.

        I only have two saved because I wouldn’t be caught dead with any of the others on the ‘puter.

        Plus, it’s meant to be fun. A little bit of light hearted good time readin’. Making fun of crap stories is part of the appeal, in some ways.

        • so obnoxious says:

          “Plus, it’s meant to be fun. A little bit of light hearted good time readin’. ”

          i feel the same. telenovellas and soap operas aren’t always filled with great quality writing either, but so many love the format and stick with them for years.

          and honestly, who thinks the twilight saga is a work of art? meyer created herself a darcy (fan fic?) and a darcy never goes wrong. even that first book is full of errors. shame on you little brown. i used to have such high esteem for your house.

          i do have on ff friend who writes feverishly and each story is better than the last. i expect that one day she will write an completely original fic and be published and i think going thru this process is helping her, but no one can deny that by writing FF a lot of the hard work is already done.

          i don’t even describe how my characters look in mine. if i write Edward, you already know, right? lol

      • PillowTalk says:

        you mean like hide and drink? started with promise but it didn’t take long before it got comical and quality dropped big time. Flounced fast and hard.

        I don’t know if others have problems with flouncing but I’m a pro.

        • WTFchuck? says:

          No, I’m a pro at flouncing. My deal is five chapters. If it doesn’t grab me, drags on, plot takes a ridonculous sharp left turn or the author’s attitude in general starts to really piss me off (this includes extremely long months between updates) then I flounce like a mofo.

          I learned all of this the hard way of course. After 34 chapters of EP when i realised that the story was going to be a ridic 100 chapters long at the rate it was being repeated. Plus a few others that I’ve pushed through to the end, thinking it was going to get better, only to have it make me want to glue my eyes shut; ensuring I couldn’t read such fuckery ever again.

        • AnonymousHonesty says:

          I’m a flouncing pro too. I bail on anything that gets stupid, boring and doesn’t update for months while the author seems to have unlimited time to Tweet.

          Stop Tweeting and write bitch!

          • WTFchuck? says:

            ‘Stop Tweeting and write bitch!’

            Oh that shit just made me die!

            Funny thing is, I started reading EP ages ago (it was at about 20 chapters and was updating almost twice a week) I skimmed a LOT of it coz of the freaking double chapters. When that shit didn’t stop in like the 34th chapter and the story was dragging out the whole Bella being a princess or whatever, i flounced. MOVE IT ALONG ALREADY!

            Now, suddenly (maybe coz she was thrown off FFN, or whatever the story is there, and this apparently makes you one of the cool kids) it’s all about EP and everyone’s talking about how great it is and how sad and how frustrating and blah blah. I try hard to bite my tongue but it doesn’t always work.

          • twankhardfan numberone says:

            Stop Tweeting and write bitch!

            Yesssss…..THIS !

            • Anonymous says:


              “Stop tweeting and write bitch!”


              So the writers of FF aren’t allowed to have any kind of life.

              As a writer of a moderately popular story and one who usually keeps her head down… I say, “FUCK YOU.” No one’s writing for you ungrateful little bitches. And who would want to. YOU would be the reason why someone would pull their story. Check your entitled attitude, ladies/gentlemen.

              I’ve been enjoying this blog, but this kind of shit… YOU are the reason why this fandom has gone to shite. You’re just as bad, if not worse, than these so-called BNA’s that are getting Twanked.

              Wow. I’m kinda done with it all.

              • Anonymous says:

                oh jesus. relax.

                it was a fucking joke.

                we KNOW. authors have lives too. fuck, I’m an author. I tell myself to stop fucking around and write all the time. In fact, I should get the fuck off this blog and get to it right now. But I’m being a lazy bitch. Just own it, you’ll feel better.

                you pick a thread with over 200 comments and pick on one moment of banter to get all ragey over? talk about a waste of energy.


                • Anonymous says:

                  Ummm we’re all fucking anon here, yet you assume this is my only ragey comment. ASSume away.

                  • Anonymous says:

                    Actually, since you said that you had been enjoying this blog until now……my assumption was fair. Unless you were just FOS and have been whining about this blog all week. Is that you *****? Can’t stay away?

                    In truth, I am an asshole. So are you, yet you fail to accept it.

              • AnonymousHonesty says:

                Oh Jesus. Stop being so melodramatic. We all have lives. That’s not the point.

                I’m an author too. I have to tell myself to stop reading and Tweeting and shit to write. I write for fun and I enjoy it and my readers. What’s not fun is having readers PM me and ask if I might be pulling my fic. Fuck that. This is a hobby. I’m not making any money off it and don’t plan too.

                Word to Anonymous above me. I’m talking about the people who give excuse after excuse “RL is getting in the way and blah blah blah” then you find them 24/7 on Twitter and find 5 brand new one shots and contest entries. RL in the way my ass.

                • Whatdoesitmatterifitwontshowanyway? says:

                  Exactly. This IS a hobby and we’re NOT being paid to do this. So for someone to act so entitled to our work as to say “Stop tweeting and write, bitch” is nuts. You’re not paying us, yet you are enjoying our work. Again – YOU’RE NOT PAYING US. What makes you think you have any right to dictate when we update a story? You want to flounce cuz it takes too long for a writer to update, that’s understandable and your choice. But to act like any writer owes you anything is fucking ridiculous and essentially goes against everything else you’ve been posting about here.

                  It’s not always about “having a life” or not having time to write. As any writer knows, sometimes you have the will, but the words just aren’t there. Case in point – I was on Twitter all friggin day today and I haven’t been able to write anything of worth in four days because I happen to have a lot on my mind right now. I guess that makes me a horrible person and now a few of you will flounce my story and then whine about how I was on Twitter all day and yet it took me an extra week to update.

                  Or maybe the writer’s mind was on a different writing project – hence the one shots that appear in lieu of a new chapter for a WIP. So the fuck what? I don’t know about you other writers here, but my mind is filled with different writing ideas constantly. Right now, I am working on 4 projects at once (when I can write, that is). Sometimes, one just makes me write it more than another one. Sorry, but that’s how it goes.

