Nonnie blesses our inbox with something truly twank worthy.

We’re not going to go into the specifics of what a good review is, but why would we, when mac214 has already done the homework for us? In her blog entry titled, The Lost Art of Constructive Criticism, mac teaches us what an acceptable review is. AND HER BLOG IS WEARING OUR DRESS, BUT ASIDE FROM THAT… According to her,

The art of constructive criticism seems to be lost on those in the fandom who consider themselves qualified enough to leave it. Most of the time it seems designed to make the writer feel like shit instead of genuinely helping them improve their writing.

This would seem to imply that not only is everyone not qualified enough to constructively criticize a Twilight Fanfiction, but also that most negative reviews (which are likely a generous 5% of all FFn reviews) are only being left to bring the author down.

re·view (r-vy)

v. re·viewed, re·view·ing, re·views 

1. To look over, study, or examine again.
2. To consider retrospectively; look back on.
3. To examine with an eye to criticism or correction: reviewed the research findings.
4. To write or give a critical report on (a new work or performance, for example).
5. Law To reexamine (an action or determination) judicially, especially in a higher court, in order to correct possible errors.
6. To subject to a formal inspection, especially a military inspection.
7. Given for the sole purpose of aiding the subject of said criticism to improve.

One could argue she was only referring to constructive criticism and not reviews as a whole. It’s not like she picked a negative review, threw it up on her blog, made an example out of a reader who was just leaving an honest and not at all hostile opinion, and then took it upon herself to correct them.

Or maybe she did.

Last night someone complained about the accent in Coming Through the Rye in a way that was less than constructive:

I’m sure you really won’t care about this review but I can’t believe you have someone Scottish helping with this dialect. You’re mixing different Scottish dialects throughout, also the only people who sound that broad are farmers and people over 70, and the glossary is hit or miss too. For a start “teucher” is absolutely not a highland term, it refers to people from NE Scotland. Black Pudding? NOTHING like a sausage, the texture/taste is so different that calling it this is ridiculous. As a Scot it pains me to see this as a representation of Scotland.

Combative. Rude. Arrogant. Did I miss anything?  I thanked the reviewer for her opinion, but shockingly this particular reviewer HAD to assure me of her superiority and correctness, which led to me letting out a tiny bit of snark.  I probably would have reined it in a bit if she’d just been insulting me (I’m certainly no expert at Scottish slang and accents), but she’s also insulting Claire, my prereader who lives in Glencoe, Scotland – and what kind of idiot implies I wouldn’t know a sausage if it bit me in the ass?  Not to mention, if you’re going to dispute the glossary definitions, be sure googling the term “teuchter” doesn’t immediately take you to page after page that defines it as a word referring to people in the Highlands. Considering Claire’s people refer to themselves as “teuchtery”… well, I don’t think the reviewer in question could have outed herself as a true troll and absolute moron any more if she tried.

How might this reviewer have transmitted her viewpoint without coming off as a complete douchebag?

Mac then proceeds to reconstruct (we can’t make this up) what she felt the review should have been. Anyone got a facepalm gif handy?

“I like that you’re writing a Scottish Edward.  I live in Scotland, though, and your portrayal of the accent doesn’t seem quite right.  To my ear, the accent appears too heavy and the slang is wrong for a person of that age group.  Perhaps you might add an additional Scottish person to join your prereading team to offer a second opinion – I would be happy to step in if you’re interested.  You may also want to consider rewording your description of blood pudding.  It doesn’t seem very sausage-like to me – it’s not quite as firm and meaty. Thanks for putting so much effort into your fic!” It gets the point across, offers solutions, and doesn’t imply the reviewer is schmuck.

We’d point out that instead of looking like a schmuck, now it just looks like the reader has her tongue glued to your anus, just the way you like, but we won’t. You’d probably make an example out of us too.

Twank Roundup:

Blog Post: Contests are unfair and only the popular girls win (Even though she only made the blog post to announce she’s placed in one)

Blog Post: Teaching the world about the evils of homophones (You can leave links to any homophone errors present in her fics in the comments… we don’t read…)

Blog Post: Tax deductions for fic research (Just no)

Blog Post: Your BDSM fic is boring and only popular because it’s trendy (Not that we disagree, but her fic list isn’t exactly screaming INTRIGUE)

Blog Post: Just everything.

Profile Page: “Thinking about leaving negative feedback? Consider whether your review is constructive or abusive. My policy is to ban anyone who leaves abusive criticism and make fun of them publicly for being a douchebag.” (Should we remind you what she considers “abusive”?)

We didn’t look at her Twitter, but we ‘magine it goes something like:



  1. Hmmm says:

    I wish it went without saying that I thought the original review was well within the bounds.

    The rewrite was just classic. Are we to believe the only time it is ok to point out a recurring problem in a fic is if you offer to beta the piece of– I mean, the story yourself??

    • hm says:

      but it’s the internets! this is vital and if we don’t all offer to beta when we see a typo, the world could explode!

    • I'm not telling says:

      she forgot to thank Viola Cornuta her beta extraordinaire in her review re-write

    • amaaaazed says:

      I totally agree. I don’t see anything wrong with the initial review, and I’ve heard criticism much more constructive, less tactfully put than that in creative writing programs. Although some readers might leave rude and unhelpful comments, I think that in some cases (like this one) it’s more a case of the writer not being able to take constructive criticism instead of the reader being unable to leave it. The example of “constructive crit according to mac” is laughable. If she hadn’t layered the ass-licking quite so thick I could’ve taken it seriously.

  2. asphinctersayswhat says:

    this is fanfiction. on the internet.

    when did being constructive have anything to do with it?

    I’ve had less constructive criticism in real life with real people that I actually have to work with and you don’t find me bawwwng about it.

    sanctimonious cow.

    • Anon E Mouse says:

      She’s one of the worst about whining about reviews that aren’t even bad, but just constructive. If you don’t ooze flattery, you’re an idiot and her groupies will agree.

  3. ooookay says:

    WTF – that review burger! How about no? I’m so glad I never left a review for Relative Wind and never started reading her new fic. Arrogant writers deserve ZERO reviews.

  4. cookiemonster says:

    ” Most of the time it seems designed to make the writer feel like shit instead of genuinely helping them improve their writing.”

    How does the saying go again? No one can make you feel like shit unless you let them.

    My favorite part of her reworked review was “Perhaps you might add an additional Scottish person to join your prereading team to offer a second opinion – I would be happy to step in if you’re interested.”

    Since when should offering an opinion be construed as an invitation to fix someone else’s mess?

  5. cookiemonster says:

    Mac was fired from a job because a potential employee told Mac’s employer that the job offered was unattractive due to what Mac posted about the employer on her blog. Now that must have been some major “constructive criticism.” I wonder if her severance check was made payable to “Schmuck” or “Douchebag.” Or both.

  6. She who cannot even says:

    Oooh I cannot *wait* for the whiteknighting to begin.

  7. Ruh ro says:

    Hahaahahhaa… Well, Jesus, I hope you never come after me. I did a whole bunch on homophones on the blog I’m on. Meh, I think we’re all douche-worthy from time to time. The great thing about it is to just have fun – even if it means you’re being an utter twank. If I were to write up something about anyone’s review, I would probably do so if the reviewer was a true wanker. It usually goes like this:

    RANT RANT RANT…RANT RANT RANT…Twankhard outs your Twank…You make deer-caught-in-headlights look…You cry…New Twank…You laugh and laugh and laugh at the other nimbus who’s been twanked.

    This is why I love Twankhard. We’re ALL worthy.

  8. anonymous says:

    You say potato, I say potato…

  9. oh jeebus says:

    My favorite part of that reconstructed review was ‘Thanks for putting so much effort into your fic!’ Yeah…

    • hmmmm.... says:

      It makes you wonder whether Mac occasionally indulges in writing a few reviews for her own story.

      • oh jeebus says:

        Oh jeez, I bet there are those out there that do that. What a way to show people what a douche you are.

        • wellll...... says:

          In another fandom that shall remain anonymous there was a BNA who had a sock account to rec and review her own stories. Wanna bet how many people in this fandom do this?

          • Anonymous says:

            I’ve long thought that Squally is just a bigger, badder version of Nanny Clarabella. I seem to be alone in this.

            • Anon says:

              Oh my god MsScribe’s Clarabella. That was some fucked up shit. She must have been exhausted after all the mental manipulation. Or not.

            • Anonymous says:

              Does Nanny have anything to do with Msscribe?

              OH! Now I’m really wondering about squalls.

              • Anonysocks says:

                It’s impossible to know how many sockpuppets exist in this fandom, but the Twilight fandom is on par with the massiveness of Potter, so chances are good that they are out there. One sockpuppet for rec’ing on one site, one sockpuppet to do the same on another, one identity to post on twilighted, another for ADF, one sock puppet to review certain stories, one sockpuppet to flame others of the authors that are douchy, one sockpuppet to joke with sockpuppets of other known sockpuppets of other fandom people (twitter-wards, etc) – I know nothing of this personally or anyone else that does either, nor am I smirking now either.

                I’d bet that Squally is NOT just squally. Sure as shit now more than ever. She probably has a few accounts and will be using those now that a target is on her back. I may dislike her obnoxious arse but I sure as hell wouldn’t blame her if she did start socking under another account, or many.

                The point is that there are a high #’s of Clarabella’s. The million dollar question is how many are “Ms. Scribes” with the willingness to fuck that much with people to that extent?

                • Anonymous says:

                  With all the theories out there about how SR has been using everyone for his thesis or whatever, it wouldn’t shock me to learn that Squally was one of his tools. Her being a shill to drive up the bidding on Icy in the auction had me thinking she was Icy’s sock, but I’m not familiar enough with the timelines of the two stories to figure it all out.

                  Her obsequiousness would just be too much for me to handle if I thought she was a real person.

          • Chocolate Anony Mousse says:

            Maybe I’m just a tad naive…I would have never thought about doing that! I guess that level of stupidity never crossed my mind. My review count is about to skyrocket, brb.

