Twankhard was created by three fandom lurkers. We’re spun slightly off the concept of fandomwank, which is a brilliant community meant to highlight the various ego-masturbations of all fandoms. Unfortunately, they sometimes fail to see the gross potential of wank that occurs in the Twilight fandom. It’s just laughed at on principal, and though we can’t disagree with that logic, we felt the internet needed a special place to document the daily twankings so many twihards are good at executing.

That’s pretty much it.

We just want to laugh at people.

How does this whole thing work?

You report a twank to us, we’ll review it, deem it worthy of our wall of shame, write up a blog about said twank, and post it. We only post submitted twanks. We don’t just go out looking for this stuff (not that we’d have to look far). So bookmark us, and whenever you come across something twanky, send us a note.

Things we are not here for:

  • Vigilante fandom justice
  • Puppy kicking contest
  • Murder
  • Serious discussion

Things we are here for:

  • lulz