                  Sure, the writer can be honest instead of saying “Real Life” issues got in the way, but obviously you wouldn’t have any sympathy for someone who just says, “Sorry, but I really wanted to enter these two contests and that caused a delay with this update.”

                  The Anonymous poster who made the initial “melodramatic” comments was totally right. This was a “joke”? Bullshit. There are several “amen” posts agreeing with the sentiment. You only decided it was a joke when you upset someone. That way you could try & turn it around on her/him and make it seem like she/he was overreacting.

                  You all talk about so many writers acting entitled (and I totally agree, don’t get me wrong), then you all come in here and act just the same.

                  And yes, I know – tl;dr. It’s very convenient not to read long posts which disagree with you.

                  • Anonymous says:

                    i love when “authors” deign to speak for all of “us” against all of “them” readers.

                    *shakes head*

                    It looked like a joke to me. I laughed. Just a little snark that wasn’t even aimed at a specific writer. What writer doesn’t procrastinate? Sounds like someone was a little sensitive about this subject.

                    lighten up. this place is not srs bsns.

                    • WTFchuck? says:

                      Agreed! It’s not writers against readers. I think you’re a little too sensitive. I’m a writer and i laughed my ass off at that comment.

                      Besides, it seems that you’re open with your readers and say that you wanted to write something else, or just wasn’t feeling the story etc. etc. I think it was more aimed at those that say RL is a bitch, when really they’ve been busy socialising or doing something else. Which isn’t a problem, but just own it.

                      You wouldn’t know that the OP wouldn’t have been sympathetic to an honest writer so don’t make assumptionsy.

                      I’ve been through Hell this last month and haven’t updated. Most of those that read my story (i refuse to call them MY readers, coz I don’t own any of them and if I did then i’d make them write it for me coz i’m fucking tired!) are friends with me on FB and know what’s going on so thankfully I don’t have to explain. But I’ll also own that the mojo is gone. Just OWN it! And don’t ASSume!

                    • Whatdoesitmatterifitwontshowanyway? says:

                      I don’t really think I said I was speaking for “all authors” nor am I fostering any sort of “us” vs. “them” mentality – unless the “them” you are referring to is people who think they are entitled to anything in this fandom.

                      And yes, you’re right. I am sensitive to the subject. I am just as disgusted as everyone else making comments on this blog by over-inflated egos and any sense of entitlement, whether they be writers or readers.

                      And by the way – snark by its own definition is snide. Snide people and comments sometimes piss people off. I don’t need to lighten up just because you found something amusing and I didn’t.

                  • amaaaazed says:

                    I get it. Writing, reading, and reviewing fanfiction is a hobby of ~love (depending on the writer it can be a love of the original story/characters, writing about their favorite characters, writing in general, or most unfortunate LOVE OF SELF). Fanfiction is free because profiting off of derivative works would be illegal. Hell, we’re all lucky that most Real World Published Writers recognize that fanfiction is a major form of flattery and haven’t banded together to take down these sites because they know what some fanfiction writers with blown up egos don’t seem to get. Pissing off your audience gets you nowhere. What is your point by repeating that you are not being paid? I’m not being paid for being a reader and providing feedback for those writers who’ve decided to use this fandom to test-run their stories and writing. So, what is your point? I have a life, too. I’m here for fun as well. No one sat you down and said YOU MUST WRITE FANFICTION. And you chose to write it.

                    Yes, there is a problem with readers who expect too much just as much as there is a problem with writers who feel owed something in return. As reader, I can accept an honest excuse for not writing even if you just wanted to waste time. LMAO, some would say writing fanfic is a way to waste time. I do that often, so I’m not going to fault some anon fanfic writer the same courtesy. Why would readers need to feel sympathetic with a writer for not feeling like writing? Unless they’re someone who likes to play the boohoo strings, in which case post/don’t post until you’re ready. I don’t need to hear the whys and whynots. I’ve never pestered a writer about updating even if I’ve suffered through pestering, bribing, and threats for reviews. Everyone on all sides of this fandom puts up with vast amounts of bullshit. We all deal with it in our own way. This site is for bitching about writers whose review count has gone to their heads. I’m sure fic writers bitch about messages/reviews they’ve received from readers. They should create a site about it. I’d love to read it and get defensive about nothing that pertains to me specifically but hits a little to close to home. AMIRITE?

                    • Whatdoesitmatterifitwontshowanyway? says:

                      My point in saying we’re not being paid is that when you pay someone to do a job, you have every right to have expectations of them. When you are not paying them, you have no right to dictate how often they write or their ability to do so, or even complain if they just want to goof around on Twitter all day because they’re not in the mood to write.

                      Sure, you’re not being paid to read. And I have no expectations of you. You can read or not, review or not – it’s all up to you. And I certainly don’t want or expect you to have any “sympathy” for me at any time. You don’t know me. But then, while I might apologize if it takes me longer than usual to update, I don’t offer any sort of excuse either. Because frankly, it’s not anyone’s business.

                      I never once said anybody owes me or any writer anything.

                  • AnonymousHonesty says:

                    You are obviously one I was referring to.
                    Hell I was talking about my damn self too. I WAS joking with a little honesty mixed in. Ha Ha…but yeah…you need to write.
                    But of course you ignored that part. I wrote about 1200 words today finally. I usually start right after I publish a new chapter but I’ve been procrastinating. I PRIORITIZE. No one expects anyone to update every 4 days so AGAIN STOP being so melodramatic. Calm the fuck down.

                    There is a big wrong in this fandom. And that’s authors who sit on the “I won’t owe readers shit” ideal. And it’s people like YOU who will pull your shit and then get huffy when people ask questions.

                    You wanna ask for reviews. You want feedback. You want to feel good when you open your email and see reviews and people who enjoyed what you through was a crappy chapter YET you don’t feel any entitlement to the readers.

                    This is a RELATIONSHIP folks. It’s give and take. Authors give a chapter, readers give a review. Authors take the feedback while readers take the chapter.

                    But OH NOES! Readers are suppose to know we do this for free. They’re not stupid. They know we do this for free. But it’s not fair for US them to leave them hanging and it’s not fair to us for THEM to give shit. Give shit when it’s warranted.