          • amaaaazed says:

            now that is just sad.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I wouldn’t say we’re all Twank worthy. If that were true there wouldn’t be a purpose to this site because that would be the norm. Nothing on here would be shocking either. I don’t think most of us behave that way so sometimes we ARE shocked at egos and behavior in general. It’s amazing to see adults functioning at grade school levels. More so when many go on and on about their college degrees and how awesome they are for having them. If you have money you can get a degree but obviously the maturity either sticks or it doesn’t.

    • MarySue Anonymous says:

      We may all not be twankworthy, but hey, we are ALL douchebags occasionally. Just some of us get caught at it. Most of us manage to get away with it or keep it out of ff.

      BUt its just one side of a person. The limited view you get of a person, even through a blog, is only one facet of them. If you think you’re getting a balanced view of a person through their internet activity, you’re very naive.

      I guess I feel like there’s a difference between being a genuine douchebag and occasionally falling into douchebaggery.

      • I'm not telling says:

        MarySue Anonymous says:
        October 16, 2010 at 7:10 pm
        We may all not be twankworthy, but hey, we are ALL douchebags occasionally.

        Occasionally- I’m a douchebag all the time- lol!

  11. uh-naw-nee says:

    Chick has obviously never had her writing workshopped.

    The thin skins on some of these writers make me LOL.

    • I'm not telling says:

      Let’s face it- most authors would CRYYYYY if they were workshopped!

    • amaaaazed says:

      Thank you! It’s so funny when I read the whining that goes on with fanfic writers and reviewers when I’ve witnessed and experienced the shit that people (including the professor) will say TO YOUR FACE about your ORIGINAL writings. And you just have to sit there and take the heat for however long it takes for them to discuss you piece. We were supposed to have a time limit, but our teacher sucked at keeping track of time, and some stories really made people get into providing feedback. Some fanfic writers need to buck the fuck up about the negative reviews. On the flip side of that, they also need to not let the glowing positive reviews go to their heads.

      • Anon E Mouse says:

        Writers who do this are going to discourage reviewing unless it’s gushing with praise. Do you really learn anything from those reviews? Yes, they are nice and if you have a smaller fic, it can give you hope that someone is actually reading your crap, but it can also give you perspective of your writing that you might not have gotten otherwise.

        This is not the first time Mac has gone a-ranting about a review just because it didn’t ooze with the lurve, thus she deserves this Twank. She regularly freaks over reviews that are either con-crit or don’t say, “Your story is sooo purrfect!” I also have to wonder if her minions looked up this reviewer later and harassed her/him? Fandom is getting that psychotic like that so it wouldn’t surprise me.

        If you can’t take even gentle constructive criticism (to me, the review above falls in that category), don’t publish your stuff publicly to all to see.

  12. BigTool4U says:

    Meh… she should start beta-ing my reviews if she is so good at it… reviews I mean.

  13. Anonymous says:

    That contest post…I’m having such flashbacks to KariAnn’s “I hope this contest will at least be run professionally“…as she tries again to cheat rack up more banners for IPoN.

    In other words, if she wins, it’s because the contest was fair and professional. If she loses, it’s because only the popular girls/girls who cheat better ever win.

  14. sadnonnie says:

    This makes me sad.

    I like this website, but for once it twanked an author I actually liked, and this bothers me. Not because I want to whiteknight or anything, but because I don’t really know if I’ll still enjoy her writing after seeing this twank 😦

    I guess I just don’t like the idea that from now on if I read something from her, I won’t be able to stop thinking that she’s a douche. Blah.

    • oh jeebus says:

      I know what you mean. It’s hard to take any of the twanked authors seriously after reading about how stupid or douchey they actually are. This site has put me off most of the authors featured, although I’ve only read a few of them. The others I now have no desire to read.

    • hi says:

      Just because this site has decided to jump up and down on somebody and screamed, “Hey everybody, come over here so we can point and laugh at what a douche Mac is!” doesn’t mean she actually is a douche.

      That’s like trusting a bully’s opinion on the kid he’s beating up. Twankhard just gets to use the “evidence” of her own words to do it, which of course come across as wank-worthy when presented in this context.

      They are painting a very particular picture of her, pulling any example they can find to try to reinforce this one picture. But they don’t actually know her. I don’t either but I’m just saying…

      • Anonymous says:

        That was a pretty good impression of whiteknighting.

        • hi says:

          and that’s a pretty good impression of writing someone’s opinion off instead of actually engaging in an interesting conversation

          • Anonymous says:

            Alright. You wanna do the long version?

            1) You’re saying Twankhard is being the bully here when the quoted material suggests that Mac is a bully herself. Cry me a river!

            2) She’s being judged by her own words. How’s that unfair? Should she get a chance to defend herself? She may do so at any time. But then please consider that she didn’t let her reviewers explain themselves either when she publicly dissed them on her blog.

            3) “They are painting a very particular picture of her, pulling any example they can find to try to reinforce this one picture. But they don’t actually know her. I don’t either but I’m just saying…”
            Now that is just whiteknighting at its best.

            Happy now?

            • hi says:

              yes. thanks for explaining yourself instead of just throwing snark at me. what you just said has some legitness to it.

              the part where anyone not jumping on the mean boat is therefore a white knight… pretty lame & speaks poorly for this site…

              but I did appreciate the direct response 🙂

      • just so you know says:

        Judging someone on her own words works for me

    • amaaaazed says:

      Call me weird, but I can still enjoy something while knowing the douchiness of it and/or the people behind it. I mean it’s great if the person/thing I like actually has awesome and likeable people behind it, but sometimes that doesn’t work out…. and that doesn’t bother me.

      • BOO! says:

        Awwww are we being mean? Kinda hypocritical – oh and don’t forget lame. Being lame is LIKE TOTALLY LAME!

        • amaaaazed says:

          Umm… my comment was in response to the poster who said she was a fan of Mac but now can’t be because she got twanked. I was saying that it doesn’t matter to me if someone in fandom is called out on this site, if I’m already a fan of a story they wrote, it’s not going make me flounce their story even if I read about douchy behavior. How exactly is that hypocritical/lame? If I’m enjoying a fic for whatever reason, I’m going to enjoy it even if I wouldn’t cry if that person were eaten by a mountain lion.

  15. Anonymous says:

    i have to say that i agree with the constructive criticism thing. it’s easy to be mean and rude in a review when you have a penname to hide behind. but as a writer, i would love for someone who leaves a negative review to tell me exactly why they don’t like it. i suppose that’s what that reviewer did, however, when i leave criticism, i like to at least include something positive in it, no matter how small a detail. it really does take the sting out. and while it *is* fanfiction, it’s still someone’s work on which they’ve spent time, energy, & emotion. it’s a fact that you can receive tons of praise, but then one negative comment can bring you down hard. it’s human nature.
    *shrug* just my opinion on the constructive criticism thing.

    • Anonymous says:

      I wish someone liked my fic enough to give me the kind of review that Mac didn’t want. Someone cared enough about her story to take the time to point these things out to her. I would love for this kind of feedback.

  16. Na na na na naaaaaaa naaaaaa Nae Tellin! says:

    I have to agree with the reviewer. To a point! I actually contacted Mac a couple of months, or so ago, saying pretty much the exact same thing, having noticed eastcoast/westcoast differences. I do however concede that i have never lived in Glencoe, and have less knowledge than her beta, with that regard.

    Ryeward’s slang is excessive. And VERY crass. I’ve never actually heard a Scotsman using so much vulgar words in regular conversation. I cringed frequently while reading. The term ‘clatty skids’ made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. That’s about as base as you can get without using profanity.

    Another problem i had with Edward, was his manner of speech around colleagues. After 2yrs of living in the US, i highly doubt he would still use so much slang, especially in a professional environment. Proximity, along with common courtesy, wouldn’t allow it.

    And his excessive gas was just…. ICK. My brother can be incredibly crude and lude, but even he pails significantly compared to Macs’ Edward.

    So, other than these complaints, i will admit to enjoying the story.

    Now perhaps this reads as a mean spirited review, but i believe i have pointed out significant issues with the story. I haven’t criticized the author, just the use of some language, and how relevant it is.

  17. Hrmmm says:

    mac is out of line here. Yeah, there are reviews that are left that are completely ridiculous, but this was not one of them. She had an opportunity here to go and speak to the reviewer and improve her writing. Instead she chose to squander it and make a lot of people in the fandom roll their eyes at her.

    If you want to laugh at reviews and replies, there is a site somewhere that I came across that takes the truly nasty reviews and writes replies for authors. I do not know if they mean it to be serious or if it is just for laughs, but it is an interesting read. I came across it once and ended up snorting tea out my nose, but I cannot find it again. Does anyone know what it is?

  18. Anne Nonnie Mouse says:

    Um, not twanky. Sorry.

    I do beta work and like the homophone post a a lot. (Is a makeup “palate” applied with the tongue? This is something I need to know.) Also, reviewing is a bit of an art. The “sandwich” review concept is good to keep in mind. Often a reviewer wants to critique something he or she likes overall but also wants to offer consructive criticism.

    • Anonymous says:

      reviewing is not an art. anyone can do it. You don’t need anything other than a keyboard and no one has to qualify.

      authors might want or expect certain things of their reviewers but that’s where it ends. They have no control over it unless they decide to skip reviews all together. If they want them, they get what they get.

    • Oh please says:

      The reviewer expressed her thoughts clearly. She didn’t say “you suck”– she pointed out the specific issues. The review was not complimentary but it was thoughtful. It is not the author’s place or your place to instruct readers on how many positive remarks they must include with each negative remark.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think you’re confusing the concept of reviewing and the concept of ego-boosting. One can easily exist without the other.

  19. Anonymous says:

    the thing is, yeah it’s nice to include something you like about a story when you review but that’s not a requirement. if there’s a real problem that the author is overlooking or ignoring and you’re aware of it, it should be fine to point it out. You don’t have to smooth it over with a compliment because its a review. if the author doesn’t want them they don’t have to have them. You expect everything when you make work public.

    Nevermind that some of these things that are toted as authentic (from what i’m reading) could actually really offend someone who this is supposed to represent! It’s one thing to write and maybe use a few clichés but when people start getting painted in a poor light because of lack of research or blatant disregard for facts, that’s shitty. No one needs to kiss ass over defending themselves.

