With acceptance you shall find peace

Posted: October 7, 2010 in Robsten/Nonsten wank, Twanks
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We’re not really even sure we can pinpoint the twank here. We guess in the generalized sense, DelaneyG84 is one big, pulsating twank monster, just lurking beneath your bed, waiting for your feet to pass so she can jump out, grab you, and yell.


We already know a little about how Delaney is being sued by Summit for leaking Eclipse photos, so her rabid fanaticism doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

We have no idea how she developed such a “following” but if you were to ask her, it’s because she has “insider sources” that can confirm the definite existence of “Robsten.” Not only can she confirm that RP and KS are together and deeply in love, but she also provides alleged details about their personal and professional lives, sometimes teasing her followers with clues about information gained from these “sources”. All the while, she is claiming to have so much information on RP and KS that she has to remain “muzzled” to respect their privacy.

She sometimes insults her very following by agreeing “a cat has more common sense than a large portion of R/k fans“.

She has double agents EVERYWHERE!

Begs in smugness, “Let’s forget the “Stens”. I have done my part. Y’all know the truth by now. Let’s be Rob, Kris and Twilight Saga fans. Ok?

It’s wrong to hate on popular figures. “You can’t be a fan of Rob if you hate Kstew.

Yet she continuously mocks and berates other figures of popularity, calling Joe Jonas “a virgin whore” and saying this of Rob and Kristen’s costars, Ashley Green and Nikki Reed: “AG and NR just need to keep their legs shut. There I said it.

Yet she tells Twihards they need to chill the fuck out.

And God forbid anyone doubt the existence of Robsten. She reitterates how very together the couple is. Again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and…

You feel me.

Sometimes, reading through her Twitter feed (which we only had the motivation to do as far back as July), we get the impression that Delaney feels burdened by her obligations and duties in this fandom. She has to confirm and deny every rumor, inform us which fan sites are acceptable to visit, and constantly reiterate how very together the couple is. Again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and…

We all know how rabid it can get on both sides of this R/K debate, but Twankhard was really shocked to hear some of the shenanigans, going so far to stalk and harass people and their families (on either side) in their personal lives.  Naturally, we’re like.

Who cares who’s fucking whom?

But this is some prime, WTF IT’S SO CREEPY WE’RE SCARED FOR THEM twank.

When things get really difficult for Delany, she just finds comfort in knowing that Rob and Kristen are solid.

Scary creepy?

Happy Halloween, Twankas.


ETA2: Nonnie sent us this public summary of the Summit lawsuit



  1. Anonymous says:

    Perfect twank is perfect.

    I’m glad someone submitted this psychopath. My condolences that you subjected yourselves to reading her tweets.

    • Anon E Mouse says:

      Isn’t Delaney in her 30s and living with her parents? If Rob and Kristen are dating, he’s the crappiest bf ever. Shippers are scary. I followed a couple of Twi fic blogs–blogs with the purpose of pimping fic, but instead in my feed, I had creepy shipper fantasies. These people even try to speculate on these people’s sex lives. Ew! I think Kristen fans are the worst though. They’re the most rabid. There was one post where someone said they could bet that Rob went with with Tom to see Into The Wild & prob said he wanted to marry her after seeing it. WTF?

    • BOO! says:

      Ooooookay. Erm … are patz and spew together, aren’t they together? Are they fucking, are they just friends? WHO CARES! My life, your life – the whole fucking world goes on regardless.

  2. devilmademedoit says:


    what a loser.

    seems to me Delaneyg84 sure is being awful defensive of something she knows to be true.

  3. Imma Nonnie Toooo says:

    I honestly don’t care if Robsten are an item or not. Good on them if they are. But IDGAF.

    This broad, however, is twank worthy fo shizzle. And I agree w the Halloween theme. Scary and a little sad. Yet another one I imagine is holed up in her Hoarders house, knee deep in cat feces and dead possums.

    Let’s hope there’s no children in the household.

    • One Big Eye Roll says:

      Don’t think you have any worries on that front. She’d have to leave her parents basement for that to happen.

  4. cookiemonster says:

    I’m confident her blanket of self-importance will keep her warm once Summit spanks her photo-leaking ass.

  5. ScaredyKat says:

    Oh gurhl…you done stirred up a hornet’s nest with this one…if you think the fic fandom can get cray cray, wait until the shippers/delaney fandom descend! GET READY FOR CAPS AND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!1 *runs for cover*

  6. Imma Nonnie Toooo says:

    PS. I forgot to mention I’m terrified for both Pattz & Stew

  7. Anonymous says:

    This fucking brilliant! 😀 and she had harassed me at work when I called her ass out. LOL

  8. DelaneyIsDelooney says:

    First time posting on this site and I just want to say THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for this post. This bitch is LEGIT banana sandwich crazy and needs to get her priorities in check.

    She’s a middle-aged nobody who doesn’t know shit.

  9. I'm not telling says:

    You have left everyone speechless Twank…nice! Either that or the email subscribers aren’t out of bed yet…

    • oh jeebus says:

      Speechless. Definitely speechless.

    • oh jeebus says:

      Speechless. Definitely speechless.

      • Anon E Mouse says:

        The crazy thing about these shippers is that Nikki got death threats because she was friends with Rob. He can’t hang out with a woman w/o it getting psychotic. Very sad.

        On a more interesting note, does anyone follow Scout Taylor Compton? Whenever there is a Rob/Kristen outing, she always tweets these sad lovelorn messages.

        • Anonnnie says:

          On a more interesting note, does anyone follow Scout Taylor Compton? Whenever there is a Rob/Kristen outing, she always tweets these sad lovelorn messages.

          I do and it’s appealing to my love of conspiracy theories.

  10. Anonymous says:

    That person and her cult need to be deported to an asylum.
    I have never encountered more batshitcrazy and aggressive group than them. What they do goes beyond stalking and bulling. The worst, majority of them are women in their 40’s.
    They are brain amputated.

  11. Not important says:

    As much as I believe rob and kris are together and am happy fir both of them, Delaney is a psycho. She thinks she’s the queen bee of the fandom and no one has a right to disagree on anything she says because she knows it all. I used to follow her on Twitter and livejournal and she’s a nutcase. Sad thing is, summit hired her to publicize robsten at a slow rate so people would begin to accept it. Unfortunately for her, she took advantage of this power and screwed them over. Why do you think she’s getting sued?oh and if anyone asks, I have “inside sources” who tell me all about what’s really going on.

    • One Big Eye Roll says:

      I think you’re giving her too much credit. She said in the court documents that she posted those stills because she’s a “huge fan”, and that she did it to help the movie because people were worried that there was too much action, not enough romance. If she was *ever* an insider at Summit, she would have told the court that because it would have helped her currently non-existent defence.

      Don’t kid yourself, she’s “inside” nothing apart from her own head.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t see the logic of this. If you believe that your ship exists why would Summit have to hire someone to push it? Or do you claim to be the only one who intuitively knew? Your claim that you have “inside sources” is very windy. She claims exactly the same. I don’t trust her. Why would I trust you? It looks like you’re in fact using her fall to push your own little agenda.

  12. Anonymous says:

    GENIOUS!! Delaney is such a hypocrite, she calls Nikki and Ash bad names but when other ppl do this with K she barks like a dog!!
    And i’m a fan of Rob , IDGAF for K, i can dislike her how much i wanna, that’s my opinion.
    Ppl who really trust in the things she says must be really crazy, come on, she says what’s the best site, what is the one you should go… and some ppl do what she said!! COME ON!
    She must be an half age woman, and still believe in fairy tales, that’s just sad. Robsten is not Beward. She needs a man in her life oh wait, she needs a life!!

    • Anonymous says:

      You can like or dislike anyone you want. Such logic that you can’t like the one without liking the other is pubescent logic. No. Actually it’s kindergarten stuff. Calling AG and NR whores while defending KS is the same kind of bullshit.

      • Anon E Mouse says:

        These are the same type of people who shipped Leo and Kate after Titanic. However, Kristen will never be in the same league as Kate. If blinking and stuttering can earn you an Oscar, then have at it. lol

  13. Anonymous says:

    Looks like she locked her twitter.


    I was still reading.

    • Anonymous says:

      Like usual, stalker Delaney has no doubt noticed that people are calling her on locking her twitter so she opened it back up again.

      No way is that woman going to lock her twitter. She lives for the daily adulation.

  14. Lulzy McGee says:

    Another set of delusional wank worthy loons are the two that “OWN” the Twilight FB page. @littlelauren and @heidijovt

    btw, I didn’t know you can ‘own’ a FB page. Heidi’s not nearly as bad as Lauren is.

    • anonny nonny non says:

      I think the funniest part is that littlelauren ran that thing before it became ‘official’, when Summit realized that hey, this person already does all the work for us…and we don’t have to pay her…SWEET. She doesn’t *get* that they use her. and that no, she is not an insider, just a pawn.

    • anything u want says:

      Heidi thinks that she is the queen of all things 100 monkeys! She is Damn near 40 and running around like a Damn teenager.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Uh oh, seems Delaney didn’t like you linking to her tweets…she locked her twitter down.


    May need to find someone with access and get those screencaps made to link to….

  16. Anonymous says:

    It’s not Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart who are that annoying. It’s their rabid, obsessive, fanatic shipper fans who make you seriously doubt the sanity of the Twilight fandom. Delaney poses as a sort of shipper mother hen and is definitely one of the worst crazies out there. What’s with all the preaching and mass confirmations? You’d think she doesn’t actually believe in “Robsten” herself with all her wild reaffirmations.

    And now cue the rabid Laney defenders, 1, 2, 3…

    • Anon E Mouse says:

      The shipping has taken the fun out of Twilight fandom. I know of people who have been cyber stalked and they also posted her personal info on another site for daring to have an opinion opposite theirs. Sorry, shippers bug the crap out of me because of what happened to my friend.

  17. jj says:

    Delaney is in her 40’s not a 20 something PR woman she wants her fans to believe.

    • Anonymous says:

      And she is not “born and raised in England” either. How in the hell she thought that wasn’t going to get out and slap her in the rear is beyond me.

  18. *singing the Doug themesong* says:

    Jeeeeeeeeebus…*rolls eyes*
    Devil Kitty forbid you have your own opinions and beliefs! Next we’ll be told that we all have to dress as hobos and not wash our hair for days on end. Soon after all the men will be required to grow facial hair and shave when Rob does.

  19. thoroughly amused says:

    This is all you guys could come up with? I wish I had the motivation to tell you everything I know about that crazy witch. The actual details are hilarious, sad, frightening, and sometimes they even make you sick. Sucks that she makes sane fans look bad.