                    • Whatdoesitmatterifitwontshowanyway? says:

                      Wow. And someone gave ME shit for assuming. All I can say is, you have absolutely no idea who I am, whether I have pulled or have plans to pull anything or whether I’ve ever asked for a review. For the record, I would never consider publishing my fanfic and I also have never actually asked for a review (though I am grateful for them).

                      Of course, I do like to see positive feedback. I will cop to that, because I am a human being and we all like to be told we’re doing a good job. Plus, my whole plan in writing fanfic was to try & grow as a writer, so I appreciate knowing what is working and what’s not.

                      I stand by my original statements. I feel I did give shit when it was warranted. You just don’t appreciate that I feel you warranted said shit. Understandable, but I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

              • AnonymousHonesty says:

                Greed is the reason people pull their fics. Greed and an inflated ego.

                This blog is a reality check.

        • Anon E Mouse says:

          It started out great, but I had to flounce once Edward started hallucinating.

        • ohreallyfool says:

          No problems flouncing. Crap isn’t worth my time.

          • so obnoxious says:

            5 chapters is kind. I give it 1200 words.
            anything that starts with bella narrating how plain she is.
            anything less than 2ys old with the word pixie not used to describe the candy.
            any where someone FALLS pregnant.
            anything full of typos and an A/N thanking the beta.

            i could go on…

            • WTFchuck? says:

              UGH! Babyfics! Fucking stab me in the eyes! PLEASE!!!!

              I do thank my beta’s profusely in my A/N but that’s coz they seriously do so much for me, in making feel confident enough to write in the first place.

              I HATE plain and clumsy Bella’s and how they spend a whole six pages explaining just how plain and clumsy she is.

              That’s why I made the Bella in my story hot, confident and she has grace.

  42. HideYourKidsHideYourWife says:

    BellaCharlotte, ChloeAlice, WesleyEdward…it’s like a friggin’ episode of the Walton’s up in that mess. “Good night JohnCarlisle….” Bananas.

  43. Uh-oh says:

    I think the worst thing here is that Hannah apparently doesn’t care about the people that read her story. She asks from them to buy her book yet doesn’t even make the effort to look over her outtake before she posts it for them. 😡
    Now, about the whole illegal thing, I have a question since I’m kinda blond XD:
    Most AH stories out there don’t have anything to do with Twilight and only use the location names and Bella’s ‘brown orbs’ and Edward’s ‘copper hair’. I’m not saying that they are good enough to get published, but if all names are replaced and if all physical treats are replaced and if everything that links them to Twilight it replaced, why is it *illegal* to try to publish their story? Haven’t they basically created their own characters (interesting ones or not, that’s not the point) after doing all that?

    I’m just curious about this because it’s been mentioned a lot. I don’t get it and feel left out XD

    p.s. The Nonnie who took the screenshot should become a spy or smth. Go, Nonnie Go!

    • infringement101 says:

      The fact is, there is honest to goodness proof that this story (and many others) were originally published as Twilight fanfiction. It’d be pretty hard to argue they weren’t when there’s hard proof. Why do you think these author’s are pulling their fics? It’s called destroying the evidence.

      • AnonymousHonesty says:

        It’s not completely destroyed when a number of us have a copy. I’ll be happy to provide the Meyers team with whatever they need because this fuckery needs to stop.

        • Uh-oh says:

          Lol imagine Hannah’s face if anyone appeared with coppies. —->O.o

        • infringement101 says:

          yes. well i never said their strategy was effective. but with all the bawwing you seeing about “unauthorized” sharing, i’m guessing these authors must have thought their plans were foolproof. sigh.

      • Uh-oh says:

        Thank you replying. 🙂

        Even if the story was published as Twilight fanfiction originally, why does it matter? It *had originally* started as a ff story, but the characters are different now. I mean CharlotteBella, that’s a different name! lol.

        I thought that the reason they pulled was because *they* consider the stories truly theirs now or because their publishers wanted them too.

        Are you saying that it can be considered that the author is still gaining from SM work somehow? What if the ff story wasn’t known (I had no idea Hannah’s story even existed for example) and what if Hannah didn’t tell her ff readers to go buy her book? Would she still be considered illegal?

        I’m not trying to play the Devil’s advocate here, seriously, just trying to get it. I haven’t even read Hannah’s story.

        • infringement 101 says:

          dude, if I were a federal prosecutor, the screenshot on this page would be exhibit #1 in my case against omnific. It says “twilight” and “fanfiction” on the page. Really, there’s not way a judge would say….but it’s not really fanfiction, it’s so original. I mean, it’s laughable. Omnific is just lucky they probably haven’t made enough money to draw any attentiont to their scam. And that’s what it is, a scam. I’d love to see the contracts. I guarantee they try to indemnify themselves against breach of copyright laws by the authors they publish. Too bad there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell that will work. They approach fanfic authors ffs. OMNIFIC if you are listening, you crooks, you are SO FUCKED if you ever become successful.

          • infringement 101 says:

            I also want to add, for Omnific’s benefit: fire whatever podunk lawyer you’ve got telling you that what you’re doing is just fine. He or she is taking you for a ride!

            “But Judge, these bags aren’t actual Louis Vuitton bags. They’re made with cheap vinyl and polyester, not leather and silk, and it if you look really closely the logo says MV not LV. SEE, IT’S ORIGINAL. I wasn’t trying to ride the brand popularity of LV to make a profit, I SWEAR.”

            • Whatdoesitmatterifitwontshowanyway? says:

              Ooh…that is a great analogy.

            • Anonymous says:

              Omnific’s podunk lawyer, CJ, is on staff as a “Certified Editor” and is one of Psymom’s chief advisors. (That whole “certified” wank makes me laugh every time I see it.) She is so controlling she could squeeze diamonds out of her ass after eating a bowl of raisin bran. I’ve heard some of her editing “advice,” and frankly, the woman needs to pick up some editing courses and stop reading so much fanfiction. Ludicrous.

              What masterminds these two ding-dongs are.