    Example: when people make fun of native americans or make crass jokes about issues we deal with all the time, I’m not going to be nice about correcting people. It’s not like they asked politely about something, they just assumed and made fun of something painful I deal with all the time. If I never hear another drunk indian joke it’ll be too soon. I’m not saying go off the handle about it but there’s no need to meekly suggest a change and kiss ass too.

    This may not be exactly the same but i’m sure everyone knows what i’m getting at. If you don’t know, don’t write it OR do some serious research/ask for help etc.

    • anon says:

      Yawn. This is the dullest twank ever. Finding fault in an article about tax refunds for freelance writers? Um, how is this twank worthy?? Who the fuck hasn’t complained about a negative review?

      I think your Nonnies are sleeping on the job.

      Wait, why is this a bad thing? I like Mac. She’s a genuinely sweet person, a fabulous editor and an entertaining writer. Why is it bad to stick up for her? I think you bitches saw the movie Mean Girls a few times too many over at the Gaz.

  20. fandomvom says:

    I couldn’t make it past the first chapter in Coming through the Rye, simply because I thought it was a load of shite.

    Shmaybe that’s cause I’m married to a Scot, and reading the badly worded dialect and all the alleged slang was a bit much.

    And I find it ridiculous when fic writers create twitter accounts for their characters. wtmf.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Wow. Seriously? I have to kiss her ass in order for her to approve of my disapproval? It’s amazing to me that some of these BNA’s take their shit so seriously. It’s fanfiction. Unless I can buy your book on Amazon, you’re just another tool stealing from a real author like the rest of us. Get the fuck over yourself.

    I’m choking right now. On Mac’s ego.

    • Anonymatopoeia says:

      Anyone can upload anything and sell it on Amazon via CreateSpace. Let’s not forget how much fanfiction is currently being “published.”

  22. nope says:

    Mac was fired from a previous job for writing dirty limericks on the bathroom wall! And then she tried to stab her boss. Wonder if her severance check was addressed to “Loser” or “Psycho”? Get it? Because she’s obviously psycho? I bet she wears adult diapers too! And has a psycho mother in a nut house!

    • Anonymous says:

      No, there’s no personal bashing on this site at all.

      • twankhard says:

        This isn’t ADF. Personal(ity) bashing is a given. And puppy kicking (don’t forget the puppies!)

      • Incog Nito says:

        Why should this site be expected to be ANY different to every other Twilight site out there?

        There is personal bashing all over the twi-world – it would seem incredibly naive to believe otherwise.

        The only difference between this site and every other blog/website/whatever is that nobody is pretending that it is any different.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Wonder if her severance check was addressed to “Loser” or “Psycho”? Get it? Because she’s obviously psycho?”

      Um, okay, pointing out the pun of a joke is twankworthy right there.

    • Anon says:

      I want to know who “Nope” is so I can kick her ass for being a liar… and also for being dreadfully stupid. “Mac tried to stab her boss.” Um, really?

      That was satire, I hope. Yes?

  23. Anonymous says:

    Ya know what I love? And for the record, I don’t read Mac, so I dont’ know the story, but it sounds funny.

    How everyone comes here and slams these authors, who are only human (we’re assuming anyway) and make mistakes, just like the rest of us, but for some reason we act as though we have NEVER said or done anything out of pure emotional reaction to getting our feelings hurt….the difference probably being that most of us wouldn’t blog about it, or talk about it other than behind closed doors with our closest “friends” but really, to stop reading someone’s story because of this?

    She’s only human (again, assuming) – she’s allowed to get a little defensive about stuff, as over the top as it may seem. I’m sure she realizes this now….post twank….hopefully.

    • Yup says:

      Yes indeed, the difference is that we don’t blog about it or talk about it other than behind closed doors with our closest “friends”!

    • Mellow says:

      Sure, she has the right to make an ass of herself…and we all have the right to laugh at it. And in fairness, this doesn’t seem to be the twankhard folks taking advantage of maybe a one time goof. I think all of the the citations to those blogs constituate proof positive that she has some outrageous ego and feeling of self importance (and BTW, as a tax attorney, good luck getting those deductions accepted by the IRS if you’re not making any income on your writing endeavors. She may be using the same accountant that Wesley Snipes used).

    • Mellow says:

      Sure, she has the right to make an ass of herself…and we all have the right to laugh at it. And in fairness, this doesn’t seem to be the twankhard folks taking advantage of maybe a one time goof. I think all of the the citations to those blogs constituate proof positive that she has some outrageous ego and feeling of self importance (and BTW, as a tax attorney, I’m telling you good luck getting those deductions accepted by the IRS if you’re not making any income on your writing endeavors. She may be using the same accountant that Wesley Snipes used).

    • amaaaazed says:

      I’ve yet to have someone whose fic I genuinely enjoy make it onto twankhard, but fuck, if I’d stop reading their fics because of this blog. I enjoy the posts on this site, and I enjoy all of the comments, informative discussions, and snark, but I don’t read it as a barometer of what to read or not, what I’m allowed to like or not, and I don’t think people should take it that way. I can’t remember if I’ve read a story by Mac, but if I had I’m not going to change my opinion just because she made a douchey blog post about reviewers, etc. If her stories were crap, I still wouldn’t like her writing even if she was Mother Teresa in real life. If her stories are amazing, I’d still like them even if she … created a blog post making an example of a fair and reasonable review just because the reviewer didn’t kiss her ass with a side of criticism.

      • BOO! says:

        yeah …see If Mogs fic was the most brilliant piece of literature to ever grace the pages of FFN (which he is deluded into believing anyway) I wouldn’t read, based on his dickwankiness. My skin would be crawling as I read the sentences he probably jerked off to while writing music for simultaneously.

        • amaaaazed says:

          MoG’s fic is fanfic crap. The fact that he’s full of dickwankiness is a bonus, and it simply accentuates the crappiness for our twankworthy pleasure. But I can overlook a lot about a person if they’re creating something that I love/like/enjoy, and a lot of non-fandom people who I admire creatively and have interacted with in real life have some personality flaw that makes me wonder at how they can be so deficient in real life and incredible and aware in their work. Idk why but sometimes it makes me appreciate their artist side more, but I get how people can feel the opposite. That’s in real life with people who focus solely on their original works though. That kind of behavior is more laughable (but not exactly flounce-able) to me whether the person is skilled or not when the writer is writing derivative works. I don’t even remember the fandom writer’s name most of the time. I read Relative Wind/Direction, but I didn’t connect the username Mac to it. And I don’t read A/Ns, chat in forums or follow their twitters, so it’s very easy for me to ignore the person behind the fic most of the time. So far, most of the people twanked have had overrated stories and overblown egos to match. And based on a few comments, it seems like this Mac person was on her way there, if she wasn’t there already.

        • amaaaazed says:

          well… I don’t chat in certain forums anymore. I suppose this comment section could be considered some kind of forum.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t the review just about being accurate? It’s kinda’ no different than when people who actually know something complain that a doctor story has medical stuff wrong or a lawyer story is BS or music story has whatever wrong. For those readers it’s like nails on a chalkboard to read something that is so not believable or accurate.

    Mac should just own up to the fact she’s not an expert in Scottish dialects and get over it. It’s only a big deal becaue she made it one.

  25. aye-nonnie says:

    i think that putting your stories up on invites the opportunity for others to review your story. i don’t think it says anywhere in the TOS that you are required to sandwich a bad review with two compliments or whatever she was going on about. If you don’t like something, say it. Fuck what she says, honesty is the best policy. It’s not like the example she used was even a personal attack. It was valid, and a lot nicer than I’ve seen out there.

    I personally don’t bother reviewing crappy stories, nor do I continue reading them.

    PS. If you don’t like being listed in the burn book, don’t act like a plastic and try to enlist your rules on the internet, mac.

  26. aye-nonnie says:

    They love themselves enough for everyone.

  27. FacepalmsGalore says:

    This is hilarious. That’s the problem with this fandom (okay, one of many). People can’t take criticism at all. If a review isn’t kissing their asses they act like it’s the end of the damn world. You can’t even give purely constructive criticism because people cry and bawww about it all the time (then tweet and blog about it like cry babies). Even when you want nothing more than to help someone out – it is just not worth the possible fallout. They require their hands held and their asses nicely diapered. How is she going to survive being a freelance writer if she can’t even take what that reviewer said? It’s not as if the reviewer just said “your story sucks” and that’s it. She gave specific issues she has with the story. Mac could have replied to her and started a dialogue on why those issues are or are not valid. What she did was ridiculously juvenile and basically said that if your review doesn’t kiss her ass then it is “abusive” and you are a “douchebag.” Nice.

    Also, I really appreciate the pulled fic list. Especially the ones that have or are going to be “published.”

  28. Anonymous... really? says:

    Why do these authors and/or readers always do the same damn thing?

    *puts on shrill annoying sarcastic voice* Oh, you’re so mean, why do you leave me 1 comment saying you didn’t love and worship my fic. Here, let me tell you how wrong that is, turn it into you hatin’ on me and how stupid that makes you, by typing up an entire blog that attacks you for your 10 sentences left in a review. Maybe I’ll get everyone who is stoopid and loves me to attack you, too. I mean GOD FORBID you don’t like what I put all my time in to. *puffs hair out of eyes* This must be what arteeests feel like when their work is shun. I mean how do movie critics, restaurant critics, book reviewers… hell, anyone with an opinion other that mine, even have a job… *aaaaaaaaaaaand scene.* *wipes brow*

  29. Anonymous... really? says:

    Yeah, I’m double comment replying. Deal with it. And, I want it in caps because I need an answer.

    WHY CAN’T WE LEAVE A REVIEW SAYING WHAT WE DON’T LIKE AND JUST THAT? WHY DO WE HAVE TO SUGAR COAT IT OR BE SWEET? IN MY DAILY LIFE, I AM CONSTANTLY SAYING, “I hate wheat bread,” or, “The new Mariah CD sucks ass,” or “I hated Mocking jay because…” We don’t have to explain why we don’t like something. Right? Can’t I just say I don’t like something?


    Ex: Comment – great fic. Update soon.

    Author starts a blog calling her reader/reviewer a douchebag for not knowing more words. Perhaps suggests a poetry and writing class to help get the creative juices flowing in order to leave longer love filled comments.


    OH WAIT. This comment is LONG. I’m such a hypocrite!