  20. yomama says:

    I have never heard of this chick before this twank and now wish I could make it so again.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for this!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. DyingOfLaughter says:

    oh thank GOD!!! i was hoping someone would twank this psycho! who cares if r/k are fucking?!?! she feeds the crazy and is WAY too invested in r/k. she’s the craziest of the crazy. she is a 40 year old lonely woman who lives at home with WAY too much time on her hands.

    but twankhard you forgot the BEST part of the lawsuit – SHE IS REPRESENTING HERSELF AGAINST SUMMIT!!! LOL!!! when i heard that i literally laughed for 10 minutes and laughed so hard i had tears in my eyes. fucking classic. save those pennies!!!

    • One Big Eye Roll says:

      Don’t forget that although she’s forgone representation for her lawsuit with a massive corporation because “she doesn’t need it”, she has lawyered up because she’s had some prank phone calls to her mothers home!

    • Anonymous says:

      For serious. Read through her Answer. Some of the funniest shit I have ever read. “I did it! But I did it to help the movie, I swear!”

      Who is so fucking dumb as to fail to get a lawyer when a huge corporation is suing them? There is no way I could even begin to follow her logic there…

  23. Anonymous says:

    I remember back in the day, when things weren’t quite as clear as they are today, and people were still having fun with the “are they/aren’t they” game. She took the fun right out of it and turned an angry mob of cult followers onto the reasonable portion of the fandom. It was beyond ridiculous. She launched a full on jihad against all of the non-believers and succeeded in provoking a huge amount of negative sentiment toward both actors.

    I’m pretty sure if she hadn’t been as rabid as she was, those two would have been “out” ages ago. Instead they became pawns in some ridiculous fandom civil war. No one really cared if they were together or not until this chick made it personal, like: R and K’s relationship is so inspirational, you who can’t see the love between them have the blackest of black souls. Or something like that. lol. She (and whoever hired her) were stoking the flames of some non-existent conflict to drum up PR and I think it backfired, badly, and went out of control. Death threats, stalking, harassment, the works. cRAzY.

    I almost flounced twilight for good because I found it so disturbing. Instead, I just flounced the movies. I can’t watch the movies without thinking about the Robsten debacle and it just ruins it for me. I’ll stick with fic, thanks

    • Anonymous says:

      Come on, what do those actors care what a crazy bitch Twilight fan in her 40s is rambling to her followers? The large mass of Twilight fans is not even in the fandom let alone reading her crazy ramblings. Don’t credit the fandom with either bringing them out or keeping them locked in their closets, and that comment you can read several ways.

      • Anonymous says:

        i hate to admit it, but this psycho has an AMAZING amount of control over the perception of these two actors (or at least she did in the beginning). you can bet your ass their “people” really do care what that crazy bitch is saying and what the crazy fans are doing. perception is EVERYTHING in hollywood. the crazies matter.

        • Anonymous says:

          Your theory is just like any other “robsten” or “nonsten” theory = entirely based on conjecture.

          • Anonymous says:

            it is? really? how interesting. I didn’t realize anyone thought my word was law on this subject. jfc. take a pill.

  24. Anonymous says:

    you guise really spent all your time on this? pretty pathetic. we all knew delaney is mental.

  25. twankle twankle says:

    delaney is scary. not even the good, halloween scary. she’s 6 o’clock news scary. the “she was always such a quiet girl, in her parets basement. we never thought she’d be so violent” way.


  26. DyingOfLaughter says:

    i can still see her twitter and no i don’t follow her. i don’t have a twitter either. i dunno why other ppl cant see it.

  27. amaaaazed says:

    Making a life and career out of gossiping about other people’s lives and careers sounds so pathetic to me. Talk about throwing in the towel of life. Delaney, Lainey, and all of the people who’ve made “Robsten” their job and stir shit up or act like SANITY in THIS FANDOM hinges on their ability to appease the rabble need to buy a clue. There is no rationalizing with the extreme shippers or the extreme anti-shippers, and if you think you’ve got them under control as if you’re Queen Bee, you are more crazy than the craziest of them.

    • YouRockTwankhard says:

      Lest we forget her most recent tweet:
      @JodieO I am very confident in my info and sources. I would stake my family’s fortune on it. Of course I can’t divulge full info.

      LMAO, in the court documents, she told Summit she’s broke as shit. Ergo, staking her family’s fortune on the quality of her info and sources is as good as SHIT.

      What a grade A loser! She can’t get real friends so she resorts to creating a fake identity in the media world, stating she’s in her 20s when she’s freaking 40, and selling fan fic up the wazoo. The minions who swallow up her shit really confuse the hell out of me. Delooney contradicts herself so often, but they always turn a blind eye. One day it’s OMG YOU GUISE, CHILL THE FUCK OUT, R/K NEED THEIR PRIVACY. Next day she’s talking about Stew’s “sweaty taco.” *gags and pukes*

      Keep tweeting and digging yourself in more of a hole, Deloon. I’m sure Summit is gathering more evidence on you.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Do I believe R/K are together? Yes. But do i believe Delaney and others that claim to have inside information? Heck no. Im so sick of people on both sides claiming to have inside information. YOU DONT! Im so sick of the hate and the delusion that the extreme shippers and the extreme Nonstens have brought down on this fandom. So sick of it.

    Loved this twankhard. Now to be fair i hope you do one about the extreme Nonstens who also claim to have insider information (like knowing Twilight’s makeup artist). Because their obsession with R/K not being together is just as creepy as the extreme shippers and they are just as delusional with their crazy PR theories.

    • LoudL says:

      I actually think the Nonstens are worse… who spends their days posting about a relationship they believe is false? I don’t get that.

      • anonymus says:

        Here we go!!!
        The shippers have arrived.
        Of course “they are right and only supporting the epic love”.
        It didnt’ take you long.

        • LoudL says:

          I didn’t say that one side is “right”. I am not a shipper. I didn’t even get involved with the Twilight fandom until waaaay after the majority of the fighting calmed down.

          I just truly don’t understand why someone would spend months of their lives on negative shit. The shit that the “shippers” post is so outlandishly crazy (they are getting married, are soulmates, etc). The crap that the “nonstens” post is typically vile towards an actor/actress that no one here knows and never will.

          All I am saying is if I had to choose then I would pick positivity over negativity any day.

    • lol! says:

      Funny how you’re so sick of the hatred but *just* had to start your comment with an affirmation of your ship *and* put in a request to have “nonstens” twanked as well. Girl, that was predictable.

      • anonymous says:

        It’s always the same.
        The best way to defend Delaney her obsession with R/K is accusing the other side and never ever taking responsibility for their own actions.

  29. Monkey Bum says:

    As neither of them are fucking me, I couldn’t give a rat’s ass.

  30. Me says:

    Oh noes…. That all you got?

    IDGAF about r/k?

    Well, 99.99% of this fandom DGAF about what you clearly DGAF about on this site, yet seem to spend hours of your days trawling through other peoples twitter accounts and writing about them.

    Jealousy is a sick, sick disease.

    You stirring the shit pot is making this fandom even worse than it was before, not helping it in anyway.

    Oh well, in about a months time, everyone will forget about this place and then no one will GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOU.

  31. anonymous says:

    Delusion knows no bounds.

  32. StoptheInsanity says:

    Word! Im so sick of the Queenbees of Nonstens and Robstens fighting each other. And people like Delaney are making this Twifandom not fun anymore. I mean does she honestly believe she has an inside link to R/K. Next twankard someone needs to target the Queenbees of the otherside who are just as delusional and are also bullys (CandyKizzes24). They are JUST as obsessed with R/K just on the other spectrum. Guess what, you guys are crazy too. So sick of the crazies.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Good lord, I can’t believe you guys subjected yourselves to that much torture. Do you need the brain bleach? Maybe a lollipop?

    I especially like this quote:
    “You can’t be a fan of Rob if you hate Kstew.“
    And to that I say: fucking watch me!

    • oh jeebus says:

      Word. I could barely subject myself to the linked tweets, I’m pretty sure I’d be a little nuts after reading more of them.

    • DelaneyIsDelooney says:

      I especially like this quote:
      “You can’t be a fan of Rob if you hate Kstew.“
      And to that I say: fucking watch me!

      CO-SIGN! They’re two separate people and I WILL keep treating them as such.

    • Anonymous says:

      Watch me, too!

      In fact watch a lot of us be fans of Rob while hating KStew.

  34. VivalaRobstenmyass says:

    You should take a look at alonelily’s essay tweets. She’s always preaching against hate yet she screencaps people’s tweets and says negative things about them. She’s pathetic. She’s in her 50s with kids and a husband yet she hates people on Twitter. I’m serious. Look at her Twitpics. She wears devil horns in a lot of them.

    (if the horns fit…)

    Anyway, I find it funny (not really) that she said herself she was bullied in school and had to change schools for it, yet she bullies others by stalking and bashing people who don’t agree with her about two people who could give a shit about her.

    *********************************** SIMMAH DOWN NAH -TH

    • anonny nonny nonner says:

      oh alonelily is real piece of work. so is jittzpattzing. I’m far too lazy to do the research, but I do wish someone would send twankhard info on her. You want to see crazy? That one takes the cake.

    • alonelily says:

      I have taken a look at alonelily’s essay tweets, in fact, I wrote them.

      And in those tweets, I admitted that I am just as much as a hypocrite as everyone else. At least I was willing to own up to that fact.

      As for screencapping? Yes, I have. “Always?” No. On occasion? Yes, and only to point out moments for eyerolling. Nothing more, nothing less. I daresay what’s gone on in this delightful missive of a blog goes way beyond what I ever did in my minute twittersphere, yet here everyone is cheering this BS on.

      As for your other little factoids, all I can say is LMAO. I am not anywhere NEAR my “50s” thank you very much, nor do I have children, nor do I hate people on twitter. As for having wearing devil horns in a lot of my pics? Um, no. I posted ONE pic of me in devil’s horns, and that tweet had something to do with an issue I was dealing with at work. It. Was. A. Joke.

      The only thing you actually got right is the fact I am married. So what. So are countless others in this fandom. You really should submit that little fictoid you drafted for Booker Prize acknowledgment because it is some primo creative writing.

      Was I bullied in middle school? Yes. Do I condone it now? No. (see again the part above where I admitted to my own hypocrisy). But in none of my ramblings, or “essays” as you have called them, have I called anyone out personally. I’ve not directed a single one of my rants at a single individual or even small group. They were always left intentionally vague.

