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Here at Twankhard, we love our nonnies. They always send us the very best self-entitlement.

…the author thinks it is reasonable to pull her stories because recently there was a torrent being passed around which made epub files available to the public. Some of the sites the torrent were hosted on were a little suspect I guess, but mostly, it was just a torrent. We pirate movies and music and programs. I can’t wait to see Rob throw his hands in the air and flounce acting because his movies are being illegally shared online. Screenshots attached. The Twitter is public (for now). Not sure about the Twilighted forum post. Up to you.

Yes, I think we saw this with Sebastian Robitard recently. Someone steals someone else’s work, so someone else comes up with the brilliant plan of pulling the entire story, so that no proof of “I published first, see?” can ever be found. C-L-E-V-E-R.

(We’re being sarcastic.)

Usually, all of us here at Twankhard would see this as a thinly veiled excuse to pull for publishing.

Enter, Oliviamk1218.

Her story is one of 153 included in the torrent. It doesn’t seem to matter that her penname is given credit in the file, or even that the creator probably shared the files out of love for the stories included, and no malice at all.

No, whoever this person is that put Olivia’s stories into that torrent has RUINED HER LIFE. Don’t believe us?

Regardless, we’re glad to see Olivia that didn’t completely overreact or anything. That would have been funny and ridiculous on so many levels.


We’re torn, TwiFandom. We want to point and laugh, and knock Olivia off her misguided pedestal, but we feel a little sorry for the girl. Her heart? Broken. Her trust? Betrayed. An abundance of her writerly pride? A Twilight Fanfiction. Yes, there is definite pity, but one of us was wondering…

Okay, but is this story… copyrighted… or is it like… “copyrighted“?

So… who wants to be the first clue Olivia into the workings of the publishing industry? Because we’re pretty sure no publisher (we mean real publishers) would touch a formerly posted Twilight Fanfiction with a 20 foot sparkling vampire dick, regardless of the copyright that was filed.

Okay, so wait. Has this copyright been… filed… or has it been like… “filed“?

We’ll never care know. What we do know is that Olivia is so very misinformed. And that makes us feel amused badly. Authors can’t post copyrighted material on, and they can’t copyright material that’s already been posted on Because it is We mean… they “can”, but they… can’t.

It’s a good thing that Olivia is remaining loyal and respectful to her readers. Obviously she’s going to need their money support whenever her fanfiction becomes Cinderella’d into the world of real life literature. It’d be a little shitty to insert the stereotypical “You shouldn’t be passing around others’ free and publicly available story (unless it’s a link to the free and publicly available story)” tirade to people who just responded positively to her “test”.

And…. GO!

(ETA: The ad at the top of this screenshot. Just…. this ad. That’s all.)

We just feel bad for you, Olivia. You were right to pull your stories. You would be even more right to never again use someone else’s audience as guinea pigs for your own experiments and expect them to respect a dubious copyright. And this?:

…is maybe how you should be approaching fanfiction from now on. But I suppose all of us here at Twankhard just feel lucky Olivia didn’t kick it up a notch and start threatening fake legal action against her faithful guinea pigs readers.

Ouch. Aren’t you taking everything a little too seriously, Olivia? Stephenie Meyer lets you “test” the success/profitability of your own plots with the very characters she created, and even she’s not taking legal action (though she probably should). It’s almost like you can’t make it on your own based 100% off your own merit.

Hypocrisy tag! Score!