  44. Anon E Mouse says:

    Since we’re being accused of hating, I stumbled across this: http://inescapable.110mb.com/

    • WTFchuck? says:

      This site is GOLD!!! I LOVE their take on sucky summaries…this is one of my favourites and had me in hysterics…

      Never Ending ADV! by Gothic-Anime-AliceCullen-lover
      I Suck at these summaries but anyways this is my fist story i have written and…. yah…. enjoy! oh and p.s. there might be some small stuff in here that might be a bit disturbing….. REVIEW!

      Quoting ouisa as all I could do when I read this was blink in stunned horror: “Is this a fisting story? Or is it a story about a fist? I’m disturbed by fist.” Yeah, reading a Twilight fanfic involving fisting is enough to disturb anyone. “Bit disturbing.” Thank you for the understatement, sweetheart.


    • anonymous says:


      Sarcasm, irony, snark and wit are undervalued in the twi-fandom.
      It sure beats fucking ‘Rainbow Brite’.

      Besides, we hate on a blog. Is it any different to twitting with the twits, and g-chatting with the goons?

  45. Anonymous says:

    Recently twanked writer EBalways just yanked The Hostage for reasons undeclared. Apparently ‘it had to be done’.

    Let’s ponder it.

    Why could that be?

    • AnonymousHonesty says:

      OMG! No she did NOT yank that one too! LOLOLOLOL oh she needs to stop. Make it stop NOW! I can’t stop the lulz!

      She must have gotten a “real” publisher who told her to bail on the fandom if she wants to be a real girl…err author. I’m glad I gots a copy of Near You Always. I just wanted it for the smut. It’s too fucking long and it got boring but the smut is semi decent.

      • Anonymous says:

        If she really pulled it for good, I certainly won’t be reading anymore of her fics. I was actually enjoying the mystery of the Taker in that one. I agree about Near You Always. It started out good, but then got boring to the point that I was skimming chapters till the end. Endless chapters about Edward’s fears of fire and the damn argument about Bella’s control issue that went on and on killed it for me.

    • twankhardfan numberone says:

      Yeah she pulled it…….gee I wonder why? Didn’t she have a chap called Big Girls panties or something? (Or am I thinking of some other FF?) Maybe she should borrow them and put them on. So she was twanked? Big fucking deal-get over it and grow up. By pulling the Hostage she’s only shot herself in the foot and only confirmed what Twankhard has stated about her in the other post.

    • oh nonnie nonnie says:

      good thing i flounced that one due to boredom. i felt bad (i like to stick most stories out until they end) but now i am guilt free.

      this fandom is getting ridiculous. i love it, because it provides online entertainment for me, but it also grates on my nerves. some of the worst offenders are women who are professionals, mothers, and most importantly ADULTS.

  46. JC says:

    Hannah has the biggest ego in all the fandom in my opinion. If anyone has seen her tweets and her authors notes, then they’d know what I’m talking about.

    • JC says:

      I’d also like to add that she has no value for her readers. She doesn’t give a damn. I used to read her stuff, and then I saw that she was tooting her own horn to them, not caring about what they had to say.

      She gave an ACO outtake for the FGB and she was super late on it, when she said it would only take like 2 weeks or something. She didn’t care.

      ACO was labeled NC-17 on Twilighted and M on FFn, but what the hell was in the story that warranted that rating? There weren’t any lemons, that’s for sure. Can an Edward cheating on Bella really be categorized in that rating?

      The fact that she didn’t even have the courtesy to even change the names on her ACO outtake she posted the other day, shows her personality in a nutshell.

      I’ve never gone from liking an authors work to hating it so much just solely because of the author. She’s my first and only.

      Bang up job, Hannah!

  47. I Can't You Guys says:

    Oh God. Every time people refer to Omnific as “publishers” or themselves as getting “published” or as a “published author,” after Omnific makes them an overly expensive .pdf and offers an outrageously expensive physical book, I die a little inside.

    And then laugh my ass off – loudly and for a long time.

    But still, a little piece of my soul is gone each time.

  48. Anonymous says:



    D. You agree to not engage in the use, copying, or distribution of any of the Content other than expressly permitted herein, including any use, copying, or distribution of User Submissions of third parties obtained through the Website for any commercial purposes.

    Does Omnific knows this?
    Oh, ‘smart’ guys. That’s why they make the authors take the fics of the page..

  49. PillowTalk says:

    well isn’t that interesting. looking back at the other posts it looks like the defense squad waits until most of us have moved on to new articles before they comment. gotta make it seem like they got the last word in ya know. That mean they win! The hell is up with people…

  50. Anonymous says:

    icu stealing my cap.

  51. BOO! says:

    Damn, I love this blog!
    I have to say, that originally I was cynical and thought all it would do was raise the profiles of these wingnuts further. I still think it does – and there will always be lowly sheep eager to jump on the bandwagon – but in a positive way. It brings attention to these dicks in the fact that it exposes them for what they really are. I am happy to be proven wrong.
    Great job, guys!

  52. Twilight Slush says:

    EBalways pulled her story? THE FUCK YOU SAY?! Guess she’s going to re-work it and try to get that one published too. I think it’s time ‘illegal’ copies of her pulled story started circulating around. Maybe she’ll stomp her feet and cry like a baby. That would be WIN.

    • Anon E Mouse says:

      I think in her case, it was mostly the drama that got old so she just said, ‘screw it’. She has a pretty cool blog entry on her site about all the Twi egos.

      • Anonymous says:

        She was talking about egos? The majority of NYA was her ridc author’s notes. In one she said something like “I wish I had something more profound to say” why don’t you write and leave the profoundness at the door.

        • I_Am_Hungry says:

          Her blog is gone too (so people can’t complain, or ask questions, I guess). Though a cached version has this from the Sept 21 post:

          “Let me preface this post by saying I’m not flouncing, and I will be finishing The Hostage, despite being told by many to pull it.”

          I guess we made her sad. Give me a minute, and I’ll muster up some sympathy.

          • Anonymous says:

            Who would tell her to pull it? Dani is still living large in the fandom so this blog isn’t rattling her cage.

            If ebalways wants to be a real author she needs to learn how to shake the haters and truthsayers and dislikes off.

            SM got a lot of flak for the shiz called Breaking Dawn and she didn’t run away. Naw! She wrote the Bree book and The Host!