      As I have stated before, I am equally as appalled at some of the behaviors of people who have been demeaning towards known “nonstens.” I tweeted about how it was wrong that people’s personal information was posted on the AT boards. I tweeted about how wrong it was that someone’s children were targeted by an account solely opened for that purpose. Both of these things happened to people who are very active in the nonsten community, so see, I stand up to it on both sides.

      What that “essay” was about, had you really paid attention, was the way people are continuing to target a single person in this fandom for the sole purpose of bringing about her demise (case in point, this blog post). Whatever you want to call it, it is wrong. Surely, there are more productive things to do with your time than sit and worry about someone else’s legal problems.

      Believe it or not, my life does NOT revolve around Rob or Kris, collectively or together. They could break up tomorrow (assuming they’re together now), and my life would go on per usual; no tears, no meltdowns, just perhaps, a small conciliatory sigh of “too bad.” That’s it. T’aint no skin off mah back.

      I’d much rather spend my time thinking about ways I can be a productive member of society, and contributing to my local community through my volunteer and other efforts than fret about the minute details of other people’s personal relationships, although keeping up with those PR conspiracy theories is really just too, too tempting to pass up.

      So, who needs to simmah down now? Perhaps you need to simmah down with a great big cup o’ facts.

  35. LoudL says:

    First, I don’t even think the term “shipper” should be used anymore. At this point you are a Robsten (believe they are together) or Nonsten (don’t believe they are together/don’t like the fact they are together/it’s all PR/they are both gay). I think they are dating but that doesn’t make me a shipper.

    Secondly, Delaney freaks me out as bad as the rest of the overly obsessed fans. They can get crazy on both sides of the debate. HOWEVER, she is either a hacker or truly had a “inside source” with Summit… she not only leaked the Eclipse pics but also pics from various photoshoots. How did she get them?

    I’m not saying that she has any true intimate knowledge of R/K but still…

    • if you only knew says:

      She got those pics because someone sent them to her. I’ve seen all the court documents. A hacker in Sweden sent them to some minor, who then sent them to delaney (not her real name, btw), who then sent them to a few fansites who keep their noses firmly planted in her ass. One in particular is a site that she just so happened to promote…

      And did you happen to notice the only shoots she leaks are ones with Kristen in them? Oh.

      • LoudL says:

        I don’t understand why it matters that “the only shoots she leaks are ones with Kristen in them”? That’s not true anyway because she was one of the first to leak a couple of Rob’s solo shoots.

    • anonymous says:

      Delaney is getting info like some other fansites from their Goddess of Unique. But I guess majority of believers don’t want to believe that.
      That info of course is what the people in charge want to get out not the TRUTH.

      • LoudL says:

        This entire response makes no sense to me. Maybe I’m just not involved enough in the fight to understand what you are talking about?

        Who is the Goddess of Unique? Also, what is the “TRUTH” and how do you know it?

        • wigglesworth says:

          Goddess of Unique = Kristen (according to diehard K fans/shippers)

          Essentially, I’m guessing that he/she is saying that K’s team is leaking some stuff to fan sites in return for PR.

    • ermmm... says:

      Why would someone who isn’t a shipper define themself as either a “Robsten” or a “Nonsten”? Srsly? Ever hear of “I don’t care?”

    • amaaaazed says:

      I wouldn’t classify myself as Robsten or Nonsten because to me those terms apply to the extreme fans out there who act as if the status of their relationship can make or break their day. I agree that you can think that they are dating or not dating without being invested enough to be a shipper or an anti-shipper.

      I don’t get why people get stressed over it, just stay in your respective online corners and celebrate or commiserate because I get it. A big part of being online in any fandom is finding like-minded people who don’t judge you, but in that case just accept whatever the hell happens. If following the latest news for “Robsten” or “Nonsten” can TRULY make or break your day, you need a vacation from fandom for serious. (And I’m not talking about all online YAY or WAAA postings because I’ve made posts in other fandoms before, and people sometimes read more happiness, anger and passion in them than I really have, so I know that shit happens.)

      These people need to think long and hard and be honest with themselves. I don’t claim to have inside knowledge about how they got together or what they are doing now, but it’s pretty clear to me that they are a couple. What would you do if R/K were not together? If pondering that question fills you with more sadness than a fight with a loved one or the death of a family pet or getting fired when bills are due, you need to get the fuck out of dodge and save yourself because unlike Bella/Edward, Rob and Kristen exist in the real world and their lives are not penned by a Mormon woman with a hard-on for happily ever afters. There are no guarantees when you ship or anti-ship real people.

  36. robsten vs. nonsten says:

    will you please do a robsten vs. nonsten post. they are all fucking crazy to me. i wish we could put them in a room together so they can battle out their delusions and hopefully, they’ll all end up killing themselves. when you are this obsessed and invested in a celebrity’s relationship, then you have serious fucking problems….

    • twankhard says:

      We’re waiting for the Robstens to report something interesting. We figure they’re mad at us *f*

      • baaaaaaaaaaw says:

        You mean something interesting as in things other than all nonstens are fat, lazy, ugly, single, jellissss, twinkie-eating whores? Because, I mean, that’s just such a fantastic argument, how could anyone create better?

      • amaaaazed says:

        Well, since the Nonsten site closed its doors to the rest of us lurkers, I’m sure it’s difficult for them to infiltrate and screen cap some of the ridiculous shit that I’m sure is being said on that site. As a neutral party, I’m too scared to even pretend to care enough to go undercover. I’m guessing from your comment that Nonstens have already done their share of reporting?

        • anonymous says:

          For a neutral party you can’t hide your animosity for nonstens too well.
          Work on that more, lurker!

          • amaaaazed says:

            I have a natural animosity for all extreme points of view, and?

            Everyone on the internet is a lurker at some time or another. A friend showed me a batshit crazy post on that site a long time ago. IDGAF, but it was a cray cray rant, and I love laughing at that shit. Why else would I be on twankhard? LMAO

            • Anon E Mouse says:

              I think ‘nonsten’ was birthed more out of having a place where you can have a negative opinion of Kristen (come on? who are we kidding? she’s a crap actor w/no social skills) and not get flamed or cyber stalked. I’m sure the Krisbians will flock here now.

              • amaaaazed says:

                You make a good point about the birth of the “nonsten” site even though the post I saw seemed to be a bit overboard in its vehemence and certainty. It’s the Absolute Certainty that people have come hell or high water that makes me roll my eyes.

                If they’re not posting, they’re lurking.

                • Anonymous says:

                  If you ONLY saw one post then you really don’t know what gets posted there.

                  Like the person above you said Nonsten was started as a place to be allowed to speak your mind without being attacked by shippers & stans. There is no ONE opinion over there. There are regulars who believe it’s all PR, there are regulars who believe they are in fact in a legit relationship. There’s a lot of grey area that most people fall into. We all agree that there’s a lot of BS & fuckery involved with whatever the deal may be. Most people who post there will agree with you 100% about your view of absolute certainty though…none of us can be certain of anything & most of us never claim we are.

                  I don’t understand why shippers feel threatened that we like to speculate & theorize about this ‘Robsten’ BS. Something doesn’t add up for most of us. Why is questioning something that doesn’t make sense wrong?

                  Sure we discuss PR theories over there. BFD. Most of the time we’re too busy snarking on pretty much anything & everything having to with the saga & the fandom.

                  • amaaaazed says:

                    Never said anything of the sort about there being a single-minded opinion. I just said I saw her point … if that is indeed the case about how/why Nonsten started, Idec and Idek. IDGAF enough to be Fandom Historian. And yes, I ONLY saw one post, and I made a conjecture that they probably have more similarly batshit posts (maybe by that same person, maybe by people in agreement with that poster) in the locked comm. Is it a faulty conjecture? Maybe. Do I care? Nope.

                    FYI to be clear, my comment about Absolute Certainty is about certain schools of thought in this fandom as whole, particularly this shipper mess. And my “if they’re not posting, they’re lurking” comment was about ALL of the extreme fans like the Krisbians.

        • Anonymous says:

          You’re “neutral” but yet you’re butt hurt that you can’t lurk on their site? Make up your mind. I’m sure they’re doing what I would be doing- making fun of the morons like Delooney and the fanatical shippers who think that Robsten is the be all end all of true love. All I see is two people who look like they can barely stand to be around each other but yet the shippers feel the need to go to extreme lengths to prove every little thing means something when it doesn’t and they make it their life’s work to be able to say “suck it haterz” at the end of the day. And they say the “non-believers” have no lives, don’t think so. Lastly, if my boyfriend ever treated me the way Rob does Kristen I’d kick his ass and on the reverse side if he ever talked down to me and patronized me the way Kristen does Rob, I’d still kick his ass- right out the door.

          • amaaaazed says:

            Nope, I’m not butt hurt all. Cool story though!

          • Anon E Mouse says:

            If they are together, he’s the worst bf ever & he would be dumped.

            • amaaaazed says:

              See… you could be right but this is where I’m like “how the fuck does anybody know shit” unless the person is claiming to have inside knowledge on the internet, in which case well, it must be true. LMAO! I don’t understand how any of us has proof what any celebrities are like during their downtime when they are with people they trust and not people watching for a story. Everyone’s got their trufax. In the mean time, we can take bets about who will be right when the tell-all is released.

  37. NaNaNa says:

    The only reason DeLOONey leaked the Eclipse leg hitch pics is because Rob’s movie, Remember Me, was coming out and in her mind, GOD FORBID HE EVER KISS OR ACT OUT A LOVE SCENE WITH ANOTHER WOMAN… Pathetic, I tell ya…

    • Anonymous says:

      Remember Me came out on Feb. 14th? I remember that is when the Eclipse photos leaked. How do you know she leaked them for that reason?

      • dur says:

        RM came out in March. However, that day, there were new stills released for RM.

        I have also seen the court docs (they’ve been passed around and around, and are public record), and she used a defense that basically said, “I did it for the good of the Twi-fandom! It was being split! I thought leaking the stills would help!” Right, on the same day that RM stills are leaked, specifically ones that showed Rob and Emilie in a fairly intimate manner?

        She also tweeted (while posting pics one right after the other) that she knew it was wrong, was ‘going to jail anyway’ and ‘may as well post them all’.

      • NaNaNa says:

        Remember came out in March but the studio was releasing stills and starting to promote it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Didn’t she leaked those pictures because the Details Magazine with Rob came out, I think she even addressed it in her twitts, but don’t quote me on that.

  38. Anonymous says:

    It is very easy to get photos…hacking in the world of the net is an everyday thing. People need to realize just because people get HQ photos does not make them an insider.