    • amaaaazed says:

      FUCK YEAH! I love this comment, and I totally agree. Fanfic writers don’t complain about short reviews when it’s a favorable one, but if you don’t like something and don’t have time pinpoint why and write an explanation, they’ll complain about negative reviewers who don’t give them any feedback about how to improve their writing because they really want to become a writer and publish for reals someday and blah blah blah. Generally, I’m much nicer to fanfic writers than I am to people whose original work I’ve pre-read and edited because it’s FANFICTION. I’m in a completely different mindset when reading fanfic than I am while reading original writing. So if they just enjoy writing fanfic for the sake of fanfic (my favorite type of fanfic writer, no lie) then don’t take it every comment so seriously. If you’re writing fanfic with hopes of improving your writing to be seriously published someday, try concentrating on writing original pieces and joining a writing workshop either online, at school or at a local library or community center for real feedback and constructive criticism. That’s not to say I don’t run into some quality writers writing fanfiction that is too good to be fanfiction, but those people are few and far between…. and even then, getting published in the real world may not happen easily.

  30. Incog Nito says:

    The opening of the review ‘I’m sure you won’t really care for this review’ makes it sound like the writer has put down reviewers in the past, or that there is a back story of some kind. Does anyone know if this is the case?

    I don’t really see anything wrong with the original review – it’s not the most polite review in reviewing history, but does it have to be?

    Instead of using the review as an example of ‘how not to review’ (I hate it when writers make examples of reviews that they don’t like) perhaps the writer should take on board what the reviewer is actually saying.

    And what the reviewer is basically saying that there are issues with characterization, specifically the accuracy and validity of dialogue, that detract from the story, and that there are some things that the writer is referring to that are not an accurate representation of Scotland.

    Isn’t this something that you might want to address if your story is set in Scotland with Scottish characters who are speaking Scottish brogue?

  31. hi says:

    This site seems a little desperate for controversy, no?

    No offense to this Mac person, but who the fuck cares what an author vents about on their personal blog? And why is it now fandom gossip worthy? What are you, the thought police?

    Fandom-members, censor everything you write publicly just in case someone will decide it’s douchy, and then closely examine everything you’ve ever written to pull apart items that might support the case.

    • Anonymous says:

      Everything you say, can and will be held against you in a court of wank.

      God help us.

    • amaaaazed says:

      “Personal blog” on the internet sounds like an oxymoron. You don’t post anything on the internet if you don’t want it to be read and discussed. Who is posting things online without giving it a thought about how their words, pictures, actions can come back and bite them in the ass? Have you met the Internet yet? Ya done goof’d.

  32. I'm not telling says:

    We need an award twank…I was just looking at some lame ass awards site- and the nominations do’t make sense…I think people (including BNA’s) nominate themselves.

  33. Anonymous says:

    As an author, this shit angers me….a lot. First off, who do you think you are to ‘instruct’ people on how to write a review? That is condescending and just plain rude. SHe is no expert because…it’s FANFICTION. You wanna write reviews for the NY Times, then by all means, instruct people with how to do so, until then be grateful people are reading because they don’t have to be.
    It also bothers me that she chose this specific review to use an example. Not only is it incredibly rude to the person who is taking their time out to review, but to point out to the masses ‘You’re doing it wrong…Do it like this…” is again…condescending and rude. Personally, the review in question was WAY beyond the lines of reason. I’m considering contacting Mac privately and showing her some of my reviews and she’ll know what true snark is. This was not; the reviewer didn’t use any personal attacks on her nor did she specifically tell her that she was a shit writer. Yes, maybe she could have been a little more….delicate…with her wording, but frankly, she doesn’t fucking have to. She’s taking the time out to read your shit (and showing in her ‘revised’ review to thank the writer for writing? Um NO. You, as the writer, thank THEM. There are THOUSANDS of fic they can be reading) and you should be grateful for any kind of response in which people are obviously concerned enough to show that perhaps you are doing something wrong.
    Yes. My panties get a wad over this shit because everything we’ve seen on twankhard is the same. Arrogant authors feeling entitled and it gives us (or many of us) other writers a bad rap. I write for fun and yes, while there are some bad apples in the fandom that will bash all fics for their own enjoyment, it doesn’t make or break the experience. You don’t need blogs and twitter accounts and all this other bologna I see for your fics. Just chill out and enjoy that anyone is reading your shit.

    • AnonymousHonesty says:


      I’ve always felt that Mac was a good author and overall not decent person. As well as you can know a person through online. But OMFG! I clearly missed this.

      What the fuck is wrong with her? Relative Wind go a lot of reviews and now her head is all in the clouds of superiority. I couldn’t read Ryeward because he was too crass for me. I don’t know shit about Scottish accents but that review was fine. For her to take it, deconstruct it and but it up in a way that SHE thinks it should have been is BITCHY for sure. I can’t believe that.

      People in the fandom make my head hurt. Get the fuck off Twilighted people. Bashing, criticism, being all out hated is LIFE peeps. If you haven’t gotten the memo yet you NEED to COMPREHEND it now.

      I do agree with her on the contest thing though. I’m just rocking back in my seat waiting for the Age of Edward results to come in. I KNOW for sure who’s going to win. Contests ARE a popularity contest but instead of bitching about it why not just enter anonymous contests and shut the fuck up. Mac was just pissed that she came in second. I read that one shot and it wasn’t second place worthy IMO. Okay so she’s a photographer and got technical but as far as a story it wasn’t that great.

      Arrogance is not becoming and it’s a shame to see it time and time again.

      • amaaaazed says:

        OOOOH! She wrote Relative Wind! ::facepalm:: I read fics, and I rarely remember the names of the writers. I haven’t read this Scottish fic though… mostly because I hate reading accents.

    • lulzforeverrrrrrrrrr says:

      What bothers me most is that she mentions reviews at the bottom of her Author Notes. In my opinion any time you mention reviews ~~you are begging for them~~. And then she takes it to her blog to correct readers who didn’t kiss her ass when she gets one she doesn’t like??!! Fuck that. Suck it up, baby, or don’t write at all. Not everyone has to like every thing you do.

      “Whine, whine, whine. Praise me, love me, I am better than you.” So sick to death of this shit.

    • Ugh says:

      Exactly. The reviewer took the time to explain something that she felt was important to Mac and Mac decides to lambast her in a public, demeaning way and THEN has the gall to rewrite her review to showcase to everyone what that reviewer should have said instead. Does she think she’s the Queen now, telling us how to address Her Majesty in the appropriate manner?

    • Oh hell no says:

      Wait a second…If you’re saying for authors to chill out and not make a big deal out of things, then shouldn’t readers be the same way? I’m not condoning Mac’s post, but if you’re implying for Mac to chill, then you should be telling that reviewer to chill, too, because that review was just as uppity as Mac’s blog post.

      You sound just as arrogant as the authors that are twanked here. “As an author…” Are you MorganLocklear in disguise?

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh for shit sake. Why YESSSSS, I’m ML in disguise!! :::dingdingdingding::: Today, you win the award for ‘Trying-To-Be-Clever-But-Failing-Miserably.’ And what do you win?!??! You will recieve accolades of plenty and have your work cited in ‘White Knighting For Dummies.’
        Yes, I wrote the original post and yes, I am an author. If you think saying that I’m ‘arrogant’ for using the word author, then I suggest you look up the definition of author. It’s someone who writes. Would you have preferred I used ‘writer?’ Or ‘someone who writes fanfiction?’ Or how about ‘someone who types something in story-form on the computer and uploads it for everyone else to read?’ Which suits you best? Because I want to get it right JUST FOR YOUUUUUUUUU, just like the reviewer Mac bashed on her blog and explained to her how to write a proper review. You want ME, to use a more, less ‘arrogant’ term than author, correct? If that is the best you could come up with, then I applaude you. Yes, I’m an author. So are thousands of others in the fandom. You have your work cut out for you if you’re biggest issue of arrogance is someone saying they’re an ‘author.’ Not the people who call their readers, ‘fans’ or authors that create blogs to bitch about their readers or authors who fake their deaths or mislead readers of their daily lives to garner sympathy. If you see no arrogance in those things, by all means color me arrogant or, whatever other fun word you can think of and stick it up in lights with a capital letter.
        Dude. It’s a twank blog about fanfiction and you, my dear friend, is what makes this site possible.
        Anything else you would like me to reword? Ask Mac for some assistance because she seems good at that.

  34. AnonEmiss says:

    *sigh* Thank you, Twankhard. Thank you from the very bottom of my fic loving heart. You and your reviewers have opened my eyes to something incredible: No one in this fandom is safe and everyone sucks ass. There is not ONE author that is safe from the incredible amounts of cunt-like-bitchiness that is being thrown around at every turn. You and your pussy posse may single handedly end Twilight Fanfiction.

    I think at first people thought this blog was irritating. Perhaps even a little humorous after authors started showing up to defend their stupid behavior. And I know for a fact that some people think it’s a rite of passage to be twanked now.

    But to see that there are actually people that would have the audacity to be upset because one of THEIR beloved authors has been twanked, and another twanka say that every author being twanked is now basically UNWORTHY to be read, well, I think you’ve actually done some damage.

    God forbid that authors should be allowed to state their own opinions on their own blogs. Or say what they want on a private Twitter or FaceBook page. God forbid that anyone giving people free entertainment (that makes no difference in the world in which we live) actually show that they are the flawed human beings they are writing about.

    Every TwiFic author should just quit now. It just looks like everyone that they write for, interact with and build relationships with, are heartless and undeserving bitches who have nothing better to do than complain about ridiculous shit on the internet.

    I hope we see a huge dip in updates and that people start leaving the fandom in droves. And I hope all you are left with are shitty writers begging for reviews about their incest/rape stories.

    • oh jeebus says:

      ‘You and your pussy posse may single handedly end Twilight Fanfiction.’

      Yeah, that’s not gonna happen. Have you seen how many Twilight ffs there are? It would take a few years at least for Twank to even make a dent in this fandom.

    • Anonymous says:

      Like the authors you believe should be allowed to state their opinions on blogs, we are able to do the same here.