    • ohshiz says:

      Now she’s on ADF swearing that she didn’t pull the Hostage to publish. She says no one’s more disappointed than her that she had to pull it, but real life issues got in the way.

      I call bullshit.

      Come on.

      We know you pulled your other story to publish, you said so. And if you’re so “disappointed” that you “had” to pull your fic, why did you DECIDE to pull it? Obviously not that disappointed.

      Oh man. why do these assholes even try and explain themselves. just go away and be done with it ffs. Seriously, just pull and leave the fandom. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

  53. lulz says:

    Is this Hannah81 the same author of “Just a call away” – the OBVIOUSLY self-insert fic about a homely Australian Bella whom FILM STAR Edward falls in love with over the phone? Giggle. Snort. That fic was so bad I shared it with my non-twi friends so we could laugh over it together.

  54. ugh says:

    Look, by no means am I trying to defend Twi’d or *all* VBs. I LOVE this site & read/post every day. I love when people get called out for their bullshit. I was just saying that a few idiotic ones give us allll a bad name, & that’s really not fair. Every new story gets claimed & validated or rejected when it hits the top of the queue. Ones they’re posted, your chapters go up as soon as your vb logs in & sees you have a new chapter. That has nothing to do with favorites. Just the facts. Now I’m not saying there aren’t hypocrites on the group, b/c believe me, there are, which is why I’ll be resigning soon, but there are also a ton of extremely nice, fair, objective betas.
    About the spelling: if the story takes place in the U.S. then the spelling should be U.S. spelling. Characters also shouldn’t say “take the lift” or “ring him on the phone.”
    P.S. grammar. check is almost always wrong. I hate that son of a bitch.

    • amaaaazed says:

      I totally understand where you are coming from, ugh. Please note that when I write about the overall inconsistent and hypocritical nature of Twi’d and its validation process, I’m not calling out specific people, the individuals who have lives outside of fandom and enjoy beta’ing for practice and/or enjoyment. There is nothing wrong with being into fandom at that level. It’s the fact as a website/organization of people the ones that seem to be at the top of the hierarchy appear to imagine themselves the matriarchs of Twific and the High Supreme Gatekeepers of Quality Control. It is not wrong to say that when a writer is a BNA-in-charge and/or a “friend” or “online tight” with a BNA-in-charge or if a fic is by an BNA or one their crew, it seems like their story is posted ASAP, sometimes within the hour of being submitted and barely proofread (Trust in Advertising is a good example of a fic whose updates were pushed through with obvious errors). It is not wrong to say that updates have been known to sit in the queue for MONTHS while other stories with a larger, in-crowd following get updates by the week. With a system easily manipulated and perceived by fic writers and readers to be flawed because of however many bad VBs, it doesn’t matter if there are good VBs. Well, it does on some level…. but what I’m saying is it won’t change the perception, which is unfortunate for the good apples. It’s like having cool, smart people in a club that you hate. :\

      I’m just curious though… about the whole U.S. vs U.K. spelling. There are a few words that are a toss up, imo. Color vs. Colour, for example. I don’t know… maybe it’s because I had an elementary school teacher who was not English but spelled words that way and taught us to spell “colour” with a “u.” My question is: why reject the story entirely in that case? If it’s well-written and actually spelled correctly but in a different dialect, why would it be rejected for “spelling errors” if the VB was aware that those words were spelled correctly, but just not American? It sounds like the reason given is a misnomer. In that case, why not tell the fic writer their characters who are U.S. citizens, born and raised, are speaking as if they are from the U.K. and point out a couple of words and phrases and their U.S. equivalent? Or maybe direct them to an online glossary with U.K/U.S. translations and then say that once those changes are made, their story will be posted? I’m sure there are a couple of websites since there seems to a website for everything these days. I know when I want to include Britishisms in a story taking place in the U.K. or if I have an English character, there a lot of really great websites with U.K. slang and euphemisms. I’m not being antagonistic. I’m just curious, honestly. 🙂

      • ugh says:

        Honestly, I would never reject something that simply has different spellings like “colour” or “favourite.” It says in the guidelines that these are acceptable. It’s just when certain Britishisms come about that we have to change them. And believe me when I say that I’d never reject a story based on that alone. Whoever does that is just completely picky & has a god complex. If the story was good and had sound grammar, I’d make the necessary changes & approve it. I can tell you that the basic rule when it comes to bad grammar/spelling is no more then ten mistakes per 1,000 words. A good beta reader won’t let you have that many mistakes.
        I’m also astounded by the number of people (this goes for quite a large number of BNAs as well) who thank their betas profusely, and then the story is rife with mistakes and horrible grammar. It makes me cringe.
        I’m glad you understand that we’re not all bad and don’t hold it over all of us. lol

        • amaaaazed says:

          omg! yessss! I’ve seen that beta-staning in an A/N and then read the story to discover so many errors that I have to wonder how many errors did it have BEFORE it was beta’d. It’s a strange fanfic occurrence that makes me embarrassed for the writer and the beta.

          • whoop-de-fucking-do says:

            Sorry, I’m a day late and a dollar short–story of my life–but when I read a chapter in which the author has profusely thanked her/his beta (husband) and discover 2754 errors in the first 5000 words, I leave a very nice review pointing out surely they must have mistakenly posted the pre-edited version in case they want to pull it and post the corrected one. I never get a response to that one.

    • Tact Guy says:

      While I agree about the lift vs elevator, Mum vs Mom and that type of thing, I disagree about the spelling having to be US if the story is set in the US. That’s just… well, it’s a bit silly. The language used, the actual words, yeah, completely. But there’s no reason someone who uses UK spelling in their everyday life should change that just to write fanfic LOL

      I’ve never had a chapter rejected from Twi’d for my UK spelling. I would have laughed at a VB if they told me my spelling was wrong.

      • Whatdoesitmatterifitwontshowanyway? says:

        Oh and yes – one of my fic pet peeves is obviously English writers writing about Americans, having no idea how we speak to one another or even what America’s geography is like. If I read the word “whilst” coming from Bella’s mouth one more time, I am going to commit a violent crime. I even read one story which mentioned Bella and her mother going to the beach…in PHOENIX.