    I used to help run a site in another fandom and learned all the ins and outs to getting pictures. There is a whole underground movement of people who sell, trade and the like passwords to get into photo agencies. It’s so common that photo agencies are constantly battling the issue. For example, you may get a password for Getty Images but it will only work for a day, or for a certain amount of log-ins, and then you’re out.

    RPLife, Delaney have all hacked to get photos. Summit, Rob, Kristen, no one has turned to Delaney and given her these photos. Per her lawsuit, she got them from someone in Sweden. That is not an insider. Plus, if Summit were her contact, or even the actors themselves, they wouldn’t be handing out photos of their upcoming movies that would cost them and the studio money. Her precious Robsten lost money also from the leak.

    Delaney leaked the photos because it was the same day that a number of Remember Me stills came out and her little clique of believers were mad as hell that Emilie de Ravin was Rob’s leading lady. They spared no kindness to her, calling her a whore and a bitch because she wasn’t the great Kristen Stewart. Summit had no desire to sabotage their one movie with their other movie.

  39. anonymoustache says:

    oh it didn’t take them longto defend delaney, she really has done a number on her ‘fans’ as i believe she called u all once.
    I don’t care if Rk are together or not, I like the books and films but this fandom has been turned into a ego fuelled fandom, why should anyone be queenbee, we all enjoy sharing info and seeing pics. What delaney did was wrong and she’ll get sued etc etc, the worst part is not what she did but how she continues to try and hold onto her status knowing full well that some of her followers are going to get really hurt! Hurt bc they trust and believe in what she says and she makes them feel important and thats their bubble that they live in and she is deceiving them! thats worst to me. also shes getting ppl to do stuff for her, like phoning ppl’s place of work and bullying ppl. This all went beyond whether RK were together or not when some of those ppl posted pics of ppls children, called workplaces, posted personal deets online and so forth.
    the fact is ppl choose to follow her, refusing to look at the evidence infront of them bc delaney has decredited so many ppl that have threatened her status. it is easy to find court documents, her real age etc etc but they don’t bother to look!
    all I can say I hope it was worth it for her bc when they all realise I for one will be lmfao at her and some of them bc I told u so!

  40. Anonymous says:

    People that know the ins-and-outs of the Delaney84 lawsuit are just as pathetic as she is. Why do you people waste your time with this shit? IDGI.

    • anonymous says:

      Another Delaney defender.
      She has broken the law yet people like you refuse to acknowledge it and put the blame on those who call her out.

      • Anonymous says:

        I am not defending her at all. There are several people here that are giving details of a lawsuit that they aren’t involved in. Unless you are the prosecution or the defense then I find knowing all the details of it weird. Absurd really. My bad for having an opinion that differs from yours.

        I think she deserves everything that is coming to her. Maybe it will knock a bit of the crazy out of her. I doubt it though.

  41. Anonymous says:

    People are waiting for the “robstens” to come out and defend Delaney, and they will! What people don’t realize is that most fans of R/K hate her and are probably having a good laugh right now. Anyone who still thinks they’re not a couple, or cares enough to speculate and come up with reasons why they’re not together at a particular time, or why they look miserable when they are together is living in their delusional la-la land. And anyone who thinks Delaney isn’t a crazy hacker who makes up stories or steals information from actual sources is just as delusional and insane.

    • Anonymous says:

      ORLY? At least 5,800 of their fans follow this nutjob on twitter. But clearly you’re not part of those 5,800 and infinitely wiser. Anyway, the point of this twank is that Delaney is crazy and not how “most fans of R/K” aren’t and how the non-believers are.

  42. Anonymous says:

    shes a fucker loser. The end

  43. Anonymous says:

    You guys sit here and talk about how she must be some pathetic loser sitting in her parent’s basement writing all of this and yet here you are sitting in front of your computers and being just as pathetic.

    Why would you waster your time talking about someone you so obviously do not like? Get off your computers, go outside, and enjoy life.

    • twankhard says:

      Because we are pathetic and jealous and disgasting!!!

    • DelaneyIsDelooney says:

      “Why would you waster your time talking about someone you so obviously do not like? Get off your computers, go outside, and enjoy life.”

      Because I’m stuck at work and bored to tears.

      • Anonymous says:

        So when you’re bored at work the first thing that comes to your mind is… “hmm…Why don’t I go see what I can say about someone that I hate on the internet? That’ll make me look tough and everyone will like me.”

        • DelaneyIsDelooney says:

          Actually, my first thought is “God I can’t wait to go home.” but THEN I come here because I need the lulz. Which have been provided. Success!

        • One Big Eye Roll says:

          Welcome to the internet, my friend. If you don’t want a hard time, don’t put a great big target on your back.

    • orly says:

      and yet here YOU sit, doing the same thing.

    • anonny nonny says:

      i’m so pathetic, you’re right. sitting down after a day of working at a real job, coming home to the house i own, feeding my family and taking some downtime for myself. this is horribly, horribly pathetic. i am a loser. i really should move back to my parents house and set up shop in the basement. i don’t need a job, i certainly don’t need a social life…. my 2 hours on the internet each night is far too much.

      I’m wasting my life.

      • amaaaazed says:

        I’m pathetic as well. I have no family, but I have a real job and I’ve been taking care of myself for years, and I’m involved in real life, non-internet communities. And some months more than others, I binge on this shit and come and go as my work and social schedule allows. Clearly, I should harakiri myself and be done with it because posting messages online is extremely time-consuming, and I can’t multi-task. That’s why so few people are online anyways. The internet is literally a deserted wasteland with only us pathetic souls while the rest of the world bakes cookies and feeds them to each other.

    • Oh for fuck's sake says:

      That’s pretty cool how you did that. Y’know, leaving a comment on here with just the power of your mind. Without sitting in front of a computer. I bet you were even outside when you did it. Oh, can you bend spoons with your mind, too, like that bald chemo kid from The Matrix?

      You gotta teach me that trick.

    • wigglesworth says:

      “…and yet here you are sitting in front of your computers and being just as pathetic.”

      Um, and yet here you are throwing yourself into the fray as well. your argument became invalid the very moment you became a hypocrite.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Seriously think about it? I want you to sit here and read these comments. Then maybe read them to your co-workers, spouses, and friends. How do you think they would respond knowing that you sit at your computer all day and “talk shit” about someone you don’t know in real life and base every bad thing you say about them on a site?

    Do you think they’re going to be like “OMG YOU’RE SO COOL!”? I highly doubt it.

    • twankhard says:

      You clearly have no idea what this blog is about.

      But please. Continue.


      • Anonymous says:

        No I don’t know what this blog is about. And I really don’t care. I am only talking about this one post. Its one thing to disagree with someone and what they are saying. You do NOT have to believe anything someone says about something. Hell even I hardly believe Delaney sometimes, but I am not about to go and bash her on some blog or some site (nonstens) and start saying shit about her. Its pathetic and you know it. That’s the sad part.

        • twankhard says:

          Oh then you really are confused. The whole point of this blog is to mock people. Your time will come, fret not. We are too pathetic to resist.



          • Anonymous says:

            Again…Why do you feel the need to have a blog dedicated to mocking people?

            Oh right…because you are the pathetic losers who are sitting in front of your computers and have nothing better to do with your day.A

            • twankhard says:


            • oh jeebus says:

              ‘Again…Why do you feel the need to have a blog dedicated to mocking people? ‘

              ‘Cause it’s fun 😉

            • *singing the Doug themesong* says:

              And yet, here you are…commenting on a blog because you have nothing better to do with your day…

              Hypocrisy drives me nuts, BTW

            • Oh for fuck's sake says:

              You have this thing about sitting in front of a computer. Like, you are really obsessed with it. Because you keep repeating the phrase. Are you mad because someone stole your super awesome comfy chair, and now you’re forced to stand in front of the computer? ‘Cause if you are, I totally get it. This one time, I went to the media lounge and all the small chairs were taken and only the terminals with those really tall chairs were left. Y’know, like high bar chairs. And I’m a short person and the college I went to didn’t have enough money for decent high bar chairs so I was really afraid to get up in one so I had to stand. And I got really bitter at the chick next to me ’cause she was totally mocking me with her eyes going “la la la I’m in my short normal chair playing Farmville and you’re not.”

              It totally sucked.

              • someone whose nose is apparently up someone's butt says:

                I have tears in my eyes from laughing too hard. This story about the chair should be published, you should totally copyright it galaxywide 🙂

        • Anonymous says:

          Wahhh-wahhh, someone bashed Laney… who has no problem bashing people herself.

  45. LoooooneyBins says:

    The herd came out OHNOEZ!!! run for your life……stfu. She is no better than TwilightUS…Skeptwinorwhateverthefuckhernameis…and Jitzzpattzing throw them all on the crazy train.

  46. Applauds all around says:

    best thing all day..i want the herd to come in here for the lulz come on don’t be shy 🙂

  47. Anonymous says:

    Both Robsten and Nonsten are psychotic. I call myself Team I don’t Give a Fuck sten.

  48. anonymoustache says:

    yes how sad we all are for sitting here reading and writing comments about someone who does exactly the same! delaney does not have a job and she sits in her parents house scouring the internet for bits of info! No one has met her, maybe they talk on the phone who knows?
    my main point is this…. ppl want a fandom, a place to talk about things they have in common with other ppl an escape from RL, and what has happened? it has turned into a hate campaign bc delaney wants to be top dog! oooh lets hate the nonstens, the robstens the whoevers, just bc of a difference of opinion! well good luck to her! whether or not she did post those pics for the good of everyone was it worth it? was the fame worth it?
    was the few years of adulation worth it?
    I doubt it! jail, fines, bad reps cannot be worth it and the fact that she has to turn ppl in to try and save herself too would scare me if I was one of the ppl that received the pics via email b4 they went public!
    read the court docs if u want, follow her if u want but stfu!
    why is she still tweeting? summit read her tweets! shows how deranged she is by carrying on! take the last bit of decency u have and fuck the hell off! go out with a bit of grace and honour!

    • Anonymous says:

      I wish the fandom were still mainly about the books and movies and not all this crap that has NOTHING to do with Twilight. I didn’t sign up for this when I joined the fandom. I don’t give a f***. All those crazy people stalking actors, shipping them, people self-publishing their Twilight rip-offs and thinking of themselves as future Nobel prize winners. It may be entertaining but it is also really sad.

      • amaaaazed says:

        But the amount of lulzy entertainment outweighs the sadtiems, right? Or at the very least, it makes it tolerable.