      I don’t think this is ruining the fandom at all. What I think is ruining the fandom for meare the asshole authors pulling their stories for “publishing”, telling me how to review a story, and updating 3 times a year but cavorting on twitter 24/7. That is not how I operate, and I feel that it gives a bad name to the fic writers that upload their chapters (without epic A/N’s), are thankful for any readers and get on with life.

      I’ve seen how many of the most twank-worthy authors act other places, and they should not be surprised that people call them on their bullshit. For every TWANKWARD site there is, I’m sure there are 10 WC’s or GChats where authors bitch about how jerky their readers are.

      This is why I don’t rec, and I don’t review. I’m down to one “R” – Read.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh-oh. The fandom is going down because of Twankhard. Oopsie.

    • AnonymousHonesty says:

      I say this with love right now but after a long day, shut up please. [I had a very pleasent and colorful word in between shut and up but I didn’t know if I could say it but just know it was there:) ] STOP being so melodramatic.

      Everyone has an opinion and there’s NOTHING wrong with stating it. But authors are bitching about readers being rude then turning around and doing the same thing. If you’re not seeing the reason behind this Twank then that’s your problem. But it’s clear as glass.

      Do you know how many *cunt-like-bitchness* comes from the authors end? But alas, Twankhard is the wrong in the fandom. This type of stuff has been going on for a LONG LONG time and it’s just now being highlighted. Before everyone hopped on the Twitter train it was passed around in emails and chats. Now it’s just public knowledge without having to Tweet stalk to get the scoop.

    • anonymous says:

      I’m more likely to leave the fandom because of what goes on at Twilighted, on g-chats, on twitter, on skype – where the nice, civilized people do their baitching, then I am because of what was said on this blog.

      • AnonymousHonesty says:

        Word. This is just more public so people have a problem. EVERYONE knows this same stuff is all over Gchat, Twitter in the locked accounts and what not and THIS blog is the supreme hell of the fandom? Bitches please. It’s everywhere.

        People are just flabbergasted that it’s being lit up like the Vegas strip here and not done in “private.”

      • bitch please says:

        AMEN. Look at how this site has shaken the twitter world. People locking accounts, complaining that its just mean. But its all a show- cause the same people locking their accounts are reading this stuff and laughing their arse’s off.

    • Anonymatopoeia says:

      What so many people seem to forget is that BNAs leave fandoms all the time and no one even notices. There are always new authors whose clits are in need of licking.

    • so confused says:

      So if there are things in the fandom that bother people and Twankhard has gone to the trouble of creating this site so we can vent about it, the problems are Twankhard’s fault??

      It is obvious to me that Twankhard is filling a need because people are coming here and for the most part saying RIGHT ON!

      I have no idea who is behind Twankhard and I haven’t heard of some of the authors getting twanked. But I agree that everything that has been brought forward on this blog is pretty egregious.

      • AnonymousHonesty says:

        Exactly. It’s comical to see people whining about this site being the ruin of the fandom. Do people not realize that this stuff has been talked about for ages? Now it’s just out in the open.

        So people are mad that the light is finally being shined on assholes? People do know that EVERYTHING comes to light eventually right?

    • Anonymous says:

      AnonEmiss says: “You and your pussy posse may single handedly end Twilight Fanfiction.”

      OMFG girl get a grip! THIS IS FAN FICTION!!!!!!!!!!

      Cannot stop laughing at this comment, so fucking funny!!!!!

    • WTFchuck? says:

      I’ve never read anything as over dramatic as this. Seriously, grab a fucking kleenex and go clean yourself up, you look ridiculous!
      It’s just a graze honey, there’s no blood and it certainly doesn’t need stitches. If it hurts to look at it, then just don’t.

    • amaaaazed says:

      Oh, honey… you are seriously lacking in perspective. How is a website discussing topics that have been a source of frustration for a long time the end of Twific? These things are not new. People come and go in fandoms all the time, and if certain people decide to flounce because they can’t handle a little twanka heat, then BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

      Stop being so melodramatic just because one or two people made a comment about not being sure if they’d continue to read Mac because they don’t respect what she wrote on her blog. Guess what? People flounce writers all the time because of something a writer did or said in real life, and then some readers don’t. It’s the risk all people take when they voice an opinion publicly. If Mac wants to keep a blog to vent about certain things, then I’m sure she’s accepted the possibility of being ridiculed for her opinions and/or rubbing some people the wrong way. Twankhard isn’t doing anything wrong by pointing out something Mac wrote and posted freely on the internet.

  35. Twilight Slush says:

    Someone PLEASE do Cesca Marie. PLEASE?

    • nonnie says:

      Why? DoMF as a fic is pretty wanky but is Cesca Marie? Tell me more!

      • Twilight slush says:

        Read her FFn profile and read her “writing” rules. Twank central. In other news, I was so glad twankhard finally mention the pulled fics gdocs site.

        • Anonymous says:

          Twilight slush said: Read her FFn profile and read her “writing” rules. Twank central.

          I would, except as of yesterday, she’s deleted it.

          • twankaholic says:

            NO! She deleted her profile? Someone must have a copy of it somewhere.

          • thankfuckimnotawriter says:

            The list was not be taken completely serious. From her blog (back in July):

            “S: Your profile sounds pretentious/hypocritical/annoying/etc.
            R: That it may. The list that has attracted so much attention lately has been up for about 3 years, and is a parody of Britpicker blogs. I used to write Harry Potter fanfiction, and during that time I received a few reviews from fiercely British people whose only remarks were about all the cultural and Britpicky errors I had made, with no comment at all on the content of the story. I found this anal to the extreme, so I sarcastically parodied their lists and blogs with more useful information — and you all know you’ve felt the same bitter frustration while sifting through the web for something good to read. The list is meant to be read with irony and sarcasm, not the voice of God. I don’t pretend to be perfect or an authority on writing. I just like to say what everyone is privately thinking — and in the tone which they usually think it.”

        • Anonymatopoeia says:

          I have to say… the pulled fics list is its own wank. I think actually taking the time to upload all those fics — the majority of which are complete crap — is a complete waste of time. There’s so much fic out there, I find it hard to believe that posting the disgasting disaster that was The Perfect Wife can be construed as anything resembling a public service. Also, what nutjob actually SAVED that fic as a PDF to REREAD? I’m firsthand horrified and looking for a social worker for this fandom who can recommend a good inpatient program for whoever had THAT thought process.

          • Anonymous says:


          • Twilight FFn Stories says:

            The pulled/completed site was created to just house the fics. Most of the fics on it people sent to me in PDF format and I uploaded them. Most I have not read. Want me yo remove The Perfect Wife? No problem. I never read it and don’t intend to. And yes, I agree most of the stories on the list are crap, but that’s not the point. Authors pull/complete a fic, i click one button and upload them in case that fic is someone’s cup of tea. I didn’t create a site dedicated to pulled fics. The gdocs spread through word of mouth and frankly if you find it twankworthy, then by all means have at it. My email is attached to my name.

            • Twilight Slush says:

              While I agree many of the fics on the list are crap, I like it cause it’s kind of like an f-you to authors who pull. Also, for those that think the site is worthless, at one point a story by an author they actually like may pull, and then where will they go to get a copy if they don’t have one of their own? Your site. So while it may be a waste of time to some, I know there were several fics I never got to read but wanted to and now I can because of the gdocs site. To each their own.

              • Anonymous says:

                I don’t agree with making pulled fics available like this. The authors removed them for a reason, and while you may not like or agree with that reason, the author’s wishes should be respected. Yes, it’s only derivative fanfiction, but it’s still owned by the person who created it. They have the right to take it down.

                Yes, I’m also well aware that once something is on the Web, it lives on forever. We have the technology that enables us to bring back fics from the dead, but does that mean we *should* do it?

                Yes, I also know that readers view an author’s behavior as childish or out of line, and those readers think an author deserves to have their story circulated after it’s been pulled. And again, I don’t see how escalating it helps anything.

                Aaaand for what it’s worth, I have no problem with a fic author who pulls a story to try and get it published. If someone thinks their story can get into print the traditional way, more power to ’em. It’s extremely difficult and rare for that to happen. If they’re lucky, great. If the story doesn’t deserve it, they’ll find that out soon enough.

                • Twilight FFn Stories says:

                  And this where we’ll have to see this differently. I frankly don’t give a shit.

                • Anonymous says:

                  About pulling fics, I pulled the first one I ever tried to write, but not because I wanted to try and have it published. The reason I pulled it, was because, after learning a little bit more about writing, I went back and read it and realized how much it sucked. To tell you the truth, I was embarassed by it. I’m still not the best ff writer out there, (most likely, I will never even come close to being so) but I’m trying.

                  Anyway, what i’m trying to say, is that not every story that’s been pulled is because the author of said story is seeking to have it published. Maybe they too, thought the story needed to be taken down for re-working? So, I don’t fault anyone for having done so.

                • Not really says:

                  It’s not owned by the person who created it if it’s posted on claims the rights to it. That’s is something people should consider before they post something (1) publicly on the internet and (2) on a site that explicitly does not grant them any rights to the material.

                • Whatdoesitmatterifitwontshowanyway? says:

                  I don’t have a problem with a writer who pulls their fic for any reason. I think it’s rude to do it before the end of a story and without notice to your readers, but it is still up to the writer to do with their work as they see fit. Also, if they think they can rework their Twific and get it published, more power to them. Who cares?

                  That said, I also don’t have a problem with people saving copies of fics to a word doc or a pdf and with fics being shared. As a fic writer, I just assumed that anything I post on the net is going to be distributed like that. It’s delusional not to make that assumption. So long as I am credited as the author of my work, I really don’t care how it gets distributed. I want people to read it, after all. I’m on Twilight ffn’s list – don’t care. Three of my readers have requested pdf copies of my story and I sent them myself. I’d rather they get it from me so they have a version which has been proofread an extra time.

                  Since the fic’s author’s are being credited and this is not a case of plagiarism, I really do not understand the hullaballoo over the distribution. You think that when you become a published author, people aren’t going to lend your novel to their sister or their aunt?