        I would never think to write a story which takes places in England or Scotland without doing my homework. I get that we speak differently in America. So if you don’t want to learn how Americans talk, don’t make your characters American. Make them British or whatever you’re comfortable with.

      • Anonymous says:

        “I disagree about the spelling having to be US if the story is set in the US. That’s just… well, it’s a bit silly.”

        I don’t agree. Many Harry Potter fan fiction writers from the U.S. (and elsewhere) did their best to keep to British spelling and idioms. This was seen as important since you were writing about British kids going to school or living in the UK.. But then again, they were writing canon fics or AU canon. And no one in the Twi fandom is interested in canon any more.

        • Anonymouse says:

          Most of the HP fics I’ve read have had American spelling and phrasing. Even some of the really good ones.

        • Tact Guy says:

          Idioms, yes. Spelling, not so much. I’m not changing. Why should I? My spelling is correct, there’s no reason to change it. I wouldn’t expect an American writer to use UK spelling in HP fic, but I might flounce for a single instance of Mom.

          To me, spelling is an entirely different issue from the way words are used. Spelling is the writer. The words you use and the way you use them define the character.

          And for the record, I care about canon. I couldn’t give a rats ass for AH (though I’ve been known to write a bit). But I’m a minority.

      • Anonymous says:

        Actually, British spelling is fine at Twilighted – it’s only obvious cultural inaccuracies that have to be changed if not appropriate to the story – using lift for elevator, etc. You shouldn’t be rejected on those grounds.

    • Whatdoesitmatterifitwontshowanyway? says:

      It comes down to the simple fact that the VBs are people w/ varying degrees of time, energy, dedication, honesty, and actual writing acumen. If you’re lucky to get picked by a smart one who knows their stuff and also gets your chapters posted in a timely manner, that’s fab.

      At one time, I was posting two different stories, w/ two different VBs. One of them always got my chapters posted overnight. One of them…um…didn’t. And after CC, when she apparently decided I wasn’t one of the “cool kids”, it took her – I am not shitting you – FIVE WEEKS to get my last two chapters posted. Thats FIVE WEEKS PER CHAPTER.

      It was apparent, though, that neither of them actually reviewed my chapters for any sort of errors. They just hit whatever key on their keyboard they needed to hit for the chapters to pass through.

    • Anonymous says:

      Did y’all fix MoTU a whole bunch because that fic is swimming in England.

  55. Monkey Bum says:

    EdwardWesley and CharlotteBella? Sounds like the potential for some polyamorous slashy goodness, right there.
    Or maybe some old fashioned multiple personality disorder.
    Cue the whiplash?

  56. anonymous says:

    I’m not a BNA by any stretch of the imagination, and I’ve been approached by Omnific to re-work one of my fics. And I’ll be honest, I considered it because it’s an awfully tempting offer for someone who’s wanted to be a writer her whole life. But I’ve decided not to go there, for a whole shitload of reasons, not the least of which being I think the stories they’ve published so far are of questionable quality, at best.

    • Anonymous says:

      good on ye.

      here’s the thing, reputable publishers make you come to them, not the other way around.

      go for it, get an agent, do it the right way if that’s what you want to do. it’s work but worth it in the end. i wouldn’t even attempt it any other way. You work hard at writing, don’t risk it all by dealing with some fly by night company.

      • anonymous says:

        Very few of the mainstream publishing houses actually accept material from unsolicited writers. They get so many manuscripts sent to them and most of them are returned to the writers with ‘thanks but no thanks’ letters. Occasionally something slips through. But it is rare.

        Real authors have literary agents, as the nonnie above said.

        Real authors get rejected many, many times before they are finally accepted by a publishing house. JK Rowling was rejected by 12? publishing houses before Bloomsbury. Rejection is just part of the deal.

  57. Anonymous says:

    So much gigglesnorting that it hurts.

  58. Anon1 says:

    Ego knows no bounds. I don’t want to be cruel, but re-writing ff does not an author make. To then sell yourself on a blog – and to schoolchildren – as a published author takes balls of steel.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wait, wait, wait
      This person wrote fanfiction, changed some names and sold some hard copies of it and is now passing herself off as a genuine published author to children? I weep.

    • ohshiz says:

      holy shit. it says she’s a motherfucking elected official. lolololololololol. wonder if her constituents know about her twifandom habit.

    • amaaaazed says:

      Well, I’ll be damned. Apparently, you don’t have to be a genius to be a rocket scientist. (Seriously, rocket scientist?)

      • Anonymous says:

        Aerospace engineering IS rocket science. Get it? Space…rockets…science? A rocket scientist covers anyone in aerospace.

        • amaaaazed says:

          um, I got it. I know what a rocket scientist is…. perhaps, I should’ve written my parenthetical rhetorical question differently. Maybe… (Seriously, she’s a rocket scientist and she’s still didn’t recognize when she’s been hoodwinked by a so-called publisher that lacks integrity and commonsense?)

          oooh… or maybe you are making a joke, and in that case, I’m not sure what the joke is. :\

  59. Anonymous says:

    Okay, so I’m a Twilighted VB and I think this is complete bullshit. Publishing FF? Seriously, it makes me ashamed to be associated with the site. Completely and totally, and just so you know the VB’s have already found this blog and have bandied the link around and had a major whine fest about it with one another. “Oh noes, how can they bash authors this way? We support Omnific and their attempts to publish us, wah…wahhhh…wahhhhh.” Seriously…it’s pretty pathetic that they can’t even see the flaws in their own self obsessiveness. They find no fault in their own actions and it’s SHAMEFUL.

    Now, mind you, there are some really awesome VB’s out there. They do their job, they don’t play favorites, they’re there only to read FF and help authors but as of lately, the truly good VB’s have become the minority and the bitches have taken over the website. I’m only there to validate, and even that’s pointless now as it seems to be a game of favoritism instead of helping authors. Omnific is a joke, and so is Twilighted and it’s only a matter of time before both sites crash and burn.

    • Anonymous says:

      Shame on you Twank and followers and Validation Betas.
      All psymom has ever done is try to create a place where people can read Twi stories and talk about them freely in a positive way.

