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A Nonnie from the Delaney Twank comments linked us this, and it brought all kinds of lulz. It’s a blog from a woman who claims to have lived next door to Robert Pattinson for three months. The experience was so life changing, she decided to turn them into a series of e-books, which you can purchase here for $4.99.

From her website:

Robert Pattinson had rented this hide away apartment in a mountain and I was his neighbor.

Find out what we talked and all the things he did while he was there.

I’ve been talking about Robert Pattinson and this place since May 2009. When I decided to go public with this information, no one knew whom he was until I started talking in twitter.

My ebook came out in January 2010  and now I’m writing my ebook2. What sets me apart from all the other stories on Robert Pattinson?

A copy of an Official paper that I hold from Robert Pattinson. It will amaze you when you read it and it comes with the ebook. I also have a photo that hasn’t circulate in the net yet and you will need my permission to do it.

From her blog:

Robert Pattinson -secrets

Hi everyone.
My new blog will talk about the ebook that i wrote . A true story about Robert Pattinson hiding in this mountain in October 2008. I know it has been a while. I’ve been on twitter for the past year. Giving out all types of info on Robert Pattinson. Like. Did you know that his real birthday is on April 5.. not on May 13 and did you know that Robert is older than 24 yrs. old I have lots of info on Robert Pattinson. Exactly what he did in that mountain. What type of music he played. who visited him there and all the mysteries of that mountain that for some reason he altered as soon as he stepped in. You can follow me on Twitter… drkside11…. and you can visit my website: you can purchase the e-book through pay pal.

His REAL birthday is April 5th. Amazing.

Are we that skectical?

I have made several attempts to reach all those fans of Robert Pattinson.

This is not a self-insert RPF.

He would get so close to me like he wanted to Smell me and breath me. Some men are like that. They are near a woman and they take a big breath and fill their lungs with the woman’s smell. I’m been dramatic but it’s the truth. Men love to do that and Robert is one of them, with the idea that they are enjoying what they have next to them.

Okay, maybe it is.

as you can see I have several version of this house. I have other pictures. Yes, he was inside his apt. when this picture was taken. He liked hanging his laundry outside in the terrace. In my e book I have a valuable official information about Robert Pattinson as proof with a picture that hasn’t circulate in the net yet.



I think you might be interested in following me. I am the author of THE DARKSIDE OF ROBERT PATTINSON -secrets…you might ask who am I? well you will see my name if you buy my book. It’s my real name the one that Robert knew when we met. YOU MIGHT WANT TO FOLLOW ME.

We do.

I talked to the guy for more than a few minutes. I saw lots of things with him that I will be talking in my  e book2.  I get a little scared sometimes because .. when I start thinking about someone and no matter how far they are. I start getting into this persons.. well its like a telephone call you can tap in and start listening to his conversations with his brain and his feeling.  you  can feel the vibrations from them and its sometimes a bit scary, because if that person at the moment is feeling depress. That’s exactly what you are going to feel. It’s very powerful and hard to talk about.

Scary creepy?

Happy Halloween, Twankas!


From this blog of hers:

RobPattinson-aka a very rare pic of Robert and DeRaven. They have met way before. He wanted her for the part of Remember Me, they where long time friends. Here in Let’s make a deal.

lol wut?

So. We’re being punked, right?

Thought so.



We’re not really even sure we can pinpoint the twank here. We guess in the generalized sense, DelaneyG84 is one big, pulsating twank monster, just lurking beneath your bed, waiting for your feet to pass so she can jump out, grab you, and yell.


We already know a little about how Delaney is being sued by Summit for leaking Eclipse photos, so her rabid fanaticism doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

We have no idea how she developed such a “following” but if you were to ask her, it’s because she has “insider sources” that can confirm the definite existence of “Robsten.” Not only can she confirm that RP and KS are together and deeply in love, but she also provides alleged details about their personal and professional lives, sometimes teasing her followers with clues about information gained from these “sources”. All the while, she is claiming to have so much information on RP and KS that she has to remain “muzzled” to respect their privacy.

She sometimes insults her very following by agreeing “a cat has more common sense than a large portion of R/k fans“.

She has double agents EVERYWHERE!

Begs in smugness, “Let’s forget the “Stens”. I have done my part. Y’all know the truth by now. Let’s be Rob, Kris and Twilight Saga fans. Ok?

It’s wrong to hate on popular figures. “You can’t be a fan of Rob if you hate Kstew.

Yet she continuously mocks and berates other figures of popularity, calling Joe Jonas “a virgin whore” and saying this of Rob and Kristen’s costars, Ashley Green and Nikki Reed: “AG and NR just need to keep their legs shut. There I said it.

Yet she tells Twihards they need to chill the fuck out.

And God forbid anyone doubt the existence of Robsten. She reitterates how very together the couple is. Again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and…

You feel me.

