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Warning! This twank doesn’t come with brain bleach.

rubber-duckies-1234 has an interesting little story by the title of Daddy’s favourite girl, which features an incestuous/pedophilia/omgthisissogross mature relationship between Charlie and Bella. Our first instinct was to just run very far away, but others have been reporting this story to FFn for violation of the ToS.

But we can’t understand why they would. Like rubber-duckies says again and again:

I put up a warning that there was going to be incest. So please don’t review or if you don’t like it, or if your disgusted by it, I mean why review a story and tell me it’s sick. I know it’s sick and twisted but everyone has different opinion and there is a plot for this story.

Rated M for mature themes and incest.

You’ve all been warned! We don’t know about you, but whenever we see something offensive, disgusting,  repulsive, immoral, scary, etc and so on, we just ignore it. That’s why whenever we see suspicious men on playgrounds with their hands in their pants, we walk the other way instead of causing a scene, amirite?

A/N: No rude reviews please and vote on my poll!

The readers have been warned that the story is sick, twisted, and incestuous, and instructed to only leave nice reviews.


Okay everyone, don’t be mad because I know that I promise there won’t be another AN. I have some bad news and good news.

Bad news:

People have been reporting this story saying it’s sick and disgusting. I put up a warning that there was going to be incest. So please don’t review or if you don’t like it, or if your disgusted by it, I mean why review a story and tell me it’s sick. I know it’s sick and twisted but everyone has different opinion. I don’t know if this story is going to be deleted or not.

And remember it is Fanfiction “Unleash you imagination.” That is the quote for the FF. Just saying.

She seems so familiar with’s slogan. We wish they’d add to that “…if you’ve read the ToS.” (Which she obviously hasn’t)

She also lists in her last chapter every (good) reviewer, story alerter, and story favorite’er, because that’s something everyone wants to be closely associated with.

Also an Evil Twin wank from her FFn profile, just because it made us lawl:

Sorry for those of you that gotten hate messages from me, I lent my brother my laptop and forgot to sign out of FF because I just made an account and my brother went on, so I am so sorry for the trouble I caused.



We knew this one was going to come eventually. For months, InstantKarmaGirl‘s sadomasochistic epic, Just Wait has been the center of controversy. With such gratuitously exploited themes as diabetes, child sexual abuse, religious fanaticism, gang rape, sexual promiscuity, child neglect, drug abuse, depression, self mutilation, and more recently, mental handicaps (we could go on and on), the uproar has been understandably intense.

It must really suck ball to be IKG right now.

With all of this contention and misplaced popularity, it’s no surprise that she has big plans to revisit this (alleged) heap of crap and market it as something worthy of being purchased.

First, JW is being published in a series of books. I know some people will be shocked and horrified and have nothing but negative things to say, while others will be happy and supportive. Both are valid reactions. I’m sure Twitter will be abuzz…

Shocked? No. Horrified? Let’s not flatter ourselves. Nothing but negative things to say? Yeah, you really hit the ball into our court with this, we must admit.

And it wouldn’t be a full-on twankfest until IKG announces her plans to pull the story in October (All of us here at Twankhard are oh so very mournful).

While IKG and Just Wait are easy targets, we thought we might take some time to look into the “publishers” of this “story.” Isn’t the owner of any profit-making endeavor responsible for the quality of their product? Or maybe even the moral dilemma of knowing for a fact that the only individuals who’ll be purchasing this “series” are IKG’s longtime fandom supporters. That wouldn’t be taking advantage of them at all. Not for the gain of a third party. No. Nor would they have to deal with consequences of knowing that the use of SM’s characters in the fanfiction incarnation is the only contribution that might make the series profitable in the first place.

Taken from the TWCS Publishing House website:

Authors need an original idea. We discourage copying and pasting from a FanFiction story.  Meaning, taking out aspects from within other fictional works and/or Fandoms and replacing them with different names, places, etc. Remember you first audience is your original FanFiction readers, and they will want to read new works rather than recycled ones.

They can’t be completely moronic, since they publicly recognize the crookedness of transforming fanfiction into something masquerading as original fiction. But then it seems as though they’re participating in the very thievery they denounce, so I suppose we can add the “hypocrisy” tag to this blog post now. Score.

The Writer’s Coffee Shop Publishing House  is also allegedly publishing another controversial fanfiction, The Perfect Wife, which boasts such gratuitously exploited themes as incest, sexual abuse, misogyny, child abuse, rape, gang rape, drug and alcohol abuse, sex trafficking, etc etc etc etc (we see a pattern here).

According to their website:

Ebooks is a fairly new way to publish. We would like to concentrate on this area as there are not many good novels currently available in this format. We believe we can change that. We will still offer printed books, however our focus is ebooks at present. Our first books in print will be in October 2010.

So… okay, it’s not like we approached this news as legitimate “publishing” in the first place, but since they’re basically just making the most horrific Twilight fanfics in existence into PDF files and slapping a price on them, we figure it not only makes them wrongful crooked thieves, but cheap wrongful crooked thieves, amirite? The tags just keep growing and growing.

But since the author of The Perfect Wife (which we refuse to link on grounds of… being sane) had plans of seeing her name grace the cover screen of a newly minted PDF file this summer, and Twankhard has heard nothing of it’s book PDF release (and we would), we can only assume that TWCS has either gotten smart cold feet, or that they’re actually Thieving Wrongful Crooked Slackers.

The acronyms don’t lie.