      You take for granted something that has opened up this little fandom and made it what it is today.

      Has it gotten too big? Perhaps. But you can’t really control that.

      Psymom is a sweet lady with a big heart. Omnific or not… she’s done amazing things for this fandom. And she can pull the plug at anytime.

      Have a problem with the way things are run. Simple… quit, don’t work as a VB. Don’t like how the stories are validated…. simple. Don’t post. It’s a private site, she owns it, and she can do what likes with it.

      • infringement 101 says:

        actually, there’s one thing she CAN’T do: publish fanfiction and make a profit off of it. Hence this blog. Boooohooo. She’s a CROOK.

      • Garth says:

        Oh NOES. Was that a threat? Hurry everyone, gather your fiction and your Edward blankets. Psymom MIGHT PULL THE PLUG ON THE FANDOM!!!


        I is died of lulz.

      • vb says:

        See, that’s not helping the cause at all. Psymom is a lovely lady, personally, she really is. But to deny there are any issues with Twilighted or Omni… that’s just dumb.

        • Anne Nonnie Mouse says:

          IMHO, Omnific has poisoned the relationship between Twific authors and their readers.

          Do I think psymom and the others at Omnific intended for this to happen?

          No, not exactly.

          But, however their involvement in the fandom started, I get the feeling they’re now in it to make a buck. When a story gets popular now, some writers look at review count and see their readers / supporters as dollar signs.

          No one like being treated like a money-making opportunity. It’s disrespectful and dehumanizing. Readers are getting disgusted at the treatment and are responding accordingly.

      • amaaaazed says:

        LMFAO! I’m tired so at first I read this comment and thought you were being sarcastic. WAAAAAAH, LEAVE PSYMOM ALONE!! Boohissss, I don’t give a fuck what the egos and the sycophants DELUDE themselves into thinking that site has done for fandom that nobody in any other fandom has ever done. Well… aside from thinking they can market fanfiction as something original and make a profit off of it. I don’t know anyone who prefers to read on Twi’d. Every call for story recs I’ve read lately is also accompanied with the stipulation that it not be on that Twi’d site. Ever think that some people didn’t want Twilight Fandom to be what is today? I know…. It’s a difficult concept to accept since it’s SO great and all. Oh, and just because some people in fandom have the gall to vent their frustrations and talk shit because they can, it doesn’t mean they should be told to flounce. My mother may have raised a bitch, but she didn’t raise a quitter. If these “sweet ladies” can’t take criticism, then maybe they should exit the internet stage left.

        Some fanfic writers post their stories wherever they can so they can get more readers to find them on FFn or elsewhere (at least that’s why a couple of my friends post on Twi’d, not that I agree with them for posting there), and as some of the fair VBs have noted in this board, they stick it out despite the hypocrisy, the cliques, and the ridiculous fanfic publishing venture for the writers/stories they validate for that would be stuck in the queue forever without them. I can appreciate what they do even though I haven’t read a story on that site in over a year.

        Great, so now I can add dictatorship to the growing list of cons about that site? PULL THE FUCKING PLUG. It’ll flush away some of the idiots in this fandom, and the rest will move to other Twific websites (because there is more than one, fyi, Psymom didn’t invent that shit) or create new ones. Nothing is irreplaceable on the internet.

      • Anonymouse says:

        Oh no! She might shut down Twilighted because we were mean!

        But where would we go to read fics? (Oh yeah…FF.net like we do now. Since pretty much every story that’s posted on Twilighted is on FFnet as well. In an easier to read format).

        And where would we go to discuss fics? (FFnet forums, LJ, ADF…places where you can have a logical discussion about the story without being attacked by rabid fans.)

        I don’t have any sympathy for the woman because the thing most likely to make SM put the kibosh on fanfic is her doing.

    • Anne Nonnie Mouse says:

      You stick around because … ?

      I am honestly curious.

  60. Twilight slush says:

    Can I be annoying and say it’s time for a new post?

    • Garth says:

      I know twankhards. Get off twitter and write bitches.

      …that was a JOKE.

      But srsly. twank starts to stink after three days. get a move on. 😀

  61. Anonymous says:

    I don’t want to abandon the authors I validate for because if I do, they’ll be looking at spending two or three weeks in the queue for every chapter they upload. Once all my authors have completed their stories, I’m out of there.

    • vb says:

      That’s why I’m sticking it out, despite the fact that I avoid most of the other VBs like the plague (they’re crazy cliquey, and some are super scary fangirls of the Twiboys… it creeps me the fuck out, so I don’t even care that I haven’t been truly accepted into the fold after all this time). I really like some of my authors, and I’d feel guilty abandoning them. Simple as that.

      There are lots of issues with Twilighted, but there are also some really good things about it, too. But I find the bad is starting to outweigh the good, a bit. The worst thing is, as long as you’ve got different people doing the validating, you’re going to have different opinions on what’s acceptable and what’s not. Some VBs have insanely high standards and others let pretty much anything through. I like to think that I’m a happy medium.

      There IS favoritism, but for the record, I don’t play that game. Ever. My authors’ chapters get validated in the order in which they’re submitted, as soon as I can get to them.

      • Another VB says:

        I thought I was the only one. Do we have mutiny in the Twi’d ranks?

        I’ve been considering jumping ship, but like you I dread leaving my authors at the mercy of the “overzealous elitist wannabes” that would be left. There are some great betas associated with the site. However, they are either overshadowed by the “I’m better than you” attitude of the masses, or they’re slowly being corrupted and dragged into the fold. Every day, I sit with my popcorn, and watch to see which of the latest betas will play “kiss up” best to gain the attention of the clique. Honestly, that’s all the hundred plus emails of BS that we are subjected to daily are good for, entertainment.

        Twi’d wouldn’t be so bad if there was consistency in the rejections. For instance, I understand rejecting rubbish that burns your eyes and makes you brain bleed. It shouldn’t be allowed to see the light of day, much less an internet post. However, rejecting an author simply because they do not fit psymom or one of her worshippers’ cookie cutter examples of fanfic is utterly preposterous. I’m talking quality writing here people. Not when we see mediocrity, such as what Hannah wrote, being published by the same handpicked worshippers.