  49. Imma Nonnie Toooo says:

    I thought you hoors were exaggerating about the level of krazy of the shippers. I stand corrected.

  50. SheepSkipTOTheLooo says:

    LMFAO EPIC!!! *round of applause* this made my day. Throw Kpattznews while your at it to. Crazies infiltrating this fandom. The nonstens are the most sane.

  51. LMFAOEPIC says:

    5…4….3…2…1 *waits for the crazies to enter* I got the popcorn and the patron! 😉

  52. .......... says:

    what’s even more sadder is that Kristen and Rob know about her…they call her insane. LMFAO

  53. StoptheInsanity says:

    Delaney is crazy. Jittzpattzing is crazy. They spend all their time talking about RKs “love” The obsessed nonsteners like Emmy415 and VanessaRae1 are crazy. They spend their time making fun of shippers for being obsessed but they are just as obsessed with proving that they are PR. First of all, why are people so obsessed with whether they are or they arent? What the hell is it too. Why do you have to prove their love? Why do you have to prove they are not in a relationship? I think thats the point of this twankhard. WTF are you so obsessed with two peoples love lives?

    Both sides are obsessed and crazy. You dont spend hours discussing their love if your not obsessed. You dont create a forum to discuss PR theories if your not obsessed.

    And whats funny is both sides use the same crazy delusional argument against each other, when both are two sides of the same coin.

    • One Big Eye Roll says:

      Yeah, VRae is *completely* crazy for not posting pap pics on her site. Seriously, her site is the least biased EITHER way that I know of.

      • ohgeewiz says:

        Yeah sheep attack Strictly Rob because they don’t post gossip things and skep “outed” her as a Nonsten (I guess Nonsten is the new gay? Who knew?).

        Sheep attack everyone yet non-sheep are full of hate and whatever bc everyone else doesn’t believe the world doesn’t spin due to R’Sten. Whatever.

        This shit needs to end.

      • Anon E Mouse says:

        her site is one of the few that doesn’t get involved with the gossip of his love life. The others are over run by shippers.

    • Oh I'm crazy huh? says:

      Since you call me out by name, I feel compelled to come and throw it back at you.

      I’m not sure why you think I ‘spend all my time trying to prove they are PR’. Sorry, but I am a rather busy person that balances a husband, kids, a job, a site, and my personal time every day. I really, truly, do not worry or obsess over shippers. Do I read about it all? Hell yes, it entertains me. Do I make fun of them? Uh, yeah, who wouldn’t? I get my laughing quota in for the day. As for Rob and Kristen, I barely even talk about them on my Twitter, and if I do, I make a comment and move on. Hardly obsessed.

      Also, were you aware that some nutcase harassed me using my CHILDREN’S PICTURES? Calling them gay? Or that they purposely go to my personal blog and attack me in comments for posts that have NOTHING to do with Rob or Kristen, to the point that I had to turn them off? Yeah, and I’m the crazy one. Right.

    • Skeeter says:

      ‘You dont create a forum to discuss PR theories if your not obsessed.’

      No, you create a forum to discuss PR theories to piss people off. Bwahahahahahahaha!!!

    • DelaneyIsDeloony says:

      Oh, nice to see I’ve been singled out as one of the craziest of the crazy. (According to you, anyway.)

      Yes, I talk about it and yes I laugh about it, but guess what? It’s all just entertainment to me. My life doesn’t depend on whether or not their dating. I just want Delaney to get her comeuppance for being a liar.

      I’d also like a certain someone to stop stalking my tweets. If you don’t like what I say, GTFO.

  54. Anonymous says:

    *cue the violins* lmfao laughing my ass off at work

  55. Anonymous says:

    I’m not even talking about what shippers are crazier. I don’t give a fuck about that. I am talking about the fact that you sit here and talk about people you don’t know. Having a difference of opinion is one thing. Going to great lengths to create a blog dedicated to hating on people is another.

  56. thankfuckimnotawriter says:

    I do think it’s sad. And of course crazy. But more sad.
    Who feels so passionate about people whom they most likely will never meet, will never be friends with. Strangers.
    She really must have no life whatsoever. I’m so glad I’m not her.

  57. StoptheInsanity says:

    Maybe its just me but i feel like a post like this which is calling out “extremes” on both sides is promoting cyberbullying. Extreme nonsteners are naming some shippers by name and saying not nice things, extreme shippers are calling out some nonsteners by name and saying not nice things.

    None of us know what the actia; truth about R/K’s relationship status. We all speculate based on observations of their actions. Why do we have to resort to calling the otherside crazy or delusional for coming to a different conclusion. Cant we all believe what we believe and stay on our own sides?

    • Anonymous says:

      As this blog I guess is supposed to point out…what’s the fun in that?

      Btw…I agree with you.

    • twankhard says:

      Aren’t you the same StoptheInsanity a few comments up calling out people for being crazy?

      “Delaney is crazy. Jittzpattzing is crazy. They spend all their time talking about RKs “love” The obsessed nonsteners like Emmy415 and VanessaRae1 are crazy.”

    • Nonnie Maus says:

      Really, the cyberbullying has been going on for a long time. Twankhard is just pointing and laughing at one of the main instigators of it, tbh.

    • Evelyn Carnate says:

      Wait, what? Didnt you just call delaney, jittzpattzing, Emmy415 and Vanessarae1 crazy? Or is someone else using your moniker?

    • Anon E Mouse says:

      I think the only shipper who has been called out by name is Delaney. Correct me if I’m wrong. This Twank is also about her anyway.

      As far as cyber stalking or whatever, a friend had someone find out her personal info and aired it on a pro Robsten site (her home address and phone #). The only reason that would happen is if this person wanted my friend to get harassed. The folks I know who either don’t give a crap or don’t think they are together haven’t done anything like this–at least from what I know.

      • Anon E Mouse says:

        PS: there was also an instance when a group of women attended the Remember Me premiere and they were assumed to be nonstens. Shippers took a picture of the group & drew devil horns and tails and posted it on a shipper site.

        • Evelyn Carnate says:

          Anon E – Not sure if you were talking to me, but, my comment was to StopTheInsanity.
          I remember that pic with the girls at the premiere. That was a very lively day on LTR.

  58. lalalalalala says:

    Nonsten, Robsten, Give a Crapsten, Sit the fuckdownsten.

    Who cares? This is all stupid. Honestly, if the hardcore shippers weren’t out to screencap, at reply, attack others on twitter for NOT agreeing with them, this fandom would be sane. If others wouldn’t pick arguments with them, they could go live in LaLa land wearing rose colored glasses.

    Just sayin

    • Anonymous says:

      Have you ever been to lion-lamb on livejournal? It’s impossible to be a crapsten there. Nonstens get cyper-kicked. Robstens celebrate all day long. Once upon a time it used to be a community about Edward and Bella.

      • lalalalalala says:

        And then, one horrific day, Edward and Bella and Rob and Kristen became the same people. Then all hell broke loose.

        To answer your question, no. I thought LiveJournal dissolved with Xanga.

      • Anonnnie says:

        lion_lamb is ridiculous. I joined that community way back when for icons, and it was okay, but now it’s only good for a laugh and occasional shit stirring.

  59. Anonymous says:

    First of all I don’t understand the obsession? Some people think that if Robert and Kristen are together, maybe Bella and Edward will be together in some type of alternative universe.
    And wait… she’s being sued and she still talks about anything related to twilight? Someone has an IQ with only two digits, how sad…

    The whole ‘Robsten’ thing, really… in my opinion I think it’s not such a great thing and so special, there’s something about Hollywood stars that makes them unable to date other people that the ones they work with. THAT I do find creepy, given the fact of how much that happens. But also, knowing how common this is and the short life span this relationships often have i don’t know why to care that much?
    Maybe they hope they can live thru Kristen? I never really understood the creepy fanatic fixation some people have…

    Ps: Is nice to read something else besides fanfiction world, Twankers.

  60. ThisShipIsSinkingHard says:

    If Video Killed the Radio Star

    Delaney/JittzPattzing et al Killed Twilight. Fer Real

    • amaaaazed says:

      I’m in so much agreement with this. Regardless of what trufaxism or IDGFism you subscribe to, it’s the Big Name Fans and the people that pander to them who made this fandom so serious and melodramatic.

      *insert applaud gif b/c although now i know i can put gifs in a reply, i’m too lazy*

  61. anomnomnomonymous says:

    Yeah, I’m just here for the LOLZ!
    Thanks again for a new and entertaining twank on fandom.

  62. anonymous says:

    Please make a twank on Robert Pattinson’s IMDB board, that place is ruled by Robsten/Krisbian lovers who bully and scold R.P fans who only want to talk about him. But the Robsten topic has infected every thread. If you dare to complain that it’s not anymore about him you get ganged up.

    • cookiemonster says:

      Jesus God, YES! I love that board for up to date information but there are bunch of morons who ruin the place with their constant harping, offense-taking, and inferences. I have most of them on “ignore” just to keep my sanity. And you’re right — any attempts to point out that KS has her own board are met with cries of “Nonsten! Hater!” These are probably the same idiots trying to go through the “12 Items or Less” line at the grocery store with 25 packages of Ex-Lax and a bottle of prune juice.

  63. Tact Guy says:

    Rob is hot. I enjoy Kristen’s attitude. I don’t give a rats ass if they are together or not, but I like to imagine that she’s his beard.

    RobStu forever! *fistpump*

    • oh jeebus says:

      ‘RobStu forever! *fistpump*’

      Lol, I love you for that.

    • anonymous says:

      Rob and Tom is the only thing I believe could be real considering how much time two adult men spend together. Not even married couples are that close like them. They definitely give far more material for speculation.

      • Anonymous says:

        now THAT would be hot!

      • Anonymous says:

        “Robsten” has definitely stopped the gay rumors about him. It has almost stopped the gay rumors about her.

        • amaaaazed says:

          I wouldn’t say “definitely” or even “almost.” I still read just as many comments about their sexual orientations as I did before.

          • Anonymous says:

            You must be ignoring the gossip rags then. On ONTD and other sites where people don’t believe everything the papers write it’s still questioned, but the mass media are pushing the double hetero act. No, make that triple. Lautner is in it too.