              • Anonymatopoeia says:

                This is where the ouroborous of this fandom comes into play. Really? Fuck you to a writer? Writers don’t owe readers jackshit, and readers don’t “owe” writers reviews. I appreciate every writer who bothered to write something I could read for free. Do I think that Omnific is ridiculous? Hell yes, because I’m not going to pay for shit I already read for free. Same with TWCS. However, I’m sure that’s not the only reason some of the authors pulled, and I don’t think the Constitution guaranteed me the “right” to read something just because it was online at some point.

                As for the person who created the repository: seriously… you took the time to accept over 200 emails and then add them, and I’m sure are going to continue to do so. That’s not like a five-minute job. All for what? Like there’s a shortage of fanfic out there? I can’t think of a single fic I’ve read that I’d actually go hunting down a PDF just because it was pulled. There are 165,00-something Twifics (yes, I looked it up… I also need a hobby, apparently). I’m pretty sure I could read ONE of them to replace the MASSIVE HOLE that someone’s pulled fic left in my life.

                File under: Do People Really Give a Fuck?

                People take this fandom way too seriously. WAY. Get a hobby. Read a real book. Shit, play some online solitaire or something.

                • Anonymous says:

                  You bring up an interesting point. It takes some effort to gather all those fics. Someone was obsessed/vengeful/pissed off enough at an author to take the time to do it. That in itself has gotta be worth a twank.

                • Anonymous says:

                  Real people do care. I came to Twilight fanfiction late. It was like I turned on my telly very late and missed half of a great movie everyone’s been chatting about. I’d be asking my friends if they recorded/Tivo’d the first part so I could see what I missed as it was a one time broadcast event. I can now read The Office, the Land of Milk and Honey and Black and White! I have heard many mention these stories being fab and always hoped that I’d have the chance to read them and so many others I missed. I’m happy to be able read them all now. We are reading fanfiction for fun and credit is being given to the author so wtf is the big deal?

                  Thank you to Twankhard for giving the link to where they are all stored and thank you to who took the time to get this list together. Feels like Christmas morning when I was given gifts I never thought were possible to get. I love whoever put this together!

                • Anonymous says:

                  um actually, writers that post shit on the internet absolutely do not have a “right” to insist people pretend that it was never there.

                  I can download, read, share whatever I see on the internet that is not illegally obtained and not protected by copyright. …..and fanfiction can’t be copyrighted, soo….. I’d really really like to see how you gather the government (if we’re going to get constitutional and shit) is allowed to stop me from doing it

                  get the fuck over it.

                  • AnonymousHonesty says:

                    I know right! You can tell people not to pass it around until you’re blue in the face but once it’s been out there, it’s OUT THERE.

                    If people didn’t bitch so much it wouldn’t be a big deal. No one is talking about the author when they pass the fic. The just say ‘here is so and so’s fic, it was good’ unless you’re a stupid one who has told EVERYTHING about your life and now you’re paranoid.

                    Respect my wishes and don’t pass my fic? Lady please. I’ll do that when it’s a published fic of yours. It’s free, I don’t have to respect shit. That’s like someone says ‘respect my wishes and don’t pass this water hose around’ water is free.

                • not you again says:

                  Seriously, we know: you don’t want people reading your stories. Your agenda is showing.

                  You’re acting like it’s some fucking heinous crime (or the most ridiculous thing ever) that people want to read shit that was already put out there for free. It’s not. For some reason, people still want to read your stories, what grounds to you have to stop them? I’m curious.

                  You’re fighting a lost cause, and for what exactly? Who gives a shit (other than you apparently) if I’m reading a fanfiction that you pulled? Give me a good fucking reason why I shouldn’t? I just downloaded Courting Achilles, FYI. Did the world stop spinning on its axis?

                  If you pulled because you weren’t so great at separating your RL from your fandom life and regret mixing the two, that’s your problem. Deal with the consequences instead of stirring up ridiculous amounts of shit in the fandom. Live and let live, ffs.

                  It is impossible to control what people will do with stuff you put on the internet, especially in such a HUGE fandom. STOP trying. It’s an exercise in futility. No matter how hard you stomp your feet, it’s not going to work and you’re just going to piss a lot of people off who might have had respect for you before (me).

                  And before you tell me: I know, I’m exactly what’s wrong with the fandom. bawwwww.

                  • Anonymous says:

                    I’m not sure whether you’re responding to my post – it’s hard to tell with the way the comments line up – but I’m the one who said I don’t agree with circulating pulled fics.

                    To me, it’s a matter of respecting a person’s wishes, plain and simple. If you’re not someone who does that, you’re right: there isn’t anything I can do about it. And it’s true that a fic author should absolutely think of this before posting a story on the Web.

                    This is where the sense of entitlement on the part of readers gets to be as overblown as that of some writers. A story is posted, it gets removed, and some readers don’t accept it. Do readers really miss the story? Or are they just pissed that the author took it away?

                    I haven’t pulled anything I’ve written off the Web, but I’ve known other authors who have. The reasons are varied, and often have nothing to do with trying to publish. As someone noted above, sometimes an author decides she’s unhappy with what she’s written. Silly me – I think the writer should be given some consideration for that.

                    And I wasn’t going to tell you that you’re exactly what’s wrong with the fandom. Are you?

                • Twilight FFn Stories says:

                  Since nobody is privy to the inner workings on how much time it take uploading fics or how I get them, all I’ll say is that jokes on you. Maintaining that database takes roughly 5 min of my time a day.

                  And lik I says before, you post your shit on the Internet. I don’t give a rat’s ass why you don’t want your stuff distributed. Im distributing it anyway And yes, I am also a writer of FF.

                  • Anonymatopoeia says:

                    I don’t post my shit anywhere because I don’t write, just read. I’m just saying… we use Google Docs at work and uploading 200 docs doesn’t take 5 minutes, so unless you have a bunch of troll minions uploading for you, you are downplaying the amount of time you’ve spent on this. I’m also saying I don’t get what’s so incredible about ANY of these fics that makes it that important to provide them for people to read, other than pimping up more BNAs who will now whine and complain that their stories are out there.

                    There’s always a ton more fic out there to read and I’d rather not make authors feel more important and special because people are so desperate for their super-important fics that we need to put them in some sort of repository.

                    Sheesh. People like ML would wet their fucking pants to have people give that much of a crap about their fics. And you not only bought into the whole “I’m famous on teh Internets” but you wasted time to make them all feel important. Well, good on you then for that public service. I’m also noticing from my alerts that a bunch of these fics aren’t even pulled… I’m going to guess that one of them is your own, and this is your little way of getting more readers. *golf clap* for your innovation.

                    • Twilight FFn Stories says:

                      Let’s agree to disagree.

                      And no, you really have no idea what goes on behind the scenes. I’ll leave it at that

                  • I_Am_Hungry says:

                    Well, I ❤ you and your ficlist :o) How do I send you a story that's not on your list?

                    • Twilight FFn Stories says:

                      Ask twankhard to give you my email address since I can’t post it here and then send me an email!

                    • twankhard says:

                      HungryNonnie doesn’t post under an email, but anyone who clicks the link to your fic list has your email address, so we don’t see a reason to preserve an anonymity that doesn’t exist.

                    • Twilight FFn Stories says:

                      Excellent. Then just click on my list and my email is listed. Done and done.

                  • Anonnie says:

                    Can I just ask how to get the link? LOL. Can’t seem to find it anywhere and I’m interested in what stories you’ve got!

                  • Anonymous says:

                    Why is it that fics that haven’t been pulled are on the list? Wouldn’t we all be up in arms over someone posting a fic that wasn’t theirs on their FFnet profile, even if they gave the author credit? How is this not a Twank?

                    • Twilight FFn Stories says:

                      I never said the gdocs was a list of pulled fics. Others assigned it that title. I posted everything on my hard drive. Completed or pulled, doesn’t matter.

                      Don’t like it, don’t cluck on the link? Or would you prefer I remove all of the completed but not pulled fics until they actually get pulled?

                    • Anonymous says:

                      I just don’t see the difference in what you’re doing as apposed to someone who posts a fic without the permission of the author.

                      Don’t you have any respect for authors that spend their time giving us a reprieve from real life? It’s actions like this that drive people that write fanfic to pull their stories in the first place, especially when the general consensus on this site is that if it’s posted on a website it’s free game.

                      What happened to common courtesy and decency? Just because it’s on the web doesn’t give you the right to repost it, and why aren’t more people appalled that this is happening?

                    • Whatdoesitmatterifitwontshowanyway? says:

                      I suppose you’ve never lent a book to a friend, huh?

                      So ridiculous. Unless the author is not given credit for their work (which they are), there is no sin being committed here.

                • Anonymous says:

                  fanfiction is my hobby, tyvm.


              • Anonymous says:

                EXACTLY! Crap fics from crap authors who needed to be told more often how crappy they were to begin with so that they didn’t develop the hubris that led them to the fic-pulling in the first place.

                Fuck them is exactly right.

            • asphinctersayswhat says:

              um. love that you have that list. I downloaded three things today that I’ve always wanted to read but missed the boat on. I really DGAF about the authors’ reasons for pulling. for real. i don’t. it can’t be anything important enough for me to really care. the world will not end if I read Sanctuary in .pdf. sorry.

              • really? says:

                Really, you don’t care. That’s nice. Isn’t there an author on that list that is deceased? Her family her stories down after her tragic death. I’m sorry you don’t feel that’s a good enough reason.

                I’m not sure why the author of the list is being all bashful with an fake name since she already announced she’s the author on a few sites.

                • Anonymous says:

                  I am aware of Lisa’s stories getting taken down by her family. They can only do what they can do. A few people on the internet may still have access to the fics, but it’s not the end of the world. It’s not hurting anyone. I can promise you, what happens to her fanfiction is probably the least of their troubles. Perspective hun.

                  I am actually quite a nice person. But I fail to see how you’re going to convince people to just stop sharing and reading things that were in the public domain at one point…..the thought that you can guilt people into not doing it is absurd. I still haven’t seen a good reason to throw the hissy fit author’s throw when they realize they can’t “take it back”. I don’t understand the drama, it’s ridiculous.

                  • really? says:

                    I’m sure you are a nice person. I don’t mean to imply you aren’t over this one thing.

                    As for the family having bigger worries, yeah that is exactly it. They have enough to worry about without copies of a fiction they do not want circulated available freely on the internet. When the contact for the email is available freely, so is the fiction. I speak as someone who was involved in a similiar situation some years ago. It does hurt when the wishes of the family are openly disrepected.