        How dare we speak out against psymom? Because she told us, and I say “us” since once upon a time I believed in her, we ARE better than the rest of fandom. Her words and attitude are what perpetrates the farce known as the Twilighted VB clique.

        As for the Omnifiasco, I think you all said it beautifully above.

        • Anon E Mouse says:

          Did she really put it that way? That Twilighted staff are above all else. Whew.

          • Another VB says:

            Please don’t make me scroll through my 1385 emails for the month and quote. I paraphrased every rah rah speech/email ever received.

        • amaaaazed says:

          That is appalling, but I’m not surprised. I’ve gotten the impression from the faithful and loyal followers and leaders behind Twilighted that they feel superior and have improved fandom by their very presence. All it is though is another place to post smutty stories, another place discuss said smutty stories. I say ANOTHER because there are other sites out there that don’t expect you to bow down to them where there’s no hierarchy. See… that is why I call bogus on the whole “Psymom is a sweet lady” argument. I don’t know her in real life. I don’t know how she treats people off or even online. I don’t know what thoughts lurk in that head of hers. I lived next door to a woman who seemed like a sweet lady once. I talked to her once, and it was clear she wasn’t so sweet. Anyone who thinks or preaches superiority in fandom or elsewhere is not sweet in my book.

      • Anonymous says:

        Now I’m wondering which one you are, and relieved I’m not the only one that everyone treats like something the dog brought in hanging from his ass.

        • Another VB says:

          A frustrated one who didn’t get corrupted by the masses.

          • vb says:

            Should we start our own support group? 😉

            And yes, I do think there’s more dissension among the ranks than one might think, initially. If you’re not at the Kool Kids’ table, there’s no point even trying to get involved in the conversations, because you’ll be ignored. I’ve often brought threads to a grinding halt, just by replying. It’s kinda fun, but kinda fucked up, too. For the most part, though, I sit there and watch the emails come pouring in, and unless they amuse me for some reason, I usually just hit delete without even opening them (after reading the first one in the thread, to see what the deal is).

            • Another VB says:

              We should!

              Aww…the “grinding halt” or my favorite, they continue the thread with the post just before yours. Forgive me for attempting to be a part of the discussion that insists on flooding my inbox daily. I gave up a long time ago and do use it for entertainment value now. Actually, I have them to thank for bringing Twankhard to my attention.

              To the Twilighted VB Clique: I know you’re reading because someone has to report back to the other minions. Thank you!

              • vb says:

                “To the Twilighted VB Clique: I know you’re reading because someone has to report back to the other minions. Thank you!”

                Of course they are. And you know they’re going crazy trying to figure out who we are. Feels kinda good, doesn’t it?

            • Anonymous says:

              “I’ve often brought threads to a grinding halt, just by replying.”

              HA! I can call up the crickets, too. ;D You feel like you accidentally walked past a No Admittance sign.

            • Yet another vb says:

              Maybe we do need a support group. I’ve been biting my tongue for ages – the rules are often ridiculous and arbitrary, there is vast inconsistency in grounds for rejection, and there are a lot of errors that get through especially for certain people. It’s a little ironic – I validate fics, but I never just read stories there anymore – ff.net is way easier on my eyes.

  62. Anonymous says:

    Which will hopefully be fairly soon, cause as of lately, a lot of my authors have emailed me and said they’re jumping ship because they don’t want to be associated with Twilighted anymore 🙂

    • RebelVB says:

      Shame on you Twank and followers and Validation Betas. All psymom has ever done is try to create a place where people can read Twi stories and talk about them freely in a positive way. You take for granted something that has opened up this little fandom and made it what it is today. <— bwhahaha, you're kidding me right? You do know that Twilighted was founded ONLY because another FF site (I don't think it exists anymore? Simply Twilight? Shit…no, not that one…there's another one…any one recall the name?) wouldn't allow Psymom and her gang of Twimoms to write smut and post it on their site, right? That's the ONLY reason Twilighted was created, they didn't create it to give authors a place for the fandom, and once they realized that there would be others posting their, they took it on as a way to toot their own horn.

      They are PUBLISHING FANFICTION! Seriously, how immoral and low can you get? Hi, I have this like…OMG SO ORIGINAL IDEA but it uses Twilight characters, so um, like…if I totes change the name I'm gonna totes publish it with this super real life publishing company owned by Twimoms…teehee…PSYMOM FTW *eye roll*

  63. RebelVB says:

    “To the Twilighted VB Clique: I know you’re reading because someone has to report back to the other minions. Thank you!”

    What’s really funny…is the number of resignations being passed through in just the past two weeks….I love the drama of Twilighted…perhaps I may stick around for a while longer just to see how it all falls apart? Quite entertaining…

  64. Anonymous says:

    That’s quite funny. There’ll be less VB’s, longer wait for stories to validate…me thinks authors will flounce. I’ve seen it happen already.

    • Another VB says:

      Wait, am I counting right? There’s six of us so far?

      The “mass exodus” is funny. As are the “why is everybody leaving” questions. Have you read any of your email threads lately? The answer might be in…all of them.

      • vb says:

        Yeah, it looks like six of us. Not a huge percentage of all the VBs on staff, really, but still… there’s probably another group who are unhappy but not willing to speak up, even anonymously, just in case Big Brother finds out who they are and reports them to psymom.

      • ugh says:

        did you count me? i’ll be taking part in the “mass exodus” pretty soon. lol

  65. Nonnie101 says:

    I was going to post a story on Twilighted, but I decided not to and posted it to a new site that just got started up, Fresh Squeezed Lemons. There’s a forum but it’s pretty dead so far, but that also means it’s drama free.

  66. RebelVB says:

    did you count me? i’ll be taking part in the “mass exodus” pretty soon. lol

    I wish there was a way for us to know who each of us is, hehe. I think I know who one of you are…

    I’m gonna stick around, just to watch the drama unfold. I’ve been on that site too damned long (seriously…wayyyyyyyyy too long, if that’s any clue) to not enjoy watching that failboat sink…

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