            • amaaaazed says:

              That could be it. Thanks to self-check out, I rarely find myself even glancing at the printed gossip rags, but when I think of the word “rumour” I don’t just think about the mainstream media, which is why I still don’t think the sexual orientation debate about certain celebs will ever be put to rest. The people who want to doubt that they are homosexual/heterosexual/bisexual/curiously adventurous (take your pick), will always have doubts even if said celeb married someone of the opposite gender and had 5 kids. hmmm… It’s kind of interesting that when someone claims to be heterosexual or bisexual, it’s easy to question it, but when someone comes out as a homosexual, no one is like “LIAR! HE IS SO STRAIGHT!” Granted, because we are living in a heteronormative world, the reasons for that are like duh.

      • Annonamused says:

        And especially since we all know tomstu is gay and in love with Rob.

    • Anon E Mouse says:

      The rumor is he is passively playing her beard. Check out Scout Taylor Compton (she played Lita Ford in The Runaways). STC also mentioned that K is ‘over boys’ and always has these cryptic sad love tweets. She even posted some sad tweet pic with a Joan Jett album in the background. STC has all but outed Kristen.

      • amaaaazed says:

        Oooh, this thread is the gift that keeps giving! I can’t stop stumbling across goldmines of entertainment on this site. Are we playing a game of rumour has it? How about this one? I heard from a frand of a frand who talked to an online frand who has “inside sources” who are really just trolling on twitter that STC broke up with her emoband-boyfriend of about five years fairly recently. Some say Andy Sixx cheated on her. IDEK or care, but what I do know is that they both are prone to cryptic emo tweets and pouty tweet pics of themselves lately (she more than him, but he’s guilty of the weirdness and her pics are better, imo). There could be a connection here. Maybe it’s a game of who can out sad who? Celeb twitters are hilarious!

        Even more hilarious/sad/ridiculous/whatthefuckisthiscircus is that you can’t be friends with either Rob or Kristen without people reading into every fucking thing you say or do as if it’s about Rob and/or Kristen, as if everyone in they’ve ever interacted with orbits around them and a massive Summit-sized conspiracy theory. I’m a big fan of the theory that sometimes shit really isn’t that complicated.

        “Sometimes shit really isn’t that complicated.”© amaaaazed galaxywide 2010 – infinity and beyond.

    • Imma Nonnie Toooo says:

      Best post yet. *golf clap*

  64. Nonnie Maus says:

    OMG, Delaney. She is certifiable.

  65. FandomIsCrazy says:


    Im so glad this the CRAZIEST shipper in Robstenland has been called out! And I didn’t realize so many people disliked her.

    And for those of you wondering about her age, she IS 40yrs old. Now im not saying that at 40 you cant enjoy Twilight, be a fan of Rob and Kristens acting but at 40 you should NOT be the leader, the Queen basically, of a band of Robsten obsessed individuals.

    She recently had a death in the family, which is terrible, and ALL she chould do was tweet about Robsten. She actually made a twitlonger reassuring her loyal followers that Rob and Krist are fine and happy and still together.

  66. Tact Guy says:

    Hahahah! Wouldn’t that just rip the Robsten fanatics undies? ‘Yeah, actually, they’re both gay’.

  67. infinitely curious says:

    You know it’s funny, I’ve tried to make an effort to read all (or as many as I can) of the comments made on the posts here. Never once I have noticed such an influx of people rushing in to cry foul on a particular twank. Where were the defenders for the other twank targets?

    • Anon E Mouse says:

      He’s never pinged my gaydar (I actually have pretty good gaydar), but Taylor has slightly, but only a few times. Kristen’s gaydar goes off the charts. Even if Rob wanted to date someone, he can’t right now b/c of the rabid shipper/Kristen base. Nikki got death threats and had to move when it came out that he kept his car at her place while he traveled or something like that. I dunno on the deets, but I remember hearing that she got death threats. If anyone hooked up on that set, it was those two. Ted C and E! would have you believe it was one big orgy. **rolls eyes**

      • Anonnnie says:

        Oh you and I are of like mind. Kristen Stewart is gay from space.

        • Hey Nonnie Nonnie says:

          I believe RP is KSs beard too!! She totally gives off the gay vibes to me. However if RP is gay I will have to kill myself.

      • AnonymousHonesty says:

        Taylor is so damn gay. He’s young but he pings my gaydar like a video game.
        Rob and Kristen not so much but don’t they all say their bisexual anyway?

        • amaaaazed says:

          Yeah, Rob and Kristen don’t ping my gaydar as much as it seems it should/would for other people. I think that’s because I like the peen like no other, but people sometimes think I’m gay even though I’m not even bicurious. IDK… I guess I have that stereotypical ~look that is ~proof for some lesbians and that is load-a-shit/bane-of-our-existence for the hetero-outliers. I’m not saying that my experience is proof of their orientation either. I’m just saying that I don’t have to suspend disbelief to think that they’re not gay despite claims of ~evidence and ~gut-feelings to the contrary.

        • Anonnnie says:

          Rob’s never pinged for me; I just think he’s really English. Taylor is like the mayor of gay town. My dar is pretty spot on with lesbians and Kristen breaks it (that extended video of the Vanity Fair shoot with Stew and Nikki Reed was like a Sappho poem in motion), but as much as I love saying she’s gay from space, I don’t know anything for sure. Unlike hardcore shippers and nonstens, I don’t take my conjecture as the gospel.

          I think Nikki is the only one who’s out as bisexual. I swear I read it on ohnotheydidnt, but I can’t remember and it was probably in the comment section, so take that with a grain of salt.

          • AnonymousHonesty says:

            ROTFLMAO! Mayor of gay town. For me when he and Rob were on Tyra it pinged harder. He was 16-17 so it was a ping when she handed him a pair of panties and all he could do was giggle like he didn’t know what to do with them. A 16-17 year old guy is like jacking off to panties ALL the fucking time. Even a virgin. Rob was cool as a cucumber with his weird ass wrapping them around his hand like MJ’s glove.

            Taylor was embarrassed but just hold them don’t be shocked and grab them with two fingers then giggle like you don’t know what to do.

            • Anonnnie says:

              LMAO god, I wish I’d seen that Tyra episode. Taylor’s gayness is just damn obvious, and I say this as someone who is so bad at picking up on gay men, that I was shocked by TR Knight, couldn’t David Hyde Pierce wasn’t straight, and thought Kevin Spacey was just a lifelong bachelor.

              • Anonymous says:

                Kevin Spacey’s gay! WTF? Where have I been?

                I thought David Hyde Pierce was straight too just really preppy like Kelsey Grammar and Kelsey is as straight as an arrow. The guy who played Bulldog is gay too. My gaydar too a good beating after that. TR Knight played it off good.

                Clay Aiken was a gimme. But Kevin Spacey is gay? Get the fuck out! I’m still holding to George Clooney being a lil gay.

  68. Anonymous says:

    Who honestly gives a fuck if these two are together or not? Forgive me but Rob ain’t THAT pretty and Kristen is Twiggy with a bong.


    Now if Dianna Argon really dating Alex Pettyfer? That guy is near jail bait for me but I’d honestly rock his world if I were single and he was at my door.

  69. Anonymous says:

    Still lolling Kristen is gayyyyyyyyy lmfao lmfaoo

  70. Jane Smith says:

    I don’t understand why people care about the status (or non-status) of their relationship. And not just care, but care enough to actually fight about it? That is CRAzy.

    People like this make me wish the majority of this fandom didn’t hide behind their computer screens, because I would LOVE to see what this person is like in real life.

    I’m guessing that behind her moniker, she is a lot less interesting.

  71. Ummmmm.... says:

    BAWWWWWWWW. C’mon! Cyberbullying???? Get over it, people. It is not cyberbullying! It’s pointing out the ridic in our community. I love how it’s called cyberbullying when it affects someone you know, but when it’s an unknown it’s considered snigger-worthy. The hypocrisy. We ALL point and laugh at the ridiculous shit we see. So don’t be all high and mighty now…we are all guilty of it. Shit, I wish I could be twanked (not really. Okay maybe a little. No… Okay, yeah. Shit…)

  72. twankletwanklecrazysheep says:

    So with all of the ‘anons’ screaming, sorry I mean stating, ‘you have toooooo much time on your hands’ Umm hello pot same to you. Why ‘waste’ your time reading the post, the comments and reply and reply and reply to comments, when you don’t care? Replying because you don’t care shows me that you actually do.

  73. Fat Hyena says:

    I genuinely thought the whole Robsten/Nonsten debate was all in good fun until someone stole a photo of my friends and me off Twitter, drew devil horns on all of us, added the caption ‘nonsten devils’, and claimed it was a photo of a ‘nonsten convention’. Then spread it all over Twitter, imdb, and The Awful Truth. I couldn’t believe *anyone* would care that much, but was sadly mistaken. Funny, though, how the same people who called me fat, ugly, old, undersexed, unfashionable, a hyena, bitter, jealous, stupid, delusional, etc. will firmly insist that “it’s all about the love”. Riiiight…

    Going back to knitting cozies for my 38 cats…

    • Nonnie Maus says:

      I’m sorry that happened to you. That’s awful.

      My regards to your 38 cats.

    • FandomIsCrazy says:

      Thats terrible. You’re not the only person shippers have cyberbullied

    • amaaaazed says:

      That is insane. I never heard of this (not that I would because I don’t spend time on the imdb or awful truth message boards, and I only follow certain people on twitter, most of whom are not related to this fandom), but to be fair, there’s been cyberbullying on both sides, and even cyberbullying within different camps for not being a fan of Kristen or Rob or not shipping R/K the same exact way. And if you’re paying attention MOST attacks aren’t as sudden or as unprovoked as either side would have you think (MOTHER OF GOD, IT’S LIKE I’M TALKING ABOUT GANG WARFARE! IT SHOULDN’T BE THAT SERIOUS). Not saying that what happened to you isn’t wrong, I’m just saying ummm… what I said. It’s insane out there; wear a helmet.

      • Fat Hyena says:

        Hmm.. If I was slightly more paranoid I would think that you were saying that I somehow brought this on myself. The only ‘provocation’ was that after the photo was posted via Twitter, it was reTweeted by someone who IS genuinely cyberbullied by Robstens. They assumed she was in the photo.

        The cats say ‘thank miou’ for the support. 😉

        • amaaaazed says:

          Thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt. That doesn’t happen often on the internet because most people (myself included) can sometimes let that paranoia guide our reactions. I’m being genuine here, which can be hard to tell on a board that brings out my snarky side. 🙂

          Yeah, exactly there’s always some bigger beef, and it sucks for everyone involved, and especially the people who get caught in the crossfire unawares. I just wanted to be fair and say it happens on both sides. I feel like I’m kind of outnumbered, and I’m trying to be devil’s advocate without being mistakenly seen as defensive. *whew* In looking at your reply, I’m glad I can stand by my previous assumption that there are people who get unfairly lumped in with the crazies on both sides.