Sometimes, reading through her Twitter feed (which we only had the motivation to do as far back as July), we get the impression that Delaney feels burdened by her obligations and duties in this fandom. She has to confirm and deny every rumor, inform us which fan sites are acceptable to visit, and constantly reiterate how very together the couple is. Again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and…

We all know how rabid it can get on both sides of this R/K debate, but Twankhard was really shocked to hear some of the shenanigans, going so far to stalk and harass people and their families (on either side) in their personal lives.  Naturally, we’re like.

Who cares who’s fucking whom?

But this is some prime, WTF IT’S SO CREEPY WE’RE SCARED FOR THEM twank.

When things get really difficult for Delany, she just finds comfort in knowing that Rob and Kristen are solid.

Scary creepy?

Happy Halloween, Twankas.


ETA2: Nonnie sent us this public summary of the Summit lawsuit


You haven’t been creeped out enough today. Look what Nonnie’s sent us!

What the hell is RobManiPorn?

Well, isn’t it obvious? It’s manipulated Robporn. His head, on hot bodies. Can it get any better?

CaroSlickLips finds the goods, and Lindz does the manip’in. It’s a match made in Robporn heaven.

So tune in for your daily dose of Robmaniporn. You will not leave disappointed….or with a dry pair of panties. ;o)

There’s this message on the bottom of the blog:

Like these manis? Want to use them for fanart or banners?

Simply ask and we will provide you with un-watermarked pictures. Just let us know the date and name of the mani you are interested in.

We do ask for a favor, though. Credit the blog, please. Wherever you do decide to post your banner or fanart, we’d appreciate a mention.

Also, we apologize, but we cannot provide unmarked pictures for personal purposes like wallpapers or avatars. Sorry.

Naturally, we wanted to get access to a few and make them into personal avatars and wallpapers (and distribute freely!), but then saw what happens when a robmaniporn flutters out into the interweb without permission. I wonder if they realize these can’t be copyrighted? We also wish Rob pursued more legal suits. *f*

Click READ MORE for some samples and prepare to vomit be dazzled.



Long ago, in a land far, far away, there existed an artist. Not the kind who makes something based off someone elses work and calls it a literary masterpiece. One who actually made his living off of the work he produced. He went to school for it, studied hard, and probably went through all the rigmarole any professional artist must face. His product bought his food and clothed him, paid his mortgage, and for all we know, fed his puppies (good god, think of the puppies!).

In this same, odd land known as Real Life, there also exists evil hackers who will stop at nothing to invade this photographer’s privacy and gain access to his highly coveted masterpieces, sell them to the highest bidder, and essentially rob (we heart puns) him of whatever monetary gain he could have made off the photos.

In this case, said photographer Stuart Shining is (supposedly) a bad ass muthafucka who will C&D your ass so fast, you won’t even get a chance to fap to Rob’s bouffant your head will spin. In fact, he apparently did so earlier last year when some of these popular photos were leaked.

Fast forward a bit, and it’s revealed that PattinsonLife/RPL has possession of, and has posted those pictures illegally onto their site(s). Someone speaks up, cue C&D, LiveJournal steps in and takes action, RPL owner/administrator Mandy/Brandnewluv‘s account gets suspended, and the photos get removed.

You’d probably think, “Oh well, yeah, that sucks. Who gives a crap?”

Wait for it….

One could argue that it wasn’t well-known to RPL that C&D letters had been sent already around to other sites possessing the same photos. One could argue that, even though it is well known in the fandom that Delaney84 is already in a legal case with Summit for posting photos from the Eclipse film without permission, and that even though RPL had already dodged the massive bullet that was being included in the same suit, that sometimes, ignorance/accidents/mistakes/drunkeness just happens.

They didn’t know!





Oooookay, they did suspect something, else this totally random tweet would have never made it onto the web-o-sphere. But it’s not like they all freaked out and irrationally incited a mob against the Meanie McMeanpants who brought the stolen pictures to the higher powers’ attention instead of just owning up to making a dumb mistake or anything. Right?


We can’t disagree with you there.

But this is just jittzpattzing who we’d love to insult but her emotional instability and disturbingly effective stalking abilities frighten us greatly. It’s not like the admins of RPL would make entire blog posts playing the victim when, in fact, they knew all along their actions were likely shady and not entirely legal, and there is clear proof to that fact. Right?