                • Twilight FFn Stories says:

                  If you’re talking about the ADF campfire, I’ll tell you that I got many of the fics on the list from her.

                  • really? says:

                    And the campfire that was deleted and the comment on the Gaz that was deleted.

                    None of that was you? Really, pull the other one. I understand the need to protect yourself after all some of the authors do go a bit crazy over this stuff, then there are the readers with morals who do actually give a shit about the reasons stories are taken down. If I was you I would want to hide, but since you repeatedly state you don’t care what they think why would you?

                    • amaaaazed says:

                      umm lol…. hide from what exactly? is there an online fanfic mafia that is planning to take out a hit on this person? I’m sorry but I’m failing to see how the situation could become as serious as you are implying.

                    • Anonymous says:

                      Talk about combative.

                      Why don’t you just put all of YOUR ranting about fic sharing on your public livejournal so we can see exactly who YOU are? I, for one, would love to see what you think is “moral” behavior in a fandom and what isn’t. It would be soooo enlightening. and funny.

                      It’s pretty obvious who you are. And really, I’m shocked you would distort the truth with regard to lisa’s family’s wishes just to make your point. I thought you were friends? Maybe I’m wrong, maybe that’s not you. A friend would never do something that disgusting.

                      Maybe you’re not taking to your livejournal on this issue because when it comes down to it, you know whining about people reading stuff you voluntarily published on the internet is pure wank?

                      I mean, you’d have to be from outer space if you actually believe you can just disappear something from the internet……stop whining and move on. There’s really nothing you can do. You’re only making yourself unhappy by creating unnecessary and unresolvable conflict.

                      And you also make yourself look like a jerk when you use half-truths to pull on people’s sympathies to make your point.

                • AnonymousHonesty says:

                  Lisa’s family just wanted her profile and stories taken down but they gave anyone permission to share her work. There’s a difference there. They just didn’t want an account up with people coming in later asking about updates and stuff and having to rehash it over and over.

                  • really? says:

                    I imagine with the stories being shared this way and going out to people who are newer to the fandom, it is only a matter of time before someone asks about it.
                    I know I for one will not be posting any more stories on The sense of entitlement coming from some readers is staggering. I have to consider to family and my job, I sadly cannot see the future and don’t know how writing will come back to bite me on the ass. If I can’t trust readers to respect my wishes should there come a time it influences my RL in a negative way, I can’t post anymore.
                    I’m not a big writer at all, but I’ve had lots of requests for more stories.
                    Because of the disrespect in the fandom I can’t. I know others that feel the same way. It’s sad. I don’t actually think anyone is losing out by me not writing. But, I do know a lot of writers who are great in a fandom, where great writing is few and far between, and have said they won’t continue writing because of this kind of fuckery.
                    BTW, I’m not talking about pulling unfinished stories to publish. I do think if someone starts a story free they should finish it free. But that is not the only reason people pull.

                    • WTFchuck? says:

                      AH is correct. It was stated in the note by Lissa’s family that they encouraged everyone to share her stories, it is the whole reason that they left it all up there with an end date. They wanted to give people time to copy the story or to read it before they deleted her profile.

                      How sad of you to use her as a means to make readers feel guilty. I really feel that you’re putting yourself in a tizzy. You’re taking this all far too seriously.

                      FF is meant to be a hobby, taking it seriously is a twank worthy offence and that is all they are doing here.

                      Is it so hard to agree to disagree?
                      I’m pretty sure it was stated above that some were willing to do this, yet you keep harpering on and now it’s gotten to the point where you’re all baaawww this fandom’s so mean and disrespectful, i’m quitting.

                      You shouldn’t quit. I’m sure there’s people that would love to read what you have left to contribute to the fandom, but you need to remember the reasons that you started.

                      Was it not all for fun?

                      If it comes to a point where RL and FF don’t mix, pull, delete, do whatever you have to do, but you just have to be aware that what goes up on the internet stays there in some shape or form.
                      It’s the consequence of joining in on the FUN.
                      There’s nothing wrong with consequences, life is full of them. Learn your lesson and move on.

                      Having your stories shared after you’re gone, isn’t going to ruin your life or kill you. It’s really NOT that serious.

                    • Anonymous says:

                      smell you later then. i’m really not intimidated by this “threat” to stop writing if people don’t stop “disrespecting” your (ludicrous) wishes that they don’t share what you’re posting on

                      You got it right. If you’re worried about people sharing your stuff and having free access to it, post it in private, on a blog that doesn’t allow dowloading/printing/copying (ADF) or get published. GOOOOOOD FUCKING RIDDANCE.

                      There are plenty of other twilight fans out there (me) who are willing to keep writing fanfiction and sharing it because we like twilight, the fandom, and don’t need drama.

                      I can’t even understand why the hell you would care about this. really. It’s just so odd to me. What are you afraid will happen if people pass your fics around?

                    • Incog Nito says:

                      I chose not to contribute to the fandom gives back auctions because I had no desire to give my bank details to people I don’t know and have no respect for – I’ve still been able to read all the out-takes from these stories, because they have been sent to me anyway.

                      On a side note – it scares me how much personal information people are prepared to put out there about themselves online when all the evidence points to increasing online cybercrime and identity theft.

                      You’d have to be nutty to share so much personal information with people that you REALLY REALLY don’t know, even if they are your closest twitter buddy or forum buddy. It ain’t worth it.

  36. Anonymous says:

    So I have been in the fandom for about 18mths now and I have absolutely no fucking idea who this Macblahblahblah is! I do know that I now won’t be reading any of her shit!

    Will say that she sounds like a grade A bitch and is one of those writers that give the fandom a shithouse name.

    IMHO when you start nit-picking your reveiws you pretty much have lost sight of why you are writing in the first place. If you are going to be so concerned about said reviews don’t put you writing out for public consumption.

  37. cookiemonster says:

    Platitude alert: What goes around comes around. If you call your reviewers — who give specific criticism and not just “your story sucks” comments — morons, trolls, and douchebags you had better expect some verbal lashings in return.

    So many ff writers bitch when they don’t get what they consider to be constructive criticism, and then turn around and snarl when someone actually gives it to them. No wonder readers like myself never leave reviews.

  38. BippityBoppityBitch says:

    STFU! This is FAN-FUCKING-FICTION! People in this fandom need to stop wearing their feelings on their sleeves. End of story.

  39. Author Envy says:

    Hey, all reviews are good right…I mean- they count in the total. Stop and think about it- what is the first thing someone does when they look at a story- they look at the review count. If it has lots of reviews…it must be good- right. So flame away is what i say. It’s a win win either way!

    • Chocolate Anony Mousse says:

      That was my take on my first few negative reviews. I just thought, “haha douche! You just added to my review count. A review by an asshole counts the same as one by an asskisser. Bite me.”

  40. Nonnie101 says:

    I received a ton of pretty straight up hateful comments on my blog because I wrote a negative post (ONE POST) about Kristen Stewart. I eventually had to just remove it because I kept getting nasty comments on it months and months later. But did I cry about it? No. I trashed them and got on with my life. I can understand being upset if someone trashed something you spent months working on, but there’s no need to show your ass like this.

  41. Nonnie101 says:

    And in case it didn’t work, here’s the gif I wanted to leave here

  42. Anonymous says:

    I love this place because personally I have no intention of giving my time to assholes. I don’t care about their fics like they’re cures for cancer so if someone’s a jackass you bet I won’t go near their work. Hell, I usually don’t know these people anyway because despite popularity I think most of them can’t write any better than anyone else. I don’t like to read repeats and cliche’s beaten to death.

    As far as i’m concerned this just helps me to be aware of who to avoid on those rare occasions I actually go fic diving.

  43. Anonymous says:

    writers can try to turn it around and say that being “twanked” is a badge of honor or some shit but we all know it’s because they’re pissed and they need to make themselves feel better when they’re outed.

    In reality, they’re not doing themselves any favors no matter how they spin it.

  44. Who me? says:

    Wow! I think the only person coming across as arrogant, rude and combative is the *author* herself. What a sanctimonious asshat!

  45. Jane Smith says:

    Eh. This one was weak.

    I think the whole topic of good reviews vs bad reviews is a touchy one, but did Mac really twank by throwing her two cents into the mix? I don’t really think so.

    Sure, it probably wasn’t the best idea to use a specific review that she received in example, and I think she could have been more clear about her point, but I could see her point.

    Authors, whether it be on fan fic or original fic, like constructive criticism. If you, as a reader, want to leave it, there are many different ways to leave it–some of which will completely turn the author off. Writing is a really personal thing, even if you are posting it on the Internet for five, five hundred, or five thousand people to read. I think she was trying to say that you can say the same thing–the accent of your main character could be more realistic–many different ways, but if you are leaving feedback to truly help the author, try to focus a bit more on the constructive part of the criticism.

    Now, I personally didn’t think there was anything wrong with the original review. But, pretty much anyone who has written fan fiction can tell you about the not-so-great reviews they have received. You can receive three thousand positive reviews, but the ten no-so-great ones are the ones that stick out in your mind.

    This was long. I guess my point is that I don’t really think Mac’s blog post was Twank-worthy.

    Step your game up, Twankhard. It’s more fun when you highlight the people who are really being douche’s in this fandom.

    • AnonymousHonesty says:

      Like someone said above, Morgan Locklear has taken the crown for King Douche so it’s gonna be hard to top him or even come close.

      Kinda like when Tom Cruise showed himself to be the fucking crazy twit he always was but hid. It took a LONG LONG LONG LONG time, years for someone to get to his level of crazy. I’m not even sure anyone has gotten to his level.

    • twankworthy says:

      Yes, nobody is thrilled by negative reviews.

      What caused this author to be twanked is not that she complained about a review that contained criticism– that happens all the time.

      I think it was pretty outrageous for her to call the reviewer a “true troll,” “absolute moron” and “complete douchebag.”

      But I think what did it is that she REWROTE the review and added all kinds of flattery. Thereby implying that no reader could possibly have legitimate concerns about the fic and even someone who wanted to question certain things was actually at the same time overflowing with appreciation for the author.

      That, to me, is excessive ego.