          • Fat Hyena says:

            You’re welcome. I tend to save my HOLY CRAP SHOUTY CAPS RAAAAGGGGEEE!!!!! for the cats vs dogs forums.

            And you are correct, there are total banana sandwiches on both sides of the issue.

    • twankletwanklecrazysheep says:

      *scooby doo ears* rrrauuuh?! Not cool.

      • BOO! says:

        It all has a fucked up, twisted sorority feel to it.
        I wonder if they’ll stage a mass suicide if it turns out Rob wouldn’t fuck Kspew with a ten foot pole and Spew marries a jonas brother.

  74. LikeImTelling says:

    I just want to say you can be a Rob fan and hate Kristen. No really you can, I know I’m a Rob fan and I hate Kristen, not because they are “dating” or any stupid shit like that. I hate her because she isn’t that great of an actress, and she’s a rude little bitch who spends most of her time with her middle finger in the air. Such a great role model for today’s youth ya know? Oh and I hate my best friend’s husband, but I still love her, so that just goes to show you can like one half of a couple and not the other half.

    And delameass needs to get over herself. If she is an insider then she is really being a bitch by giving out personal info on people, if she isn’t than she is just a liar.

    • Anonymous says:

      @LikeImTelling I applaud that post and kinda want to make out with it. I agree with everything you said. I used to pretty neutral about Kristen as a person (still hated her “acting”) until I realized what I piss poor attitude she has and her public behavior at times is appalling.

      I love how Delaney and company always spew about hate this and hate that but yet they hate on Nikki, Ashley, this person, that person and for what? What did Nikki or Ashley ever do? They worked with Rob and because friends with him? So what! Same goes for Michael A. They hated on him hardcore too and he didn’t do anything wrong either. Did they think he was hindering their Edward and Bella fantasies because he was dating Kristen? Some of us may not like Kristen but we don’t hate on every person she’s associated with. I happen to think Taylor is a cute kid but I don’t hate him because him and Kristen are close. Same goes for Dakota- they’re bffs and I don’t hate her, yet the ones that call us “jellis haterz” are the ones that attack every person associated with Rob. Which honestly makes no sense to me.

      • Anonymous says:

        Grrr I hate when I have typos. I guess I didn’t check close enough. There’s an “I” that should be an “a” and a “because” that should be a “became”.

    • Anonymous says:

      Here Here!

      She is a piss poor actress and her woe is me, the paps are in my face is annoying. Get the fuck out of Hollywood if you don’t like them. Take 5 years off and go to college and be normal for awhile.

      Her attitude is unattractive and I’m sick of people excusing it by says she’s edgy and misunderstood. That’s bullshit.

      • Anonymous says:

        Exactly, considering I just watched an interview with her last night as a matter of fact from the London NM premiere, the interview asked her if she got tired of photographers following her around all the time and she said no, it comes with the territory and with the movie coming out that’s what you want. Oh really? Either you realize it’s apart of your job and deal with it or you hate it- one or the other.

      • Anonymous says:

        she should go to highschool fist.

    • Anonymous says:


      I think I’m in love ❤

    • Anon E Mouse says:

      But she’s the actress of her generation! #being sarcastic

  75. FandomIsCrazy says:

    These isn’t cyberbullying, this is exposing a known liar.

  76. Anonymous says:

    The voices in my head say shut up, we are not crazy.

  77. Monkey Bum says:

    Here’s a question:
    Why is the guy always first in the cloying obnoxious contractions of celeb couple names?
    Why is it Bennifer and Branjolina and Robsten?

    When are we going to put women first in our pathetic stalking obsessions?

    I want to debate the existence of KRISBERT, dammit!

  78. Me says:

    Hey Delaney, I mean Heather, I know you’re reading this so pay attention:

    You don’t know shit. You’re not Kristen Stewart and you will never fuck Robert Pattinson either. Stop pretending to be in Forks, living Bella’s boring life.

    Get back to reality, Twilignt doesn’t exist. Psycho BITCH.

    • twankhard says:


      We’re here to mock and laugh. Way too much anger in that comment.

      • Fat Hyena says:

        For serious.

        We all look weird enough for liking The Saga as much as we do without making a holy war out of it.

      • Marie's Evil Twin's Evil Twin That Makes Sense says:

        🙂 That’s why I love twankhart.

        Make fun for craziness but don’t wish ill on people man!

        Oh and Twilight does exist dammit! I did not spend the last 5 years of my life worshipping characters that don’t exist! Nope, I have not!

        I love you Edward!

  79. WantToHumpTwankward says:

    Not much to say except thanks for the lulz…the gifs made me giggle out loud!

    I remember a time *sits back and reflects* when Twilight really was about Bella & Edward… I like to sit in my basement and pretend it still is…….wait..I don’t have a basement…..

    Who cares who is doing who?? …I too am a true believer in the RobStu…. “That’s Hot” … hahaa, ok I’m not a true believer, but I like to sit in my basement and pretend..oh wait….. neva mind…

    Thanks for a clever Twank today!!!!

  80. Garth says:

    shit twankhards. you’ve brought the apocalypse upon us.

    the twank is powerful with this one.

    the nonsten vs. robsten twank might just be another one of those black hole situations. js.

  81. Anonymous says:

    Best twank yet.
    But why isn’t there any mention of her super insider (inside her head) friend, ‘J’? Whatever happened to good ol’ J,he couldn’t just disappear into thin air, could he?

  82. Anon says:

    All these shippers coming here to defend their queen bee are following a pattern as old as time and are too stupid to realize it: get your followers in line, charm them into submission and make them believe all other non-believers are out to get them and are haters. When the pack believes the queen bee above all others (you know, as opposed to members of a free thinking world where we are in control of our own beliefs), she just has to lay back, unleash the masses with a few manipulative “woe is me” messages, and enjoy the show.

    The shippers have bullied so many (remember that poor actress who was with Rob on some talk show and dared saying she like Lautner best, Emma something or other, even OTHER SHIPPERS who are not quite as vocal or insane) yet they feel entitled yelling KARMA KARMA WE’RE ALL ABOUT LOVE to anyone who (won’t) listen (yet notice the hypocrisy, lots of them have “I’m a bitch” “I’m not very pleasant and will yell at you” as their Twitter bio).

    Yet they accuse us on this blog (and before I get accused of being a nonsten, I actually believe the two are together, surprise!) of hate and bullying. It’s not bullying if you’re trying to bring truth to light and stop the biggest bully of all from having so much power over a group of easily manipulated women. It’s not bullying when you’re just trying to let the ones in the background FINALLY have their say over the self-proclaimed top dogs (doesn’t all the fucking giggling and pushing make you want to vomit? If Rob and Kristen fucking has that much of an impact on your life…yeah, I won’t go there but it’s sad).

    Also, I do agree that we should do

    • Anonnnie says:

      Oh, Emma Roberts. I don’t even care for her even though Unfabulous and Wild Child are guilty pleasures of mine, but the hate she got for an innocent comment was ridiculous. Shippers scare the Jesus out of me; I was comment stalked by this nutter on a gossip site because I dared to say I don’t believe Robsten is legit. I’m not even that deep into this shit, but at this point I’m hoping the nonstens are right.

      • Anon E Mouse says:

        Don’t forget that DKNY PR rep that got blasted for saying Kristen’s goth/doom outfit for the costume gala looked fug. She got harassed too. Didn’t Ming-Na have to delete her Twitter because Krisbians went on attack? There should be a documentary: When Krisbians Attack. More recently, they went nuts on Adam Brody.

      • amaaaazed says:

        I totally agree. That shit was bananas in a way that I could not even LOL about, which I do not appreciate.

    • twankletwanklecrazysheep says:

      To this Dear Anon I say PREACH! I am so much in agreement with what you have said.

  83. Anon says:

    That was fucking lame. I never typed “Also I do agree that we should do” in the previous post. Or maybe I did and I’m losing my mind.

    While I’m at it. I also follow Delaney 4 the lulz. I bet more than half her followers do too. There’s only a handful of them that are hardcore still believing her imo.

  84. Anonymous says:

    The best part is her practically laughing about going to court…. does she has a cymbal monkey in her brain? wtf woman.

  85. I'm not telling says:
  86. spewin. says:

    Please tell me she isn’t really 40?

    LikeImTelling – but it’s ok for Rob to flip the bird at the paps?

    Idgaf who likes who, who is a fan of who, but at least pull your head out of your arse before talking about it because you have shit dribbling off your chin.

    • Anonnnie says:

      The funny thing is, a lot of these hardcore shippers are way too old to be as concerned with this shit as they are. I was taunted by this bat shit shipper on another site, accused of being jealous of Kristen (which was hilarious to me since I wouldn’t kick either R or K out of bed) and she topped it off by saying I was a middle aged loser. I clicked on this chick’s profile only to find out she’s fucking 35 years old. I’m in my mid-20’s. They are sad as hell.

    • anonymous says:

      When he starts calling paps rapists and flips off the paps while promoting the next film in a foreign country I’ll call him out. So far only the Rebel Without the Cause Stewart behaves like that. No one from the Twi-cast is so out of control like her.

  87. FandomIsCrazy says:


    Yes she’s really 40

    What scary is that she feels the need to constantly reassure her followers and give out info, that Rob and Kristen are happily dating. She’s been doing this for like 2yrs now. It doesn’t matter that Summit is sueing her and that they have seen her tweets, she ALWAYS has has to reassure her followers.

    What will Delaney and her follwers do the day, whatever is going on between Rob and Kris… ends? But im sure the shippers havent thought of that because Edward and Bella are suppose to stay together forever and ever

  88. Anonymous says:

    I don’t even get why so many comments are “[statement] before I get attacked I’m not a nonsten!”

    …why? If it’s SO possible that SO many fans think they’re together but are perfectly sane, why isn’t that possible for those of us who think it’s PR bull?

    No one needs to think they’re a couple for their points and opinions to be valid. Since NO ONE knows for sure it shouldn’t matter where you stand.

    • BOO! says:

      That’s the first thing I thought when I seen them smooshing in front of the hotel. Right out in front? *snort* HOW CONVENIENT. But I’m cynical like that and I generally don’t give a shit.

  89. Twilight Slush says:

    Not really sure where else to put this, but I just received this link in an email. HOLLA

    For those looking for pulled fics, MERRY THURSDAY!