That livejournal account was deleted because someone reported a few pictures (I don’t know which pictures, since everything was deleted) and I really can’t understand why. I’m sure everyone enjoyed them when they were posted, but the hate around here made a person, that probably saved the photo, file a complaint. When something that it was supposed to be fun starts being the reason I’m stressing all the time, I guess it’s time to stop;

Give us something to work with here! Okay. Okay. The people responsible aren’t taking responsibility. You’re entitled, we get it. We’ve seen that a lot. Whatever. But it’s not like anyone actually bought into this crap. Not when there’s PROOF existing, so readily available (it took me two minutes to search this crap out, really) that RPL knew what they were doing and we’re only sorry they got tattled on. It just wouldn’t go down like that, right?


dorym said…That mean spirited person is asking for trouble from the universe for putting out such a negative and dishonorable energy which has caused unhappiness for so many fans.

maria2386 said…I miss the old days and agree totally – the bitchiness and nastiness that is apparent in this fandom is absolutely ridiculous. It’s SHOULD be all about sharing and celebrating Rob’s brilliance

*takes memo we never got*

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said…I don’t understand how this could happen, or what lead to it… It’s disgusting, and frankly scary as shit that haters have this much power…

itsyblue said…I am sure Rob would be very disappointed, this is exactly what he meant when he said “little nerds that hide behind their blogs”

*more memos*

papagáj said…What happened is the highest form of human depravity and rudeness. I loathe them. They are not worthy to call them human beings. This is what feeds them is our grief and anger, and note that even they do not deserve, so we must remain strong, maybe in another community.

CullenGal09 said…The fact that such hatred and petty nonsense has caused you to resort to this upsets me greatly, but I also understand totally.

Aeren said…I.m Cryinng Now, I.m a mother a wife, A Rob Fan and I cant understand all this madness.. Think about your followers, affiliates, I Love you…ah Bad day

Engen said…This is so sad! 😦 I really enjoyed reading this blog. So now I’m so angry at the people who reported it!!!

amfipolos said…I guess people with absolutely no lives but with extensive hate over anyone who’s happy, creative and devoted have won once again… I agree with you, you have to do what you have to do when you feel you don’t want to put up with the shit anymore.

Nicole said…The same thing that is happening to you is happening in the fanfiction writing community where UoEM and some other stories were taken down. There is just so much hate and grown women acting like complete idiots. I’m sure you did nothing wrong.

Oh, Nicole. Read above. And then below.

♪♫ Yaelfica ♪♫ said…MANDY i don’t fully understand what happened

Psssst. That’s because she didn’t fully tell you what happened.

skorobeu said…OMG!!!NOOOO!!!I am so sad.its disgasting!!!



We’re hoping that Livejournal will listen and reinstate her account. But this post is mainly to support her and PL. All of us ToR girls love you guys and are behind you 100%. We just wanted to let you guys know that. Don’t give up, we’re right behind you.

ETA: And to all of you haters, you don’t know how much work goes into these sites. Stop your pathetic moaning, bitching & ranting. If you’re not happy then go somewhere else. You don’t have to spew your hate all over the place or better yet why don’t you get a life or create your own freaking site and see how much time and energy it takes you and then maybe you can come back to whine. This fandom went from being a fun place to be to trying to blog in hell. Keep it up and you’ll be losing all the major sources.

No love,



Mandy permalink I have no words. I could barely read all comments because my tears are blinding me…. But I know that in the end you still will be there, even if I’m not RPLife anymore, just Mandy. That’s what I’m trying to be now, just Mandy.


Mandy made some new LJ accounts, because when the admins tell her “We’re just not that into you” she hears “Blah blah blah.”

Mandy’s locked Twitter; a creative reenactment:

My new LJ is justgoogle.


LJ replied and said they wouldn’t unsuspend my accounts


This is why I’m quitting fandom. I’m so disgasted!!! disgusted.

This is all because of THEM.

Oh Mandy. *Resist the Manilow. RESIST IT!* We’re not out to get you. We don’t even really know you, and you fap to Rob, so you’re naturally off our radar. But wow. A lot of other people?

15 twank submissions in one day don’t lie.


Yeah, we have no idea. It’s not like she made a post saying it was or anything.

ETA4: “With each good soul, each blog removed due to the actions of such spawns of satan is a win for evil.

Hi guys,

ToR is tak­ing a short break. We’ve seen so much hate over the past few days that we need to step back.

We’ll see you soon.

Lots of love,



They flounced the flounce. (Link to ToR post above is gone. We cry)


They flounced flouncing the flounce. Or one of them did, idek, but the quote below is pretty lulzy.

Robert is our tree, he grounds us, and we branch out from him in a way that we feel is respect­ful to him.

And all the manip artists smiled. (Then emailed them to us.)

Many efforts have been made to show human­ity and kind­ness on his behalf because we have seen the com­pas­sion in his soul and want to spread the same like­ness. We aspire to keep things uncom­pli­cated because we under­stand that Rob is a sim­ple man. Antag­o­nism and regres­sion is a way of life, unfortunately, but defeat is nonex­is­tent in our minds. Never Think.

You do that so well.


A beloved site, RPLife, was taken down in our fandom yesterday, and someone is to blame. Some little plotting group of wanna-be bullies. I wish I could say that this is all these bitches are, but they are in fact Internet Terrorists. Quietly plotting, gathering info, seeing where they can throw some ammo and hope they find a weak spot so the blast will leave a hole. You know what I want to refer to with my descriptions. You know where I’m going with this when I call them Internet Terrorists. And all of this was done in the name of what? Responsible journalism? Protecting private property? Puhleeze!