      • Anon E Mouse says:

        It’s Twankable because this is not the first time she’s whined about reviews and made a public spectacle out of it. With her, it seems to be a pattern.

      • Incog Nito says:


        It wasn’t the fact that she chose to comment on their review that made it truly tankworthy. Writers of FF complain about their reviewers all the time, bless their ungratefuly socks, or in the case of SR, they turn them into offensive characters within their story to make a point.

        What makes it twankworthy is the re-write of the review.

        *That* was far more ‘arrogant’, ‘rude’ and ‘aggressive’ than the original review, making the writer come across as a bit douchey with all the flowery bullshit that she puts in there.

        To say nothing of the personal attacks against the reviewer, which are just out of line.

  46. Anonymous says:

    this twank is why i don’t even bother reviewing anymore. nothing is good enough for these bitches anymore.

    Consider yourself lucky that someone likes and cares about your story enough to let you know their opinion. ffs. This review wasn’t even close to flame, it was barely warm.

    I never reviewed the story because I really didn’t give a shit about it other than for the lulz. it was pretty shitastic and I couldn’t think of anything good or constructive to say. I think this reviewer was being nice. There’s only so much concrit you can give a steaming pile of shit; i think the reviewer did a decent job given the source material. js.

    • AnonymousHonesty says:

      Exactly. I see authors all the time bitch on Twitter for the stupidest shit. This reviewer said I wasn’t accurate in my research, this reviewer said all my stories are the same, this reviewer’s hate for my Bella is ridc extreme, this reviewer said they didn’t like my fic being in 3rd, this reviewer that….

      Are you REALLY THAT desperate for validation? So everyone on Twitter can coddle you and go “fuck them! I know you’re awesomesauce BB! I *heart* you!” GROW the fuck up ladies. Step away from the computer and get validation from someone else. You have a husband don’t you? Family, friends, etc.

      I hate seeing that shit but you see it every day. Never fails and it’s fucking annoying.

    • amaaaazed says:

      MTE! I used to read/review, but I read a lot of crap for lolz. A majority of the stories I read, I read for kicks and I don’t leave a review for some fics because most of the updates don’t impress upon me the desire to be bothered to leave a review. My constructive criticism in the past was either entirely ignored or resulted in the writer getting defensive in an A/N or elsewhere, and anything I said that was nice seems to give the writers the expectation of ego stroking from me, which would lead to their getting defensive or whining in an A/N or elsewhere when I left a critical review about an update.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m just happy when I see that 20 people read my stories last month. Forget reviews! I have like…..two, for all three stories 🙂 I even get jazzed if people are looking at my profile, lol. If I got flame, I might be thrilled!

      • Swiss-nonie says:

        There are plenty of fic writers who appreciate all reviews, even if they say nothing more than ‘I loved this’, ‘This is weird, but good’ or ‘I was not sure I would like this and really didn’t’. Even a ‘great!’ ‘yay!’ or ‘WTF?!’ is fine IMO.

  47. Anon1 says:

    Yesterday I had a concrit review. It was well written, well thought out and polite. I’m going to respond by asking her to expand on what she said, because I am genuinely interested in why she wrote what she wrote. I may not agree with her, or I may end up agreeing. I don’t know yet, but I’m hoping that we can have a dialogue which will end up helping my fic.

    To me, that is what is important.

  48. really? says:

    People do come into the fandom to have fun, not to be made a joke of and bullied, because that is what you do here, regardless of if you understand it or not. What you do has an impact on people. By hiding because fake names all here who are bashing, and it is bashing, authors, readers, fans, are admitting to it, while at the same time admiting to not want to take responsibiity for it.

    Why would anyone be into for fun if they are going to be called names, have their character bashed, their hard work disrespected? Maybe some of you don’t realize the real life damage you are doing or how easy it is to make someone feel like crap. I understand the idea ‘no-one can make you feel crap but yourself’, sadly that is not the real world. What people hear about themselves does matter. I have read lie after lie after lie on this site. It’s cruel and the ones doing it are cruel and hateful and sad little individuals.

    As a lot of people here as so fond of stating, what goes on the net, stays on the net including some of the disgusting character assassinations on this blog.

    • twankworthy says:

      The way I see it, there are two parties here: the reviewer and the author.

      The reviewer pointed out some things in the fic that did not work for her.

      For this, the author calls her a “true troll,” “absolute moron,” “complete douchebag,” “shmuck” and “idiot.” Author then schools her on how to write a proper review.

      In my view, the review was fine and the author is out of line blasting the reader like that and it was egotistical for the author to presume that the reviewer did not say exactly what she wanted to say and needed help from the author to express her opinions simply because those opinions were not complimentary. So, yeah, Twankhard posted the author’s own words, and I along with others have said that I dislike the author’s behavior in this instance.

      How is that bullying? You’re right that if it is bullying, I don’t understand it.

      Indeed, the fandom can be fun and people come here for fun. But if X acts like a jerk, people may very well think X is a jerk, and X’s quest for fun doesn’t alter that.

    • Anonymous says:

      In this case, I’m pretty sure the author made the review feel like crap for not reviewing in the way she deemed fit.

      Goes both ways, people seem to forget that.

    • Whatdoesitmatterifitwontshowanyway? says:

      “People do come into the fandom to have fun, not to be made a joke of and bullied…Why would anyone be into for fun if they are going to be called names, have their character bashed…”

      You’re exactly right. Why would that be fun?

      The “bullying” you speak of is being done by the writers (and in some cases readers) that are being twanked here. To go on a friggin’ rampage and call someone names and whine in public until your throngs of readers do likewise just because that reader asked a question you didn’t want to be asked or left a review saying things you might not want to hear is the exact nature of bullying, at its finest. Maybe those writers at fault don’t realize “the real life damage [they] are doing or how easy it is to make someone feel like crap.” They belittle people who don’t respond exactly how they want them to respond, rather than looking at their writing to determine what they might do differently to better convey the intention behind their work.

      This blog merely points all of that out. Commenters are all individual people, so some on here are more diplomatic and fair-minded than others, that is true. But the people responsible for this blog are not responsible for people’s reactions to it.

      And this is covering comments on other posts, but in regard to this post and previous comments about SleepyValentina, SR and those of their ilk, here’s the way I see it: If one reviewer just doesn’t seem to get what I’m going for in my writing, I thank them for their opinion but I don’t really take it to heart (I did get that review where I thought “is this person reading the same story I’m writing???”). If more than one person says the same thing, I don’t blame THEM. I take a look at what/how I’m writing, because if people don’t get what I’m going for it’s MY failure as a writer. It is in no way their failure as a reader/reviewer. Isn’t that part of why we all do what we do? To have fun, yes, but also to grow and become better writers? Even if you don’t post online, any writer hopes to become better with each project. Part of the process is hearing how others react to what we’re putting down. If everyone just tells you how awesome you are and you believe that b.s. how and why would you ever need to improve?

      And by the way – if you and your writing are so “intellectual” that hardly anyone who reads it can fully understand it, that doesn’t make you superior to everyone else. It makes you a bad writer. Part of being intelligent is being able to fully communicate with others. What is the point of writing something which few people understand?

  49. Annnonie says:

    So did anyone else get followed on twitter by whatever captian butthurt is running twanked_revealed?

    • Anonymous says:

      They tried to follow me but I blocked them. It’s pathetic.

    • Anonymous says:

      i can pretty much guarantee it’s that scrotanusaurus rex Morgan. guy is delusional and cray cray.

    • Anonymous says:

      i’m all for freedom of information so i’m interested to see who captain butthurt is and what they think the deal is.

      at the end of the day though, i still think this site was a long time coming. i’ve seen authors slag their readers, and also noticed that many of the worst offenders no longer tweet at all. Perhaps they have new secret twitters where they can be “good and positive” people. puking.

      at any rate. i fail to see how this site is any more bullying than what ONTD does everyday involving celebrities. i fail to see how this site is any more bullying than what I’ve seen on author twitters, LJ communities, Skype Chats and Gtalk.

      If you find your way to this site, then you know how the fandom operates. This is not a new concept, it just brings it to a central location.

      And it is not the commenters decision to remain anon, that is something the administrators have taken upon themselves. While some think it is cowardly (and it is a little) I can see the reason behind it. It is common knowledge in this fandom that if you don’t have an agreeable opinion on things, there are crazy fans out there that will go beyond the call of duty to eff with you.

      This place is great because you can avoid it if you don’t want to see negative thoughts/comments. People aren’t actively pursuing the twanked and telling them directly. It is up to them to come here and read for themselves. Otherwise, live in your little sparkly bubble and hope that all readers blow smoke up your ass about how awesome you are.

  50. Anonymous says:

    I just keep waiting for this shit to be over with. How far can you go, fandom? How far?

  51. Anonymous says:

    Your concerns are overblown and overwrought.

    If you are the type who gets your feelings hurt because your online persona is getting lampooned, perhaps you take your online persona toooooo seriously. There is life outside of the internet, js.

    Also, i came to this fandom for the fun too…..and it’s uptight pollyannas like you and the self-important jackasses featured in this blog that are sucking the fun right out of it. I’m not here to babysit people’s feelings and stroke their egos….I do enough of that shit in real life, tyvm.

    This blog serves a purpose; if its keeping you up at night I think you’re the one that has to reevaluate your priorities.

    • Anonymous says:

      So I guess you’d prefer to keep this blog strictly for the people who agree with everything on it. That’s not going to happen. Anyone who is featured on this (anonymous) blog will likely defend herself (anonymously) and bring a few friends to (anonymously) post as well.

      Those who don’t think this blog serves a purpose have a right to argue their point as well. If you are the type whose feelings are hurt from something that happened in this fandom – enough to make you come here for satisfaction – maybe you’re taking things too seriously.

      It’s probably time to admit people on both sides should remember that it’s only fanfiction.

      • Anonymous says:

        No, i don’t come here for satisfaction because my feelings are hurt. I come her to laugh and commune with others who can recognize the ridiculous aspects of this fandom. It’s also fun to tell off people that annoy me.

        nice story though.

        • so obnoxious says:

          sorry to hear MAC is a twank. fortunately it won’t keep me from reading the first chapter of relative wind over and over (and over). the good news is now i won’t have to leave a review!

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