  90. twankhardfan numberone says:

    So it’s been established that Delaney is cray cray so let’s forget the robsten/nonsten thing for a minute and ponder something way more important, more deep and meaningful: “Who is the biggest loon in the fandom?” Delaney is certainly a contender; pushing the Robsten theme and her mad legal skillz but she’d certainly be up against Squally with her BNA pimpage and her mad spelling skillz.

    Maybe there should be a fandom showdown between these two delusional morons……..we could auction off ring side seats. Imagine the fun not only in the ring but outside as the followers of both battle it out. But IMO it would be a close call; Squally has her pack of dobermans/minions while Delaney has connections with the cops (who carry guns). So it’s your call twankers -yes or no to the Fandom Queen of the Loons showdown and awards ceremony?

    • spewin. says:

      crazykizzes24, and delaney.

    • Anonymous says:


      This lady wins the crazy competition. Hands.down.

      • twankhard says:

        Is this RPF, or for real?

        • Anonymous says:

          There has been much debate. I can’t decide if she’s the worlds worst RPF writer or if she is actually and truly just psychotic on a level that is frightening (OK, and slightly amusing). There has also been some suggestion that she’s kidding but I don’t think that’s the case. She’s pimping her story for actual $$ but I can’t bring myself to buy it just for the laughs.

          • Anonymous says:

            Now that I’m re-reading her stuff I’m going to choose actual psychotic. She’s clearly off her meds. Maybe it’s in bad taste to point her out and laugh? *sudden attack of conscience*

            • twankhardfan numberone says:

              yeah clearly psychotic, you’d got to be with having this as your marketing strategy:
              “I can’t believe this. I started the rumor that Robert Pattinson smelled”.
              OMG I SO need to buy this like now……..

          • twankhardfan numberone says:

            OMG yeah she’d definitely be in the running alongside Delaney and Squally! Looks like there’ll be 3 of them in the ring now….
            This shit had me LOLing:
            “I don’t sleep in the dark, I tend to see things in the dark, even with light I see things but somehow I manage to keep it to a minimum otherwise I could never sleep, so instead I dream of things that will happen ahead of time. I also have this mechanism that they wake me up before something would happen. (who’s they? its in the book2)”.

          • twankhard says:


            We had to twank that.

            There was no other option.

        • Anon E Mouse says:

          People who write RPF need a hard core twanking.

  91. spewin. says:

    Yeah it’s pretty sad.

    I follow her on twitter, but I never knew most of this. Just that she was a bit loony. I love a good understatement. I suppose I would have to actually read my feed to learn about it. I went follow-crazy once and now everyone pisses me off so I don’t go there much.

    But she has so many followers, who come across as … erm … stable-ish, some even intelligent. I don’t get how/why they believe her shit? And she is friends with @kstewshoes and others who are only really young. 15 maybe? That’s sad and scary. Where are these people’s parents? (not Delaney’s – they would surely spend their time praying to whoever will listen that their fucking stupid daughter will move out by the time she’s 50).

    Why don’t both psycho sides rejoice in what they have in common, their piss poor excuse for grammar and their inability to use the correct ‘your’ / ‘you’re’. Grrrrrr.

    Oooohhhh – a pulled fic site!! YAY!! I don’t know whether I’m more excited to read some of them, or to watch the simultaneous breakdown of their “authors” all over twittah.

    • Anon E Mouse says:

      Speaking of Twitter names like KStewsShoes, what’s up with some of the scary twitter names? I think there’s one called KStewsbutt or something like that. I laugh when these cray cray names pop up in the ‘suggestion’ area on Twitter.

      • amaaaazed says:

        ugh yess… and the baby ones are …. I don’t even know. I know they are trying to be funny more than likely, but damn, they win the award for Trihard and Failing. When they pop up in my suggestions because one of my friends follows a couple of them, I glare and judge.

  92. WhoMe? says:

    Wow. She really needs to get a life. Quickly. Like, yesterday. Maybe even last year. Super creepy and more than likely FULL OF SHIT!

    I wish I hadn’t wasted my time clicking those links!

  93. iloveRobsbush says:

    ummmmm….WOW. What a fucking toolbox. I kinda want to tweet her and just type “Nonsten” for the fun of it.

    Dear Crazy Lady,
    Get your own life you wack job.
    You are creepy.

  94. a nonnie says:

    Sure, I think Rob and Kristen are together. But why the fuck does she care so much?

    The teal deers were running rampant, but the few tweets I did read were scary enough for me.

  95. lol says:

    So since my name was brought into here as well I feel I should address this. Yes I am Candykizzes24…I am not crazy I am just a bitch. Get it straight. I called her out on all this bs months ago. It’s about time people have seen the light, well some people. Guess I’m crazy also cause I don’t believe in the epic lurve forever and ever. Spare me and stfu. I never bullied me. They harassed me at work..my friends. STALKED me at a show…and I’m the crazy one. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror. ROBSTENS are the one who called Rob’s own sister a slut/fame whore because she’s friends with Nikki. Get over yourselves. 🙂

    • Anon says:

      Please tell me you’ve screencapped all that and will be sending it to Twankhard for ETA’s 😉 Gotta expose the crazy!

  96. lol says:

    So since my name was brought into here as well I feel I should address this. Yes I am Candykizzes24…I am not crazy I am just a bitch. Get it straight. I called her out on all this bs months ago. It’s about time people have seen the light, well some people. Guess I’m crazy also cause I don’t believe in the epic lurve forever and ever. Spare me and stfu. I never bullied them, just spoke back. They harassed me at work..my friends. STALKED me at a show…and I’m the crazy one. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror. ROBSTENS are the one who called Rob’s own sister a slut/fame whore because she’s friends with Nikki. Get over yourselves.

  97. DyingOfLaughter says:

    ooooo you girls are gonna *GET* it! delaney no likey this post!! hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • amaaaazed says:

      LMFAO! This gem: “I have it on good authority it is like at most 10 people who recreate multiple accounts to make their group seem larger.”

      Riiiiight. Because that’s more believable than there just being a shitload of people, shipper, non-shipper, IDGAFsters alike, who don’t like Delaney. Fucking people with their conspiracy theories. I have a good authority as well. It’s called Occam’s Razor.

      Full disclosure: I’ve only ever written under one name on this blog. I actually like Kristen Stewart. Fuck, I’m actually in the minority in this thread because I like R/K but I’m not going to act like I have some sort of personal stake in whether they are together or not because that shit has nothing to do with me. All of the posts where people have theories about who/what R/K do and how they are together make me laugh whether you’re analyzing pics/video/tweets to gush about “OMG SO IN LOVE/SECRETLY MARRIED/ENGAGED/BABIES THAT HAVEN’T HAPPENED” or if you do the same to say “THEY HATE EACH OTHER/BEARD FOR EACH OTHER,” I think you’re all guilty of the epidemic of Fandom Cray Cray. This fandom is a victim of its own conjectures.

      You know what I did with the comments from people on this board who didn’t like Kristen? I ignored them because everyone’s entitled to their own opinion (until now kind of, sort of), and I don’t feel personally assaulted when I read alternate points of view on the internet. Yes, I’d prefer if this site didn’t become yet another pointless, online battleground for the Kristen fans, Kristen haters, Rob fans, Rob haters, Robsten/Nonsten bullshit, but what can I do? Posts like this make those people show themselves. Whatever.

      I’m just here to mock people who have allowed fandom “fame” to go to their heads, and Delaney is one of them. Case in point, those screen caps. This isn’t war; it’s mockery.

    • Your Crazy Is Showing says:

      HAHAHAHA way to prove the point there, Delaney. I love how big her ego is that Twank is now a blog entirely dedicated to hating on her. And it’s ONLY because she absolutely KNOWS Rob and Kristen are together. It’s been PROVEN dontcha know!

      Shame on you, Twank, for your lack of factual information. Even though the entire post was screencaps of her Twitter feed. Hmmm.

      • DyingOfLaughter says:

        now delooney is saying that this is a ‘hate sight toward her’ and that it was wrong to twank her bc her father just died. well delaney you had no problem tweeting about 2 ppl you DON’T know after but we can’t twank you? psssh please.


        and here she is ‘threatening’ rpattzlawyer (???) on twitter LOL. yes delaney i’m sure you know what an ‘ethical violation’ is. too bad you didn’t know what a copyright violation was huh? tsk tsk

        and this is just precious LOL http://i1128.photobucket.com/albums/m495/dyingoflaughter1/DG4.jpg

        notice how this looney only comes on twitter after there has been a r/k sighting. she’s in a bucket of cray cray all on her own.

        • Anonymous says:

          Nah, she doesn’t know what an ethical violation is, much less a copyright violation. And she apparently doesn’t know what a PUBLIC RECORD is either. But what do I know. I’m just a lawyer.

  98. Anonymous says:

    so how did you find out she wasn’t who she said she was, etc? inquiring minds wish to know

  99. anonymoustache says:

    You are boring and stupid and a liar and an idiot
    nobody was disrespectful to her about her father dying, infact I read many tweets and blogs saying that were sad for her!
    the only thing ppl felt was off was that she said she was ‘taking a break from grieving’ to assure ppl that RK were ok!
    alsooooooo I wish she would stop threatening to take ppl to court when she hasn’t even got money to get herself a lawyer in her own case!
    if I was her i’d shut my mouth, leave with some dignity and concentrate on my court case and not the lives of 2 ppl who shes never met, probably never will meet!
    it seems to me shes lost sight of the fact that the ppl in this fandom may well seem to be ‘friends’ but………
    DO THEY KNOW that all the ppl she emailed with the pictures are slowly being implicated (this knowledge comes from public court papers available to the public, all public, everywhere) and she has been told to give up the john does! u would think shes potentially done enough damage and if there is a scrap of anything decent left in her she should let those ppl know and also bow out with some grace now!
    my biggest question are these……
    why do ppl choose not to look up these court documents?
    why do ppl do her dirty work for her?
    why do ppl that she has refered to as ‘fans’ call up ppl’s places of work, leak home address info, bully and try to discredit others, post pics of ppl’s innocent children all for her?
    she may think she has loyal followers but when ur bending over to pick up the soap in the big house, whos gonna be there for ya huh huh???

    • anonabomb says:

      @anonymoustache – will share all the links to court docs? I’ve seen the one summarizing but not the others.

      I followed her at first because I thought it was fun and liked R&K. It’s definitely become a trainwreck situation now, can’t look away. Actually, I did look away when she went on her all-night tweet binge after her dad died. She just seemed so unhinged, I actually felt bad for her.

  100. Anonymous says:

    Shit girls, you stirred the crazy pot. I need a bucket of popcorn to go through all these comments. When is part 2 coming out?

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